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CONTENTSS. no. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Topics Acknowledgement Did you know? Introduction How it work? Types of Product Retail Shelves Advertisement Performance of Colgate & Pepsodent at Wholesale Market Performance of Tooth Brush Comparison of Brand (in%) as per Demand Comparison of Brand (in%) for Customer Satisfaction Case Study Customer response Customer attitude survey towards Colgate v/s Pepsodent Bibliography Page no.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTWe would like to thanks my mentor and guide Miss. whose immense guidance and help make me to complete this project on Comparison between Colgate & Pepsodent on the basis of customer satisfaction ". We would also like to thanks Mr. ..we would also like to thank my seniors who directly or indirectly provide guidance to me in competence of this project. We would also thanks to all my friends who also helped me in someway in the competence of this project. Above all, we would like to thanks our Parents whose blessings and encouragement made us able to complete this project. Lastly, we would like to thanks all those friends who helped me in one or someway to complete this project.

Nikhil Sharma Vijay Prajapati

Did you know?

Dental caries according to WHO is still a major health problem in most industrialized countries as it affects 60%-90% of school-aged children and the vast majority of adults* Around 63% of the Indonesian population suffer from serious caries problem, averaging to 189 caries per person (Source : Susanas 1998 and SKRT 1995)* About 1.3% of the Indonesian population have dental problems every month reaching an average of school or office disturbances of 386 daily (Source : National Research & Development Institute, MOH RI; Perception & Motivation from Dental Care Community - National Economic & Social Survey 1998)*


US TV advertisement



Colgate, an oral hygiene product line and one of the namesake brands of the Colgate-Palmolive Company, is a manufacturer of a wide range of toothpastes, toothbrushes, and mouthwashes.

Colgate Ribbon Dental Cream was the first toothpaste in a collapsible tube, introduced in 1896. It had previously been sold in glass jars since 1873.

PEPSODENT:Pepsodent is the oldest and most well-known toothpaste in Indonesia, since the beginning of its existence has always provided more than just basic efficacy.

Pepsodent was the first toothpaste in Indonesia that launches fluoridated paste back in 1980s and the only paste in Indonesia that actively educates and promotes proper habit of brushing through school program and free dental check up service. Pepsodent has completed its range product from basic cleaning to complete benefit paste ever since.

HOW IT WORK?Colgate and Pepsodent continues to work even after I eat or drink Colgate and Pepsodent contains a unique combination of ingredients that attaches to your teeth and gums and does not get washed away even when you eat or drink - so your whole mouth is protected for up to 12 hours.

Colgate and Pepsodent works for up to 12 hours Triclosan (an ingredient that fights germs) is held in place by Gantrez (a copolymer) that attaches to teeth protecting them for up to 12 hours.


PEPSODENTPepsodent Complete + Gum Care

Colgate Total

Complete 12

Colgate Max Fresh

Pepsodent Herbal

Colgate Sensitive

Pepsodent Milk Teeth Orange

Colgate Cavity Protection

Pepsodent Milk Teeth Strawberry

Colgate Tartar Protection

Pepsodent Sensitive

Colgate Luminous

Pepsodent Whitening

Colgate Sparkling White

Pepsodent Cavity Prevention

RETAIL SHELVES Brands Colgate Dental Cream Colgate Cibaca Colgate Total 12 Colgate Sensitive Colgate Active Salt Colgate Advanced Whitening Colgate Herbal Colgate Fresh Energy Gel Colgate Max Colgate Kids Pink, SKU Range 100, 150, 200 & 300 gm 200 gm 75 & 150 gm 50 & 100 gm 100 & 200 gm 75 & 150 gm 100 & 200 gm 80-150 & 200 gm 80 & 150 gm 40 gm MRP (In Rs) 28, 42, 54 & 82 27 33 & 62 35 & 58 29 & 54 26 & 50 30 & 55 30, 50 & 63 29 & 50 24, 22

Blue Colgate Colgate Sensitive Pepsodent 2 In 1 Pepsodent Complete Pepsodent G Pepsodent Decay Protection Pepsodent Sensitive Pepsodent Whitening Pepsodent Superman Pepsodent Barbie Pepsodent Tom & Jerry

200 gm 100 ml 80 & 150 gm 80, 175 & 255 gm 150 gm 40, 80 & 175 gm 100 gm 80, 175 gm 80 gm 80 gm 80 gm

38 40 30 & 50 25, 53 & 69 60 12, 23 & 46 55 30 & 50 45 45 45



Colgate has a toothpaste and toothbrush mascot for children's entertainment, "Dr. Rabbit", which has also been used in three tapes that teach about dental health and advertise Colgate toothpaste. "Gardol" was actually their trademark for the ingredient Sodium lauroyl sarcosinate (and identified as such on the package and in their advertising), which today is an ingredient in Arm & Hammer's "Advance White" toothpaste, minus the "Gardol" identification.

PEPSODENT:Marketing efforts to sell Pepsodent toothpaste were very successful, and sales skyrocketed thanks to a well-known slogan of, "You'll wonder where the

yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent." Entertainers also helped give the toothpaste a boost. It was referred to in a popular 1949 musical called "South Pacific." Singer Cole Porter also mentioned the tasty paste several times in his recordings, and Pepsodent was the sponsor of the famous 1929 radio show "Amos and Andy."

PERFORMANCE OF COLGATE & PEPSODENT AT WHOLSALE MARKETBrand No. of user Colgate Pesodent 62% 38%No. of user

Colgate Pesodent


Brand No. of user

Colgate Pesodent 55% 26%

Oral B and other 19%

No. of user

Colgate Pesodent Oral B and other



Brands Colgate Pepsodent Close up Dabur/Babool Anchor

Demand 33% 26% 20% 12% 9%Colgate Pepsodent Close up Dabur/Babool Anchor



Brands Colgate Pepsodent Close up Dabur/Babool Anchor

Satisfaction 30% 25% 22% 14% 9%Colgate Pepsodent Close up Dabur/Babool Anchor

CASE STUDYIn the New Pepsodent v Colgate case, HLL advertised its toothpaste New Pepsodent as 102% better than the leading toothpaste. In the television advertisement, samples of saliva are taken from two boys, one who has brushed with the new Pepsodent while another has brushed with leading toothpaste. The saliva of the leading toothpaste shows larger number of germs. While the sample was being taken from the boys, they were asked the name of the toothpaste with which they had brushed in the morning. One boy said Pepsodent, the response of the second boy was muted, and however, lip movement of the boy would indicate that he was saying Colgate. Also, when the muting was done, there was a sound of the jingle used in the Colgate advertisement. According to the Commission, the word toothpaste had become synonymous with Colgate over the years and a reference to leading brand was to Colgate. Thus it became a case of Comparative Advertisement which led to the disparagement of Colgates products.

CUSTOMER RESPONSEWhich is better? Colgate or Pepsodent? And how many times do you brush daily?1. Well, what I would suggest here is, Colgate has always been the best among all, the rest have come up now, but Colgate is a very old toothpaste manufacturing company since British ruled India, so old is always gold for sure, one should always have or make a habit to brush twice, once in the morning & then after dinner before going to sleep for sure. 2. There are different types of toothpastes under one brand name. I tend to rely on Colgate, however. Dentists highly recommend brushing in the morning and before you go to bed. Also, if possible, you should brush

after each meal if you want ultimate oral health. Brushing at least twice a day also greatly decreases the chances of obtaining bad breath.3. You need familiarize yourself with the contents of toothpaste. Fluoride

does more harm than it does good. I am not suggesting that you stop brushing your teeth; however, I am suggesting that you begin to familiarize yourself with the chemicals that you poison your body almost religiously.4. I have never tried those. I use only Crest. But.....Tooth brushing is

necessary at least twice a day: once in the morning before breakfast and once in the evening, after dinner. The main goal is the complete removal of the bacterial plaque and not the number of brushings.5. Brushing once a day does get rid of left over food in your mouth that

causes odors, plague and bad breath. Food gets lodged in between your teeth thus causing stinky breath.6. I use Pepsodent. I do use Colgate on occasions, but i have found that

Pepsodent works better. For instance, i needed to whiten my teeth because they were not looking too good. Then, i put on a glob of pep. Toothpaste on my toothbrush and my teeth were white. (make sure u floss and use mouth wash)7. Colgate

is better then Pepsodent according to my experience.

Brush twice daily, once in the morning n once b4 sleeping. Have healthy teeth...........8. Personally I prefer Colgate. And u should ideally brush after every meal.

9. I think Colgat