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    Short Pump Middle 4701 Pouncey Tract Rd Glen Allen, VA 23059 Phone: 804.360.0800


    Newton Brochure

    The final requirement of this

    brochure is a short biography

    of Sir Isaac Newton. Where is

    he from? How did he become

    famous? What were some

    significant accomplishments?

    Are his ideas still relevant


    Introduce Mr. Newton to us as

    a person we can relate to. For

    the purpose of this project you

    can even pretend that he is still

    alive and kicking!

    Brief Bio of Sir Isaac Newton

    A creative approach to Newtons three laws of motion.

    Getting Started Use this area to brainstorm your ideas,

    make comments, identify resources you

    plan to use, etc.

  • Project Guidelines

    What do I need to do?

    Each law should be addressed

    individually, and you are allowed to

    choose from the following formats:

    1. Write a poem about one of the


    2. Create a haiku.

    3. Retell a fairy tale so that it

    breaks a law of motion.

    4. Insert a picture and describe the

    law without using the words

    motion, reaction, or force.

    5. Rank laws in order of


    6. Create dialogue debating the

    rank ordering.

    7. Create a court reporters

    transcript for court case about

    broken law.

    8. Imagine traveling to a planet on

    which only two of the laws

    "work." Describe your


    9. Pretend you are a superhero

    that can break one law at any

    time. Which would it be and

    when would you choose to exert

    this power?

    10. Another of your imaginative


    Your task is to create a brochure

    outlining the concepts and ideas

    relating Newtons three laws of motion.

    You will be paired with one other

    individual and together you will create a

    product that helps the reader

    understand these forces of nature.

    You will have freedom of expression

    for this project by having the

    opportunity to demonstrate what you

    know through a variety ways. The first

    major requirement your brochure is a

    team project with both people

    contributing to the final product.

    Secondly, the brochure must address

    the three laws of motion and explain

    the principles behind each. Finally, the

    brochure is limited to standard

    pamphlet size two pages, one page


    Be Creative! Heres the objective: Create a brochure that illustrates

    your knowledge of Newtons three laws of motion. Each

    of the three laws must be addressed with real world

    applicability. Meaning, definitions only will not suffice.

    You must include an analogy, example, situation,

    illustration, etc., that links the definition to real learning.

    You are welcome and encouraged to include pictures

    and representations that help you relate Newtons law to

    you and others. While attempting to complete the

    project think about the meaning of a brochure: you are

    providing information about a product or service. You

    are trying to sell the laws of motion to people that

    dont know their significance to daily life.

    Again, the significance of the project is to inform people

    about Newtons three laws of motion and how they

    apply to our everyday life. You are not required to do

    one column on each law and each brochure will look

    different. The requirement is to address each of the

    three laws and address their meaning and importance in

    a creative and interesting way.