No Datocl. /^i BBA-6th Sem.(For Batch: 2012 & onwards) Business Environment BBA-6OI 597 I...

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Transcript of No Datocl. /^i BBA-6th Sem.(For Batch: 2012 & onwards) Business Environment BBA-6OI 597 I...

  • CHA[{DHARY I}EVI ITAL IINIVERSITY" SIRgA-I25055 (HARYANA) (Established b1,'the State Legislarurc Acr 9 of 2003)

    _B:C&dg _Algtadusd iyJAAq


    No CorrducV2}tet /312 z+ ZZAfDatocl. /^i ', ?, . 7 The Principals All affiliated Colleges, Si rsa/Fateha bad.

    Sub': Date-sheets of UG and PG Courses (except courses running in UTDs and University College) Regular Mode, May-2019 examinations.


    Please find herewith a copy of the date-sheets, of May-201g UG/PG Courses (except courses running in UTDs and University College) theory examinations pertaining to your College, scheduled to be held w.e.f. 08.05.2019.

    You are, therefore, requested to display the same on appropriate place(s) and inform the students accordingly. You are also requested to communicate immediately if there is any discrepancy in the date-sheet.

    Yours faithfully,

    ,,r**;LklrUU.1,, DA: As above, for Controller of Examinations Endst No.:Conduct/r91 . zf g fr lz{9 Dated I LL- o 4-2olg

    Copy of the above is forwarded to the following for information and necessary action: 1. Dean of Colleges, CDLU, Sirsa. 2. Director, IQAC, CDLU, Sirsa. 3. Director, Public Relation, CDLU, Sirsa. 4. The Principal, Lord Shiva College of Management, Sirsa. 5. The Principal, Jan Nayak Ch. Devi Lal Memorial College of Business Management, Sirsa. 6. Principal, SSD Sanskrit Mahavidhalya, Sirsa. 7. J.D. Audit, CDLU, Sirsa. 8. Finance officer, CDLU, Sirsa. 9. ln-charge, University Website (with the request to upload the same on University Website),

    CDLU, Sirsa

    10. ln-Charge, EDP Cell, CDLU, Sirsa. 11. Superintendent Secrecy (with the request to inform imnrediately, if there is any ciiscrepalcv pl

    the date-sheet), CDLU, Sirsa. 12. Superintendent Results (with the request to inform the students concerned and also infornr to

    this branch imnrediately, if there is any discrepancy in the date-sheet), CDLU, Sirsa. 13. PS to Vice-Chancellor (for kind information of the Vice-Chancellor), CDLU, Sirsa. 14. PA to Registrar (for kind information of the Registrar), cDLU, sirsa. 15. office of the C.o.E. (for kind information of Controller of Examinations), CDLU, Sirsa. 16. CPA to C.O.E., CDLU, Sirsa.

    -- ial -DA: As above.

    Phone No. : 01666-24708C) E-\1ail

    Superintendent (Conduct)

  • CHAUDHARY DEVI LAL UNIVERSITY, SIRSA-125055 (HARYANA) (Established by the State Legislature Act 9 of 2003)

    "8" Grade Accredited by NA{C Date-Sheet for BA (Ceneral)-2nd & 4th Sern., Bd (Honours) Punjabi-2nd & 4th Sem., B.Sc.-2nd & 4th Sem..

    BTM- 2nd & 4th Sem., BCA-6th Sem., BBA-6th Sem., Shashtri-lst & 2nd Year and B.A.-B.Ed./B.Sc.-B.Ed. (Four Year Integrated) Semester-2nd & 4th (Full/Fail/Re-appear/hnprovement) Examinations, May-20 l9 is as under:

    Centre :- As per Roll No. Slip Time:- 09.30 A.M. to 12.30 P.M. (Morn Session

    Date Class Subiect Paper Code ID

    8-May-2019 BA/B.Sc.-2nd Sem. (For Batch : 2018 & Onwards)

    Basic Computer Course (Compulsory

    Computer Education) (Level-l )

    CEL-I 5545

    Qual itying Compu Isory' papers/sub.iects (theorl') at LJG level (F'or Batch 20 ll to 2017 ONI,Y)

    Computer Awareness: Basic Computer Education

    Lr-(r) 5578

    9-May-2019 UG Compulsory Courses in

    Environmental Studies-3rd/4th Sem.(For Batch 2017 & Onwards)

    Enviornmental Pol lution Paper-ll 5544

    l0-May-2019 UG Compulsory Courses in

    E,nvironmental Studies- I st/2nd

    Sem.(For Batch 2017 & Onwards)

    Fundamentals of Environmental Studies Paper- I 5536

    Qual i tying compu I sory papers/sub.iects (theory) at tJG levcl (For Batch:201 I to 2016 ONLY)

    Environmental Studies 5511

    l4-May-20 l9 BA(General)-2nd Sem(For Reappear Candidates for Batch 2014 to 201 7 ONLY)

    English (Compulsory) 5552- R

    l5-Mav-2019 BA (Ceneral)-4th Sem. (For Reappear students for Batch:2014 to 2016 ONLY)

    English (Compulsory) 5614- R

    BA (General)-4th Sem. (for Batch: 201 I to 2013 only)

    English (Compulsory) 561 I

    l6-May-2019 BA(General)-2nd Sem(For Fresh

    students :201 8- l9)/BTM-2nd Sem(For Batch:2017 & Onwards)

    English (Compulsory) 55s2

    l7-May-2019 BA (General)-4th Sem. (For Fresh students Batch: 20 I 7-l 8)/BTM-4th Sem. (For Batch:2017 & Onwards)

    English (Compulsory) 5614

    I 8-May-2019 BA(General)-2nd Sem. (For Batch: 20ll & Onwards)/BTM-2nd Sem. (For Batch:2017 & Onwards)

    Hindi (Compulsory) 5554

    l9-Mav-2019 BA (Ceneral)-4th Sem. Hindi(Compulsory) 5612

    20-May-2019 B.Sc.-2nd Sem. Enelish 5l7t BA (Ceneral)-2nd Sem Political Science: Indian Politics Opt-i 5563

    BA (General)-2nd Sem Political Science: Contemporary Political Science

    Opt-ii 5564

    BBA-6th Sem.(For Batch: 2012 & onwards)

    Business Environment BBA-6OI 597 I

    BCA-6th Sem. Programming in'C++' BCA-36I 541 I BTM-2nd Sem. (For Batch:2017 & Onwards)

    Geography of Tourism BTM-203 4913

    Shashtri- I st Year Vyakaran Paper-l 585 I

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    / I

  • 2l-May-2019 B.Sc.-4th Sem. Chemistry : Inorganic Chemistry cH-204 5212

    BA (General)-4th Sem. Geography : Human Geography Paper-203 563 I

    BA (General)-4th Sem. Home Science : Clothing & textile Course-202 5628

    BTM-4th Sem. (For Batch: 20 l7 & Onwards)

    Pilgrimage Tourism BTM-402 +932

    BA (Hon.) Panjabi-4th Sem. Paniabi Sahit ka ltihas ( 185 I se ab tak) Paper-8 563 5

    Shashtri-2nd Year Vyakaran Paper- l 586 I

    22-May-2019 B.Sc.-2nd Sem.(For Batch: 2014

    & Onwards) Chemistry: Inorganic Chemistry Paper-lV (CH-

    r 04)

    5 188

    BA(General)-2nd Sem. (For Batch:

    2011 & Onwards) Defence Studies : Military Psychology 5539

    BA(General)-2nd Sem.(For Batch:

    20ll to 2016 ONLY) Defence Studies : World Military History (Earliest Times to 1789 AD)

    Paper-l 5572

    BA(Ceneral)-2nd Sem.(For Batch

    2016 & Onwards) Physical Edu.: Health & Physical Education


    BA (Ceneral)-2nd Sem. (For Batch

    201 I to 201 5 Only) Health & Physical Education: Principal and Foundation of Physical Education


    BA (General)-2nd Sem Fashion Designing : Traditional lndian


    Course- 102 5569

    BBA-6th Sem.(For Batch:2012 & onwards)

    Project Management BBA-602 5972

    BCA-6th Sem. lntroduction to Linux BCA-362 5412

    BA (Hon.) Panjabi-2nd Sem. Panjabi Sahit Da ltihas (tiom 1700 to 1850) Paper-l I I 5575

    24-May-2019 BA (Ceneral)-4th Sem. (for Batch: 2014 &. Onwards)

    Public Admn. : State District Public



    BA (General)-4th Sem. (For Batch:

    201 1 to 2013 Only) Public Admn. : State District Public Administration


    BTM-4th Sem. (For Batch: 2017 & Onwards)

    Principles of Management BTM-403 4933

    B.Sc.-4th Sem. Chemistry : Physical Chemistry cH-205 5213

    BBA-6th Sem.(For Batch: 2012 & onwards)

    Sales Management BBA-603 5973

    BCA-6rh Sem. Internet Technology BCA-363 54r3

    Shashtri- lst Year Padaykavay thatha Rupak Paper-l I 5 852

    25-May-2019 B.Sc.-2nd Sem.(For Batch: 2014

    & Onwards) Chemistry: Physical Chemistry Paper-V (CH-

    r 05)


    BTM-2nd Sem. (For Batch: 2017 & Onwards)

    Transport Management BTM.204 4914

    BA (General)-2nd Sem Geography : Physical Geography-l Paper- I 03 557 r

    BA (Ceneral)-2nd Sem Home Science : Health & Hygiene Course- I 02 5568

    Shashtri-2nd Year Paday Kavay Thatha Roopak Paper-2 5862

    26-May-2019 BA (Ceneral)-4th Sem. ( for Batch

    2015 &. onwards)

    Economics : (Macroeconomics-ll) Paper-2 56 t5

    BA (General)-4th Sem. ( for Batch

    2012 to 2014 Only)

    Economics : (Macroeconomics-ll) Paper-2 5640

    B.Sc.-4th Sem. (For Batch: 2013

    & onwards) Chemistry : Organic Chemistry Paper-XIII(CH-



    BBA-6th Sem.(For Batch: 2012 & onuards)

    lnternational Business BBA-604 5974

    BCA-6th Sem. Visual Basic BCA-364 5414

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  • / 27-May-2019 B.Sc.-2nd Sem.(For Batch: 2014

    & Onwards) Chemistry: Organic Chemistry Paper-VI (CH-

    r 06)

    5 190

    BTM-2nd Sem. (F-or Batch: 20 l7 & Onwards)

    Tourism Documentation BTM-205 491 5

    BA (General)-2nd Sem (for Batch 2012 onwards)

    Economics : (Microeconomics-ll) Paper-l 5579

    Shashtri- lst Year Kavayshastra thatha Rachnanuvad Paper-l I I 5 853 28-May-2019 BA (General)-4th Sem. (For Batch

    :2017 & Onwards) History of India from 1858 AD to 1947 AD


    BA (General)-4th Sem.(For Batch: 20ll to 2016 ONLY)

    History : History of India ( | 858- 1964) Opt.-l 5620

    BA (General)-4th Sem. Functional English 56 r3 B.Sc.-4th Sem. Physics :Statistical Physics Paper-V I I 52t7 B.Sc.-4th Sem. Biotechnotogy : Recombinant DNA

    Technology Paper-VIII 5222

    BTM-4th Sem. (For Batch:2017 & Onwards)

    Tourism Marketing BTM-404 4934

    Shashtri-2nd Year Sanskrit Sahitay ka ltihaas Thatha Anuvaad

    Paper-3 5863

    29-Mav-2019 BA(General)-2nd Sem. (For Batch: 2017 & Onwards)

    History of India from 600AD to 1526 AD 5540

    BA(General)-2nd Sem.(For Batch: 20ll to 2016 ONLY)

    History : History of India from (600 A.D. to 1526 A.D.)

    Opt-i 5560

    BA (General)-2nd Sem Functional English : (Phonetics & Remedial Grammar Part-l I)