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Transcript of No. 6 2017 - Asher Rare Books ?· 29 & 30 September 2017 12.00 – 20.00 Old Library Hall —...

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  • 29 & 30 September 2017 12.00 20.00

    Old Library Hall Round TowerKbmagergade 52A, 1150 Copenhagen

    v 1.0 18 Sep 2017

    front cover no. 60 on p. 20.

    Extensive descriptions and images available on request. All offers are without engagement and subject to prior sale. All items in this list are complete and in good condition unless stated otherwise.

    Any item not agreeing with the description may be returned within one week after receipt. Prices are in eur ($) and gbp (). Postage and insurance are not included. VAT is

    charged at the standard rate to all EU customers. EU customers: please quote your VAT number when placing orders. Preferred mode of payment: in

    advance, wire transfer or bankcheck. Arrangements can be made for MasterCard and VisaCard. Ownership of goods does not

    pass to the purchaser until the price has been paid in full. General conditions of sale are those laid down

    in the ILAB Code of Usages and Customs, which can be viewed at: New customers are requested

    to provide references when ordering.

    back cover no. 56 on p. 18.

    antiquariaat FORUM & ASHER Rare Books

    No. 6 2017

    Tuurdijk 163997 ms t Goy HoutenThe NetherlandsPhone: +31 (0)30 6011955Fax: +31 (0)30 6011813E-mail: info@forumrarebooks.comWeb:

    Tuurdijk 163997 ms t Goy HoutenThe NetherlandsPhone: +31 (0)30 6011955Fax: +31 (0)30 6011813E-mail: info@asherbooks.comWeb:

    The Scandinavian Antiquarian Book Fair

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    Rare auction catalogue

    1. [AUC T ION C ATA LOGU E]. Librorum tabularumque geographicarum et aliarum aeri incisarum, atque instrumentorum mathematicorum, quae omnia sibi paraverat vir perillustris J. Sam. Augustinus (...) Aedibus in Ulfeldi Foro num. 71. publica auctionis lege divendendorum die 5 aprilis, a. 1786.Copenhagen, J.F. Schulz, (1786). 8. Modern cloth-backed boards. 1250

    Rare auction catalogue of the fairly large library and scientific instruments, maps and globes of Johann Samuel Augustin (17151785), German-Danish astronomer and freemason.Good copy from the library of librarian Ger Brouwer (19192005) with his bookplate, designed by Helmut Salden, on verso of the title-page.

    WorldCat (3 copies).

    The New Testament in Creole (Negerhollands) for the use of the Mission in the Danish West-Indies

    2. [BIBL EN E W T E STA M E N T CR EOL E]. [M AGE NS, Jochum Melchior (translator)]. Die Nywe Testament van ons Heer Jesus Christus, ka set over in die Creols tael en ka giev na die ligt tot dienst van die Deen mission in America.Copenhagen, Heirs of Schultz, 1818. 8. Contemporary calf, blue sprinkled edges. 3750

    Second edition of a translation of the New Testament in Negerhollands, the creole language spoken in the Danish West Indies (Virgin Islands). It is a corrected and cheaper version of the first edition of 1781 with numerous new errors. Correspondence in the Danish State Archives suggests that 1200 copies were printed of this this second edition (Van Rossem & Van der Voort). Negerhollands had emerged as a language around 1700 among the slaves on the plantations. With most of the planters being Dutch, that language forms the dominant part of Negerhollands, with elements from Danish, English, French, Spanish and African languages. In the middle of the 18th century, German Herrnhutter missionaries and Danish Lutheran missionaries began converting the black slaves to Christianity. As the creole had become the dominant language on the islands, the missionaries learned the language and simultaneously created a more formal high creole for ecclesiastical matters.Binding worn, otherwise a very good copy.

    Sabin 56364 (mixing up the Danish and German translations); Darlow & Moule 3458; Hesseling, Het Negerhollands der Deense Antillen, pp. 3738; Van Rossem & Van der Voort, Die Creol taal, pp. 301302.

    First Dutch guide to pediatrics (dedication in 1st state), with an appendix on Japanese and Borneo camphor

    3. BL A N K A A RT, Steven. Verhandelinge van de opvoedinge en ziekten der kinderen. Vertoonende op wat wyse de kinderen gezond konnen blyven, en ziek zijnde, bequamelyk konnen herstelt werden. Zeer nodig voor alle huyshoudende lieden.Amsterdam, Hieronymus Sweerts, 1684. 8. With an engraved title-page showing a hospital scene and 19 figures on 6 engraved plates. Near contemporary vellum. 8500

    Rare first and only early edition (here with the dedication in the rarer first of two settings) of one of the first medical books on raising and educating children and especially on paediatrics. Intended for parents, it offers advice and instructions for treating all sorts of childrens illnesses, common and rare, as well as tips on the prevention of disease. It gives detailed descriptions and instructions for many home recipes that the parents themselves can prepare and administer to the children. Two appendices follow the three main parts: the first called Verscheide aanmerkingen aangaande de kinder-ziekten (Various notes on childrens diseases) with 23 numbered case studies, including a description of a child whose body was covered with scales except for his head (gossips blamed his

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    mother for thinking about fish when she was pregnant!); the second, translated from the English, called Historie der Japanse campher (History of Japanese camphor.Steven Blankaart (16501704) at Amsterdam, one of the most important physicians of the 17th century, wrote many popular medical treatises, books on anatomy, surgery, etc., including an herbal and a large work on insects. He was the first to introduce Cartesianism into medical science and one the first scientific and empiricist physicians.With bookplate and with an occasional pencilled note or mark. With occasional small ink spots or faint marginal stains, but still in good condition. The binding somewhat soiled but also good.

    BMN I, p. 279; Krivatsky 1338; G.A. Lindeboom, Geschiedenis van de medische wetensch. in Nederland, pp. 9395; STCN (3 copies); Waller 1120; not in Wellcome.

    Russian dress and manners

    4. BR ETON DE L A M A RT I N I R E , Jean-Baptiste-Joseph. La Russie, ou moeurs, usages, et costumes des habitans de toutes les provinces de cet empire.Paris, Nepveu, 1813. 6 volumes. 12. With 113 engraved plates (4 folding facing title-pages of volumes 14, 1 double-page, 108 full-page), all but 6 in lovely hand-colouring. Contemporary gold-tooled red half sheepskin. 4000

    First edition of Breton de la Martinires picturesque representa-tions of the dress and manners of the inhabitants of the Russian empire. With numerous plates showing views of Moscow and the Kremlin, the Palace of Petrowski, inhabitants of various cities in their characteristic dress (Riga, Ochta, Valday), Cossacks, a settle-ment of Kalmouks, army officers, etc. A German edition appeared in 1816.Some plates browned, some spotting, overall in very good condition. Very attractive set of hand-coloured Russian costume plates.

    Brunet I, col. 1226; Colas 436; Hiler, p. 113; Lipperheide Kaa 29.

    Enlarged issue of a series of views of Danish buildings, gardens and cities

    5. BRU U N, Johan Jacob. Novus atlas Daniae eller Prospecter af alle hoved-og kibstaederne, af alle kongelige slotte, samt andre kongelige lyst-slotte og staeder udi begge konge-rigerne Dannemark og Norge og underliggende fyrstendmme. Iste tome af Siaelland.Copenhagen, Johan Jacob Bruun, 1761[-ca. 1789?]. Oblong 2 (26.5 40 cm), preliminaries upright folio, bound with foot folded in. With 60 engraved views, including one folding plate with a view of the Royal Castle near Copenhagen, engraved by Jonas Haas and Hans Quist after designs by Johan Jacob Bruun. Contemporary Danish mottled sheepskin, richly gold-tooled spine. 16 000

    Enlarged issue of a very rare series of engraved views of Danish castles, mansions, houses, gardens and city views, by the Danish landscape painter Johan Jacob Bruun (17151789). It was first published in 1761, containing 50 views of buildings on the Danish island Zealand, as the first volume of a planned series covering whole Denmark. The other volumes never appeared, but 10 additional views were already engraved (dated 17601762) and included in the present issue, with all plates on the same French paperstocks.With plate numbers in manuscript on the back of the plates and some occasional faint thumbing in the margins. Binding rubbed. Very good copy of a very rare series of views of Denmark.

    WorldCat (4 copies of all issues); cf. Thieme & Becker V, p. 152; Weilbach, Dansk Kustnerlex. I, 1896; not in BAL; Fowler.

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    Dutch revision of the first Russian emblem book

    6. BU RG, Hermanus van den. Verzmeling van uitgekrene zin-spreuken, en zinnebeeldige print-vercieringen, eertyds, op bevel van den aller doorlugtigsten Keizer der Russen, Peter Alexis, of the Grte, getkent en gesnden ...Haarlem, Johannes Marshoorn, 1743. 4. With engraved frontispiece by J. Mulder and 840 numbered circular emblems on 140 full-page engravings in text, the facing pages to the left with captions in Dutch, short prover-bial phrases in Latin, French and German, and two-line verses in Dutch by Van den Burg. 19th-century half sheepskin, gold-tooled spine. 4500

    First and only edition of Van den Burgs revised edition of the first Russian emblem book. The original emblem book was published in the Netherlands in 1705 as Symbola et Emblemata, with captions in Russian, German, Dutch, etc. It was published as part of a deal by Tsar Peter the Great granting the Dutch merchant Jan Tesing the right to print books in Holland for sale in Russia. The first genuinely Russian edition was published in 1788. This edition by the Dutch poet Hermanus van den Burg (16821752), uses the ori