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  • 1.Digital Marketing on a ShoestringNick LeechBusiness Startup Show 2013

2. A little bitabout me! 3. I likestartingbusinesses 4. This is whatI do now 5. Why is DigitalMarketing a goodchoice forstartups? 6. 024681012Stuff 7. What is DigitalMarketing? 8. Content Marketing 9. Content on yourown website 10. Content on otherwebsites(not your own) 11. This stuff isntnew.It used to becalled PR. 12. Know what youraudience areinterested in 13. The Process1. Come up with ideas2. Turn them into content3. Find places to publishthem 14. Lets get someideas then 15. Feedly.comKeeps you up to date! 16. OK so Ive gotsome great ideasnow. What do Ido with them? 17. 1. Get writing!(But in the right way) 18. Blocks of text areboring anddont get read. 19. Use the activevoice not thepassive voice 20. The cat sat on themat.(active) 21. The mat was sat onby the cat.(passive) 22. The web is avisualmedium! 23. Now we need tofind some placesto put our greatcontent! 24. +; ; allinanchor; allintext;allinurl; allintitle; cache; define;filetype; id; inanchor; info; intext;inurl; link; related; site 25. 26. 3. Find Places to put it, and evaluate themBuzzstream link building generatorSEOmoz toolbarSocial Crawlytics shows you which of their content is most sharedFollowerwonk 27. Only if you like spreadsheets mind! 28. Followerwonk 29. This isnt a 1, 2, 3step process.Its cyclical. 30. IdeasCreateContentFindpublishers