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Nikhil Udhyog. Office @ DLF Tower. 31 st Jan 2009. Reception area. (backdrop feature wall). Reception area. (backdrop wall). Reception area. Company name and Logo suspended from the Ceiling. Beige Paint finish on the side wall. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Nikhil Udhyog

  • Nikhil UdhyogOffice @ DLF Tower 31st Jan 2009

  • Reception area (backdrop feature wall)

  • Reception area (backdrop wall)

  • Reception area (Description)Company name and Logo suspended from the CeilingBeige Paint finish on the side wallUndulated Irregular Reception backdrop with pop punning and White Painted finish and direct Lighting from the above to distinguish the irregularities on the surface with their shadows. Reception Table

  • Reception area (alternate) (backdrop wall)

  • (backdrop wall)Reception area (alternate)

  • Beige Paint finish on the side wall (Description)Reception area (alternate) Company name and Logo fixed on the stone claddingRegular Polished Sandstone finish of 300mm slits and 20mm grooves in betweenReception Table

  • (view from corridor)Conference Room

  • (view from corridor)Conference Room

  • (Description)Conference Room Basic visual of the brand or poster panels to displayWhite Painted Horizontal strips extruding out of the wall plane (50mm) varying the distance from bottom to ceilingCeiling Down lights

  • (Plan)Executive Cabin

  • (side view)Executive Cabin

  • (Description)Executive Cabin Beige paint FinishContrasting Red surface on the sides with cove lightingCeiling Cove Chairs with a lighter shade fabricPicture frame or panel

  • (side view)Meeting area (Workspace) Beige paint FinishSlits with cove lighting on the side to accentuate the effectCeiling Cove Meeting tableWhite Board Panel

  • (visuals)Workspace

  • (typical workstations)Workspace

  • (typical workstations)Workspace

  • (workarea)Workspace

  • WashbasinRoca divertaToilet Fixtures

  • Wall Hung Water-ClosetRoca HallToilet Fixtures