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Overview of Next Generation Assessments

Transcript of NGA Overview

  • 1. K-12 Statewide Technology Assessments
  • 2. Who are we? Research + Professional Development Experience 9,500 schools or agencies helped Joint venture among leading education firms
  • 3. Assessment and Reporting Challenges Standards Alignment Standards continue to evolve Unique Statewide Standards Standards drive assessment requirements Unaligned standards are costly Compliance NCLB, ARRA, and grants require technology proficiency reporting No way to roll-up holistic assessment data from schools, districts or states Meaningful Data Too much data, no information No benchmarks or objective measures to understand progress
  • 4. NGA :: 360 Assessment Methodology Dynamically Link results to professional development and technology plans Compare and track results with scorecards and longitudinal reports Education Ecosystem fully assessed and surveyed
  • 5. NGA :: Statewide Reporting Roll-up Deploy to thousands of teachers and students rapidly Compare any like groups to each other or previous year One-click technology proficiency reporting
  • 6. NGA :: Always Aligned to Standards Research-based and third-party validated assessments Updated as standards change to ensure compliance Perfectly Aligned to leading technology standards
  • 7. TPACK Model
  • 8. NGA Proficiency Cut Scores
    • Minimal less than 50% correct
    • Basic 50-69% correct
    • Proficient 70-89% correct
    • Advanced 90% or more correct
    • Note: Proficiency is considered students that fell into the Proficient and Advanced categories
  • 9. Learn More :: Contact NGA Today Read more information on our website: Attend one of our monthly webinars For more information, contact us: [email_address] 1-262-644-4300 x 7000