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Transcript of Nielsen Consumer Panel Includes South Asian & 2, 2012/part_2.pdf kameez aswell gives adorned...



    Manish Arora at Paris Fashion Week Spring 2013

    Take a deep breath... and relax!

    I think glamour is synonymous with me Malaika Arora Khan

    What made you choose Colors' India's Got Talent? This show has a different connect and mass appeal, since common people come to showcase their talents. They show things I have never seen, been exposed to, or imagined. Also, I have always been associated with celebrity shows. Here, I get to interact with the aam junta. The show is different. How different will you be as a judge? We all have our own USPs. I am a little soft at times. I connect with kids easily. They bring out the maternal side in me. I can't bear to see people stabbing and breaking glass on themselves. I don't have a stomach for those kind of things. I am intrigued sometimes — for example, when watching somebody jumping off 50 feet. I want to see it despite being nervous and scared. Most participants hope to make it to Bollywood. Being part of the industry, do you feel burdened? Making it to the industry isn't possible for all of them. But we have

    to encourage them, and when they aren't up to the mark, we tell them to hone their talent. Don't you think your glam quotient overshadows everything else? I think glamour is synonymous with me. I can't stand on a rooftop and scream that there is more to me than just the glam quotient. You've to look beyond my dress and hairstyle. There is also a brain that's ticking there. But, I am not screaming to prove it. I am the way I am. If you like me because I'm glamorous, so be it. If you like me, because I speak well or I have a brain and opinion, so be it. More and more actresses are doing item numbers. Does it narrow the scope for the original item divas? I don't look at them as item numbers. For me, they are special songs that enhance the plot or bring about some respite from what's happening. These days, very rarely do you a have special number thrown in just because you don't have anything else.

    Thin is in for watches Lisa Ray is very happy these days, and she's also very busy planning her wedding

    When she was in the capital recently, she told us that she would be hosting areception in India in 2013 and spend more time here post her wedding. "Indiastood by me when I was undergoing my cancer treatment. So, we are planning to host a reception in early 2013. Also, Jason loves Indian food and wishes to have it daily. I am very busy these days. Since I am here, I am looking to shop for my wedding," she said. The actress was in Delhi to launch the Rado True Thinline Collection - its thinnest ever high-tech ceramic watch collection showcasing technological proficiency and aesthetic precision. Lisa said, "Thin is in, but only in watches. This is officially the thinnest watch and epitomises contemporary and artistic design. Rado's new Thinline collection is a mix of all elements one would look for in a watch - glamour, precision and durability." Lisa added that her association with Rado had become more like a marriage. "I have been endorsing Rado watches for the last 10 years. My association with the brand is like a marriage and not a short-term affair," she said.

    How often do you relax? And more importantly, do you know how to relax?

    Unfortunately, today, relaxation has become a luxury that we're increasingly finding tough to indulge in. With stress manifesting itself in alarming ways in our lives, our health takes the brunt of it all. The mind and body are like springs — stretch them as much as you like, but once you let go, they go back to their original position. But what happens when it is overstretched? You get burnt out. This is why relaxation is so essential. It helps the body bounce back.

    How to relax Have you become short-tempered, irritable or depressed

    nowadays? These are signs of stress and it's time to identify the source. Most often, people don't realise that they are stressed. Once you identify the reason for your tension, you must goad your body and mind for relaxation.

    Indian fashion designer Manish Arora showcased an India- inspired collection on the third day of the ongoing sartorial extravaganza Paris Fashion Week. For spring 2013, the designer went back to his Mumbai roots for a collection that featured intricate gold embroidered over full dresses and styled with metallic leggings. The ensembles portrayed a dominance of Rajasthan’s geometric prints featuring stylised tigers, panthers and antelopes.Nielsen Consumer Panel IncludesSouth Asian & Chinese Households

    When it comes to understanding consumer purchasebehaviour, the Nielsen Homescan® Consumer Panel hasbeen the industry standard throughout the world for decades. Now Nielsen is providing retailers and manufacturers in Canada with detailed insights by expanding the panel to include additional South Asians and Chinese consumers. South Asians and Chinese-Canadian consumers' voices are being heard and they are making an impact in the Canadian marketplace. YOU CAN ALSO MAKE A DIFFERENCE Whether you shop often or infrequently, your consumer habits represent those of many similar Canadian households. It doesn't matter if you live alone or as part of a big family, your household can make a difference. With panel representation from people from all walks of life, product manufacturers and retailers are better able to understand consumers, that is, people just like you! Many South Asian and Chinese consumers have joined the Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel and are happy that their voice is being heard, they are making an impact, while they are also

    enjoying the rewards of panel membership. This is what panellists have to say about the Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel: "So much fun - a wonderful way to express my opinion and make it

    count." - Martin J "Thank you for letting me express my viewpoint and allowing me to make a difference in the world." - Erika F "So easy to do, just scan your purchases, earn points and get awesome stuff with your points." - Tina M HAVE YOUR SAY. MAKE AN

    IMPACT. ENJOY THE REWARDS Nielsen respects the privacy of its panellists. Consumer names and household information is kept strictly confidential and is never sold to any third party. Now you can also speak for hundreds of Canadian consumers! JOIN TODAY! Visit





    AND Cultural dresses

    are cogent aspect of a

    culture. A ability celebratory

    getting brand to abrasion

    cultural dresses because they adulation with

    their ability added than their norms. Here at the belvedere of She9, you can

    begin the adored advice about assorted cultural dresses.

    Today’s column is aswell a allotment of this series. Todaywe will acquaint Cultural (Indian) Anarkali SalwarKameez dresses. Every cultural dress accept to accept some actual background, at that point there is no charge to go in abysmal explanation, but we will explain some important aspects of Anarkali Salwar Kameez. Anarkali Salwar Kameez and Anarkali frocks latest collection 2012 Such dresses were getting acclimated in the time of Mughal’s aeon in India. The dress was called on the base of a ballerina (Anarkali) . The dress has archetypal appearance consis ts of cont inued kur t i accept ing shor t ,

    abounding and bisected sleeves, sleeves are in bound form. Kameez is aswell fit and bound aloft the waist and beneath the butts like an umbrella. The Anarkali Salwaar is just like the Churidar Salwaar that mostly acclimated with Frocks. That is abundant and a abrupt addition of Anarkali dress. Cul tura l Anarka l i Sa lwar Kameez dresses can be acclimated in parties, marriage functions and aswell can be acclimated as a accidental dress. Here we accept some attractive and latest Cultural Anarkali Salwar Kameez designs for you. Anarkali Salwar Kameez and Anarkali frocks latest collection 2012 This dress is in two blush architecture has

    amethyst blush chooridar salwar with ablaze blooming Anarkali Kameez. The Kameez has admirable artist plan at bust; with semi V shaped close style. Tiny spots at all over the bolt arena accord absurd look. Amethyst band plan at kameez aswell gives adorned look. This Cultural Anarkali Salwar Kameez can be acclimated casually.Following Cultural Anarkali Salwar Kameez architecture are aswell l ies in aforementioned category. Both designs can be acclimated casually, in actuality these Anarkali Salwar Kameez architecture are body according to the accidental purpose. Anarkali Salwar Kameez and Anarkali frocks latest collection 2012

    The Glamour of a Sari Sari has been a fascinatingdress of a woman for manydecades. The way a sari falls with the curves of a woman makes it more and more attractive and elegant. A woman wrapped in a sari feels like more feminine and graceful. Sari has been a popular dress in the cultures of India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Burma, and Malaysia. It has changed its styles and designs over the years. It has made its way into the international market and now women in many countries wear a sari on both formal and casual occasions. In Pakistan, it is considered to be a perfect dress for a formal occasion. Many women love to wear a sari in fashion on the weddings. Different designs and fabrics are used for a sari. Whether it is simple chiffon or a banarasi silk sari; beaded, embroidered or painted; each

    style and the fabric have their own charm and grace. Even printed saris are also loved by many women for the casual occasions.

    Many popular designers of the South Asian market design modern saris w