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NIKE CRUSH Michael Spinella, Dieu Anh Ho Samantha Thomas

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New product development teaming up with Nike to introduce a new product into the market.

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Michael Spinella, Dieu Anh Ho

Samantha Thomas

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Coleman 50-quart Wheeled Ultimate Xtreme Cooler: Iffy manufacturer claim, heavy and bulky

Coleman FlipLid 6 Personal Cooler: Heavy, hard to carry on long trips

Klean Kanteen Classic stainless-steel water bottle: Sweats in hot weather

Product Architects Polar Bottle: Not functional for sports, doesn't keep liquid cold, unattractive despite choices

EarthLust Bottle 13oz.: Doesn't accommodate ice cubes

Nalgene OTG - On The Go: Comes in only three colors.

Sigg Classic Traveler: Expensive, ice cubes don't fit in the narrow mouth

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Solving the Problem

Users of different ice coolers on specified the problems of them being bulky, heavy and hard to carry, especially on long trips.

Users of different water bottles on specified the problems of them not being able to accomodate ice cubes inside and not keeping the liquid cold. Some consumers also claim the watter bottle companies have unattractive designs, offer very limited color range and are not functional for sports.

That is why we came up with Nike CRUSH!

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Determinant Gap MapWeight High





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Filling the Gap

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Introducing the NIKE CRUSH


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Nike CRUSH – feature, function, benefit

Feature: A light, small, colorful and attractive looking sleeve cool drinks within minutes anywhere you are

Function: Cools your drink on the go!Benefit: Small, Light, Portable, Reusable cover, non-toxic

chemicals and Environmentally Friendly.

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Target Demographics: 18-34 35-44 College Degree

We can assume from our research that these demographics will have the greatest interest in the Nike Crush because they are most concerned about physical fitness and the foods they consume.

Nike Crush Cooling Sleeve is most ideal for college students and working professionals who lead active and busy lifestyles.

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Psychographics(Lifestyle Analysis)

Target Psychographic:

Households with an income of $30,000 & above

We can assume from our research that these psychographics will have the greatest interest in the Nike Crush because our product will offer convenience along with affordable pricing.

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Geographic Locations

Elements:Have a high concern for their overall healthParticipate in physical fitness activitiesIn need of convenient products for a busy lifestyle

Target Cities: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, and Washington DC

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Geographic Locations

Target Demographics:Major Cities

We can assume from our research that these geographic locations will

have the greatest interest in the Nike Crush because of the size and

location of the area. Larger cities offer more commuters that lead

busy lifestyles, which is most ideal for a product like the Nike Crush

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Consumer Profile

Diana Williams


Occupation: Full-Time Student/Part Sales Associate

Marital Status: Single

Monthly Income: $800-$1000

Hobbies: Active in aerobics 3 times a week

Interest: Movies, Music, and Physical fitness

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Consumer Profile

Mathew RoseAge:31Occupation: Personal BankerMarital Status: NewlywedMonthly Income: $2000-$3000Hobbies: Occasional golf on the weekendsInterest: Sports, Gaming, and electronics

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Avon Walk For Breast Cancer

“Let Nike help CRUSH Breast Cancer”

Nike will provide the “Nike Crush” for walks in Houston, Washington, Boston, Chicago, Rocky Mountains, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, New York City, and Charlotte.

Special Breast Cancer Edition Packaging to promote Breast Cancer awareness during walks as well as the month of October.

During the month of October 10% of CRUSH sales will be donated to Breast Cancer Research

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The ING New York City Marathon

“CRUSH the Competition, Just Do It”

ING New York City Marathon is one of the world's great road races, drawing more than 100,000 applicants annually

Gives CRUSH a chance to excel in the media capital of the world before two million cheering spectators and 315 million worldwide television viewers.

Our design will be promoting the “Team for Kids” Charity. Promoting health and fitness in the fight against childhood

obesity and diabetes.

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2012 Olympics

Nike CRUSH will be provided to all participating athletes.

The product will feature a limited addition Olympics design, both provided in the arena as well as participating stores where Nike product’s could be found.

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News Papers Selected

•USA TODAY’s daily print circulation was 1,829,099 for the period ending March 31, 2011•The Wall Street Journal currently has a print circulation of 1,613,062 in the United States

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Magazines Selected

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Magazines Selected

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Celebrity Endorsers

LeBron James Maria Sharapova

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News Paper Spending

Publication Circulation Full Page 1/4 PageCPM( Full

Page)CPM (1/4

Page) Weeks Full Page Total

USA Today (Weekdays) 1,728,413 199,000.00 77,900.00 115.13 $45.07 20 $3,980,000.00

USA Today (Weekend) 1,981,016 242,600.00 95,100.00 122.46 $48.01 10 $2,426,000.00

Wall Street Journal 1,613,062 243,966.24 60,991.56 151.24 $37.81 20 $4,879,324.80

Total:            $11,285,324

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Out Door Spending SpendingMedia Outlet: Cost (4 Week Period) Average Number of Ads Totals

Billboard Ads:        Large Billboard $1500-30000 $15,750    Medium Bilboard $750-2000 $1,375 5000 $6,875,000Small Billboard $300-750 $525 500 $262,500Digital Billboard $3500-25000 $14,250    

         Bus Ads:        

Bus Exterior Ads $150-4500 $2,325 2500 $5,812,500Bus Stops $150-4500 $2,325    Bus Interior $20-50 $35    Bench Ads $75-500 $288    

         Taxi Ads:        

Taxi Top $200-500 $350 8000 $2,800,000Taxi Side and Top $500-800 $650    Taxi Full Wrap $950-1950 $1,450    

         Subway/Train Ads:        

Backlit Diorama $200-950 $575    2 Sheet (Subway Station Wall) $200-950 $575 10000 $5,750,000Interior Display (Vertical Format) $75-150 $113 10000 $1,125,000Interior Display (Horizontal Format) $50-100 $75 10000 $750,000

         Total:       $23,375,000

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Outdoor Spending Allocation

Taxis; $0

Subway; $0

Billboards; $0

Bus Ads; $0

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Magazine Spending


Publication Cots Circulation Subscribers CPM Months Budget

Golf Digest $154,353 1,672,888 1,595,290 $92.27 12 $1,852,236

DETAILS $76,038 453,246 411,212 $167.76 8 $608,304

GQ $161,437 980,254 803,942 $164.69 8 $1,291,496

Golf World $37,720 209,501 175,184 $180.05 12 $452,640

SELF $182,321 1,545,247 1,301,358 $117.99 8 $1,458,568

ESPN $214,720 2,046,065 2,021,512 $104.94 6 $1,288,320

Women's Health $177,605 1,589,342 1,199,267 $111.75 6 $1,065,630

Shape $182,023 1,656,678 1,388,352 $109.87 6 $1,092,138

The Rolling Stone $191,910 1,467,739   $130.75 6 $1,151,460

Sports Illustrated $392,800 3,300,000   $119.03 12 $4,713,600

Mens Health $195,780 1,892,760   $103.44 8 $1,566,240

Maxim $146,600 2,530,440   $57.93 6 $879,600


 Total:         $17,420,232

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Magazine Cost Allocation Golf Digest; $0


GQ; $0

Golf World; $0

SELF; $0

ESPN; $0

Women's Health; $0

Shape; $0The Rolling Stone; $0

Sports Illustrated; $0

Mens Health; $0

Maxim; $0

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Online Advertising Spending

Plat form: Cost

Google AdWords $10,000,000

Facebook $300,000.00


Total: $10,300,000

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Online Advertising

Advertising on sites such as: Facebook, Twitter, and Google AdWords

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Facebook has over 500 million users world wide

They currently have over 50 million users that they reach on a daily basis.Which is more then YouTube, Yahoo!, and msn.

People on average spend between 4- 8 hours daily which gives plenty of time for impressions of ads

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Google AdWords

According to Google is the number one site on the internet todayNot only in the US but worldwide as well.

Consumers are also spending and average of 12 minutes on Google

Page 35: Nike Crush

Why Google AdWords?

Over 37 million people world wide Google Nike on a monthly basisMaking our product more accessible to gain a name in the


Water is also Google-d over 101 million times globally in a month

Averaging our costs to be $1.05 per click.

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Advertising Budget Allocation

Budget Allocation

Plat Form Cost

News Paper $11,285,324.80

Outdoor Media $28,137,500.00

Magazines $17,420,232.00

Online $10,300,000.00

Events $25,000,000.00


Total: $92,143,056.80

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Advertising Budget AllocationNews Paper; 0.12

Outdoor Media; 31%

Magazines; 0.19

Online; 0.11

Events ; 0.27

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Month January February March April May June July August September October November December

Weeks 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4

Media Platform                                                                                                

News Papers:                                                                                                

USA Today (Weekdays)                                                                                                

USA Today (Weekend)                                                                                                

Wall Street Journal                                                                                                

Out Door Media                                                                                                

Billboard Ads:                                                                                                

Medium Bilboard                                                                                                

Small Billboard                                                                                                

Bus Ads:                                                                                                

Bus Exterior Ads                                                                                                

Taxi Ads:                                                                                                

Taxi Top                                                                                                

Subway/Train Ads:                                                                                                

2 Sheet (Subway Station Wall)                                                                                                

Interior Display (Vertical Format)                                                                                                

Interior Display (Horizontal Format)                                                                                                


Golf Digest                                                                                                



Golf World                                                                                                



Women's Health                                                                                                


The Rolling Stone                                                                                                

Sports Illustrated                                                                                                

Mens Health                                                                                                



Google AdWords                                                                                                


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Other Considerations But Not Use



Product Placement



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