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    Submitted to


    In partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of degree



    SESSION (2014-2016)


    Ms. Meenu Bhutani Nikhil Jhamb

    Roll No.-14039



    (Approved by AICTE, Affiliated to Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra)

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    I, NIKHIL JHAMB hereby declare that this research entitled Analysis of M.I.S.

    Report of various pharmaceutical companies (Mediforce Heathcare Pvt. Ltd.,

    Sirmour Remedies Pvt. Ltd., Copmed Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. UNIT-I,II,III,

    Pharma Force Labs UNIT-I,II,III, Relax Pharmaceuticals UNIT-I,II.) submitted

    by me for the award of M.B.A. (Final) of Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, is the

    original work conducted by me and the data provided in the study authentic to the best

    of my knowledge.

    This research is not submitted to any other Institute or University for the award or

    degree of M.B.A.



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    There is always a sense of gratitude which one can express for others for their help

    and supervision in achieving the goals. I too express my deep gratitude to each and

    every one who has been helpful to me in completing the Research report successfully.

    I also want to convey my sincere sense of gratitude to Mr. Virender Mehta (

    H.O.D., M.B.A. Deptt.) for their inspiration & helpful attitude. I would like to grab

    the opportunity to thank Ms. Meenu Bhutani ( Faculty, M.B.A. Deptt.) for her

    helping hand in the completion of the Research report.

    I feel self-short of words to thanks my parents and friends who had directly or

    indirectly help me in the completion of the Research report. I would also like to thank

    Almighty God for blessing showered on me during the completion of Research



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    As we are experiencing that Pharmaceuticals is the biggest necessity in any country.

    Due to lacking in this sector India is far behind the developed countries. In this

    research I have included Indias 10 Pharmaceutical Companies they are induldge in

    this business.

    M.I.S. Reports show the real picture of the companies functions, operations,

    liabilities and assets. Study of their M.I.S. Reports show growth of the companies,

    that they are earning good profit and as well as distributing good amount of dividends.

    In my study, I tried to cover all the financial aspects and throw a light on the

    profitability of the companies which shows that there is high risk in the industry in


    I have done research on the M.I.S. report of 10 different pharmaceutical companies

    and did the interpretation on the basis of sales , profit and overheads of the companies

    by comparing it with their last years sales, profit and overheads.

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    Executive Summary



    Chapter 1.Introduction

    1.1 Pharmaceutical Industry - 1-16

    1.2 Company Profile - 17-32

    Chapter 2.

    Management Information

    System - 33-43

    Chapter 3. Research methodology

    3.1 Objective of the study - 44

    3.2 Research design - 44

    3.3 Data Collection - 45

    Chapter 4. Data analysis and interpretation - 46-55

    Chapter 5. Findings - 56

    Chapter 6. Recommendations and Conclusion - 57-58

    Bibliography - 59

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    Pharmaceutical industry, the discovery, development, and manufacture of drugs and

    medications (pharmaceuticals) by public and private organizations. The modern era of

    the pharmaceutical industryof isolation and purification of compounds, chemical

    synthesis, and computer-aided drug designis considered to have begun in the 19th

    century, thousands of years after intuition and trial and error led humans to believe

    that plants, animals, and minerals contained medicinal properties. The unification of

    research in the 20th century in fields such as chemistry and physiology increased the

    understanding of basic drug-discovery processes. Identifying new drug targets,

    attaining regulatory approval from government agencies, and refining techniques in

    drug discovery and development are among the challenges that face the

    pharmaceutical industry today. The continual evolution and advancement of the

    pharmaceutical industry is fundamental in the control and elimination

    of disease around the world.

    The Indian pharmaceutical industry currently tops the chart amongst India's science-

    based industries with wide ranging capabilities in the complex field of drug

    manufacture and technology. A highly organized sector, the Indian pharmaceutical

    industry is estimated to be worth $ 4.5 billion, growing at about 8 to 9 percent

    annually. It ranks very high amongst all the third world countries, in terms of

    technology, quality and the vast range of medicines that are manufactured.

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    The Indian pharmaceutical sector is highly fragmented with more than 20,000

    registered units. It has expanded drastically in the last two decades. The

    Pharmaceutical and Chemical industry in India is an extremely fragmented market

    with severe price competition and government price control. The Pharmaceutical

    industry in India meets around 70% of the country's demand for bulk drugs, drug

    intermediates, pharmaceutical formulations, chemicals, tablets, capsules, orals and

    injectibles. There are approximately 250 large units and about 8000 Small Scale

    Units, which form the core of the pharmaceutical industry in India (including 5

    Central Public Sector Units).

    The Government has also played a vital role in the development of the India Software

    Industry. In 1986, the Indian government announced a new software policy which

    was designed to serve as a catalyst for the software industry. This was followed in

    1988 with the World Market Policy and the establishment of the Software

    Technology Parks of India (STP) scheme. In addition, to attract foreign direct

    investment, the Indian Government permitted foreign equity of up to 100 percent and

    duty free import on all inputs and products.

    Current Scenario

    The industry has enormous growth potential. Factors listed below determine the rising

    demand for pharmaceuticals.

    The growing population of over of a billion

    Increasing income

    Demand for quality healthcare service

    Changing lifestyle has led to change in disease patterns, and increased demand

    for new medicines to combat lifestyle related diseases.More than 85 per cent

    of the formulations produced in the country are sold in the domestic market.

    India is largely self-sufficient in case of formulations. Some life saving, new

    generation under-patent formulations continue to be imported, especially by

    MNCs, which then market them in India. Overall, the size of the domestic

    formulations market is around Rs160 billion and it is growing at 10 per cent

    per annum

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    Diagnostic Outsourcing/ Clinical Trails

    The Indian diagnostic services are projected to grow at a CAGR of more than 20 per

    cent during 2010-2012.

    Some of the major Indian pharmaceutical firms, including Sun Pharma, Cadilla

    Healthcare and Piramal Life Sciences, had applied for conducting clinical trials on at

    least 12 new drugs in 2010, indicating a growing interest in new drug discovery