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Nikon Photo Contest 2014-2015Results 2014/2015Photo: GRAND PRIZE WINNER 2014 / 2015FLOWERS OF FUKUSHIMA, KATSUHIRO NOGUCHI (JAPAN)

Award for Most Popular Entry ONE, CHRIS RUDZ (POLAND)

Category A: 1st placeTraditionpawliczka

Category A: 2nd placeAlam bandanSaman Purkhoshamouz

Category A: 2nd placeOut Of Control MomHeath Robbins

Category A: 3rd placeSpring in My Hometown

Category A: 3rd placeLos amantesTraverphotography

2nd Place Orphan's homeGilchrist

Category A: 2nd placetheir homeHemad

3rd Place Mother's LoveWai Yum Leung

3rd Place Private VacationZainudin

Category A: 3rd placeEvery day's workP'co

Category A: 3rd placeHomekgpix

Category A: 3rd placeProtect Our HomeAinur

Category B : 2nd placeInsideJolanta Molenda-Cuske

Category B: 1st placeLandscape, sketch, interior and still lifeEmile Khafizov

Category B : 2nd placeThe last guestsKai

2nd PlaceHome it's my

Category B : 3rd placeMovement & ChangeSimon Urwin

Category B : 3rd placeEnrico's PlacePolina Flegontovna

Category B : 3rd placeThe VisitWlodek Staszczyk (WlodekS)

Category B : 3rd placeHome is where the wife

Category B : 3rd placeMy dearest grandpaaKHoY

Category B : 3rd placeBored homeGuillaume Flandre

Category B : 2nd placeFrom One Moment To The OtherAurlien Voldoire

Category B : 3rd place Fifth floor, North West apartmentHossein

Category B : 3rd placeHOMEFTGRF

Category B : 3rd placeFear of the earthquake, 42 years lateramin-b

Category B : 3rd placemy home, my lifeMimoza

Category C: 1st placeSwimming poolFang Tong

Category C: 2nd placeLovedKri Sverriss

Category C: 2nd placeWilson County Fair, TNTom Griscom

3rd Place RingMijo

2nd place CrossingAli

3rd Place beach sequence 3.1 (2)Kirill.K

Category C: 3rd placeGannan Impression

3rd Place The sands of timeRomain

3rd Place Wild ShadowYANK

3rd Place Gaza Aftermathmayush

2nd Place Under carepacker105

3rd Place Altinho in IpanemaTeddles

3rd Place Shouting

3rd Place untiteledMajid

Generation N-Winners untitledKatharine

Generation N Winners DearAdidekel

Generation N-Winners A Fort of Starts.Bhikhu

Generation N-Winners Dovecote

Generation N-Winners BloomingAdidekel

Generation N-Winners Flaming TruthYongL

Generation N-Winners ParentsAaannYa

Generation N-Winners momentsBogdana Udi

Category D Open theme, photo story 1st place Beautiful mechanismBalu

2nd place Cold firePrithi

2nd place SeascapeEiffel Chong

2nd place SuspensionD.Berney

2nd Place Supercellsevojim

2nd Place Qoyllur riti FestivalNick Charlesworth

3rd Place Like a treeEdyta Dufaj

3rd Place More than a motherArez

3rd Place Lamentation over the Dead ChristGiancarlo Zuccarone