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    Vol. 35 No, 10 November 2016

    Presidents Message NOC Club ActivitiesBoard Meeting - 6 p.m. 3rd Wed. at La HabraCommunity Center (none in Jul & Aug)Field Trips - Owens Valley Area - Nov. 25-27.

    by Ofelia Warthen


    Date: November 9Time: 6:45 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.Place: La Habra Community Center101 W. La Habra Blvd.

    Refreshments Thanks to Nancy OConner and Marge Bush forbringing goodies to the October Meeting. Pot Luckfor the November meeting - everyone bring good-ies.

    Our November program will be a silent and liveauction (see attached flyer for information),

    Congratulation! NOC has new 2017-18 officers.Our members have elected the following new memberofficers to lead our Society into a continued growth,integrity, and keeping in mind our Mission Statement;the encouragement of interest among young peopleand the fostering of classes in mineralogy and thelapidary arts. Happy to announce the followingofficers.

    President, Kevin Smith,1st Vice President, Armando Pedroza,2nd VP, Margie Bush,Secretary, Teri Heuer,Treasurer, Don Warthen,Directors:

    Janine Arp,Alan Heuer,Beth Smith,Ofelia WarthenMat Pedroza.

    Our November 9th meeting will consist of our annualPot Luck & exciting silent/live auction fundraiser.Please invite your neighbors, friends, other clubs tocome and enjoy a real first class auction. Memberswill be donating beautiful antiques, jewelry, tools,rocks and many precious items.

    Reminder to call Nancy OConnor to sign up forinstallation of new officers by December 1st.

    Wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving.

    Ofelia Warthen, President

    About Loretta

    For you who did not know, Loretta had surgeryon October 11 to have her knee replaced.

    At home, later in the week, she fell. Her kneestarting bleeding and her left sholrder was hurt.

    911 was called and they took her to the hospital.then to a hee hab, and then back to the hospital.

    Finaly released and came home. She is home nowwalking with walker and recovering very good.

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    Shows and Events2016

    NOVEM BER 5 - 6: ANAH EI M , CAAmerican Opal SocietyBusiness Expo Center1960 S. Anaheim WayHours: Sat 10 - 6; Sun 10 - 5Contact: Veronica Purpura, (714) 509-9959Email: info@opalsociety.orgWebsite:

    DECEMBER 3 - 4: BARSTOW, CAMojave Desert Gem & Mineral SocietyCora Harper Community Center841 S. Barstow RoadHours: 10 - 5 DailyContact: Danny Watts (760) 373-1309Email: dvwatts @msn.comWebsite:


    MARCH 4 - 5: ARCADIA, CAMonrovia RockhoundsL.A. County Arboretum & Botanical Garden301 N. Baldwin AvenueHours: 9- 4:30 DailyContact: Jo Anna Ritchey (626) 359-1624Email: joannaritchey@gmail.comWebsite:

    MARCH 4 - 5: VENTURA, CAVetura Gem & Mineral SocietyVentura County Fairgrounds10 W. Harbor BoulevardHours: Sat 10 - 5: Sun 10- 4Contact: Terry Wilson (805) 312-8464Email: info@vgms.orgWebsite:


    JUNE 2 - 4: LA HABRA, CANorth Orange County Gem & Mineral SocietyLa Habra Community Center101 W. La Habra Blvd.Hours: Fri: 5 p.m. - 7 p.m.: Sat & Sun 10 - 5Contact: Armando Pedroza (909) 444-2727Email: ForestandSUN@yahoo.comWebsite:

    JUNE 9, 10, & 11: VENTURA, CAVentura Rocks The nation!2017-CFMS-AFMS Show & ConventionHosted by Ventura Co. Gem & Mineral SocietyVentura County Fairgrounds10 West Harbor Blvd.Hours; Fri & Sat 10-5; Sun 10-4Contact: Diana Cook, (805) 312-8467Email: info@vgms.orgWebsite:

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    November Field Trips

    by Richard Sprowls

    November 25 -27: Owens Valley AreaTiny aquamarines, amazonite, garnets, epid0tesprays, stibirte and quartz crystalsLeaders: Joe Goetz and Robert Burson

    Thanksgiving is about family and friends sharinga big meal of roast turkey and fixings. For a rockhoundit could mean an extended trip farther out than whatis normally done. The field trip will be November23-26 with Sunday the 27th for going home. Thedaily meeting place will be determined on where thelocations are that we will be going for the day.

    In this case its the Owens Valley and all thevarious things that could be found. I talked to amember of the Lone Pine Club and he said all theclassic collecting sites are open with a few changes.In the Tungsten Hills some of the roads have beenclosed. No way of knowing which are closed untilwe go, its possible where we go may not be affected.

    I was told that Union Wash is open, however itseems commercial dealers have gone in and reallymessed up the upper collecting area. We should stillbe able to find ammonites, but we may just have towork a little harder to find them.

    In the Crystal Ridge quartz area the samepeople may have gone in and done some microblasting of the crystal area to the south of where wehave gone before. There is a danger of unexplodedcharges so well have to be careful as two membersof the Lone Pine club were injured by these charges.

    Some of the campgrounds available are DiazLake Camp and Glacier View Campground. Diaz

    Lake Camp is 3 miles south of Lone Pine @ 5007 S.Main, Lone Pine. They have fire rings, tables, flushtoilets a few water hook ups but no showers noelectrical hookups. The fee is $14/vehicle/night. InyoCo. Parks and Rec. number is 760-873-5564.

    Glacier View Campground is 1/2 mi north of BigPine. They have showers, electrical hookups andcampsites for larger RVs. No dump station available.

    For reservations call 760-872-6911. For motelspick a town and possibly look at the AAA book forrating and phone numbers. I would suggest pickingperhaps Independence or Big Pine since they aremore to the center of the valley, thus shortening thedrive either north or south to collecting areas.

    Going SomewhereJoe Goetz(626) 260-7239

    Thanksgiving Fiel Trip to Owens Valleyvia the web

    San Gabriel Valley Non ProfitEmpowerment Symposium

    Presented by Jeromr E. HortonBoard Member

    CA State Board of Equalization

    December 5, 20169:00 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.(registration starts at 8:30 a.m.)

    Southern California EdisonEnergy Education Center6090 North Irwindale Ave.Irwindale, CA 91702

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  • NOC NEWS - November 2016 7

    Map To 2016 NOCGMS Dinner & Instalation Of Officers

    Quarter Maina Workers

  • 8 News - November 2016

    HELLO to all our NOCGMS members.

    What can I say??? This was a great event. The turnoutwas a bit light, I was hoping for a better turnout fromour members but we still did a great job. We broughtin almost 1,300.00 dollars and that is after we paidthe printing and the church and other small stuff likeplates napkins sodas, and yes i t was a lot of work.To do any event to raise money is never a cake walkbut many hands makes lighter work.

    I would l ike to take a moment to give a specialshout out to people who, for the last few days beforethe QUA RTER M ANIA , worked day and night tohelp pull al l this together. Jann Cohen, A lan Heuer,Teri Heuer, Her Beautiful sister Sheri, A rmandoPedroza, Rose Pedroza, M att Pedroza, CathyHouwen, Trisha from the La Habra M ethodistChurch, and the La Habra M ethodist Church, andlast but not least my husband Kevin Smith. It took allthese people to pull this event together. This was aspecial event that had the opportunity to be evengrander. But i t takes a lot of people to make thishappen. I t takes a team l i ke the NOCGM SCHA RTER. We have more events on the way andhere is hoping that more members will chip in andmake these events the best that they can be.

    Beth Smith Fundraiser Chair

    Quarter Maniaon October 8, 2016

  • NOC NEWS - November 2016 9

    October Wire Wrap Class on aSterling Silver Fossil Pendent

    NOC Presentation to the La Habra Youth Committee

  • 10 News - November 2016

    Silent Auction/Live Auction

    Going once going twice sold to the highest bidder.Yes, thats right the silent auction is almost here. Ifyoure looking for that perfect neckless or that favoritepiece of petrified wood, you will be at the right place.November 9 @ 6:30 PM the games will begin. Thereis no telling what you will find at this auction. Therewill be tons of stuff to bid on not only rocks, mineralsor jewelry, but many other items will be put up forauction. Now how can you help you ask? We needdonations. And we would like to see items that ourmembers have made, thats right bracelets, necklaces,

    cabochons, faceted gem stones, slabs, geodes. Andmaybe a few items in new in the box stuff. This project is benefiting all the NOCGMSmembers. In case you did not know the money raisedis for our Christmas dinner. The more we make theless everyone will have to pay, and that can be veryhuge. So look for those donations that you wouldlike to donate. Talk to your family, friends, neighbors, anyone youcan. The more donations we get the more we make.Please remember that we