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  • Representatives

    of the six schools from Po-

    land, Latvia, Romania,

    Bulgaria, Italy and Turkey

    presented proposals for the

    shape of the logo project

    the "Treasure in Langua-

    ge". After a long deabate

    and design modifications

    the Turkish - created a new

    official logo of this pro-

    ject, which is implemented

    within the framework of

    Erasmus +.

    School No. 3 once again

    benefits from European


    School No. 3 in Sanok is currently

    implementing another Erasmus +

    project, which is based on the co-

    operation of European educational

    Important topic:

    The objective of the

    first meeting was

    the modification of

    planned activities,

    due to the rejection

    of the seventh part-

    ner in the project -


    The effect of the

    modification has

    become a necessity

    to shorten the time

    for the selected ac-


    Z E S P S Z K N R 3 W S A N O K U

    February 2017

    Number 1

    Echos of the first mee-

    ting in Italy


    Project partners 2

    Treasure in Language 2

    Representatives ZS3

    in Italy


    The oficial logo of the



    Actions 3

    Editorial office 4

    Competition to design the logo of the project

    Treasure in Language

    Echoes of the first organizational meeting

    In the number:

    continuation pade 2

  • Yordan Radichkov (Coordinator:

    Ms. Kamelia Georgieva)

    5. Italy (Lauro) - ISIS Baianesse

    Lauri (Coordinator: Anna Maria


    6. Turkey (Denizli) - Cedide Aba-

    lioglu Anadolu Imam Hatip Lisesi

    (Coordinator: Ms. Munire Dumaz)

    For procedural reasons, the project

    does not implement Portugal

    (coordinated by Mr. Virgilio Si-


    This project is a Strate-

    gic Partnership involving six

    schools from six countries-

    Turkey, Italy, Poland, Romania,

    Bulgaria and Latvia. The main

    goal of the project is to transfer

    our treasure of proverbs

    and idioms to the young people

    in order to provide a rich reso-

    urce to use in their daily lan-

    guage and to keep the proverbs

    and idioms alive for the next

    generations. The project also

    aims to create cultural, educa-

    tional, temporal and interperso-

    nal bridges

    among the people

    of Europe by ba-

    sically pinpoin-

    ting our common


    It will also help to

    overcome lingui-

    stic and cultural

    barriers between nations, be-

    tween generations, to beat the

    fears and prejudices and to mo-

    tivate and promote our students,

    staff and the

    people in our

    communities to

    be European


    The exchange of educational experience, learning the native language,

    history and traditions, but communicating also in English with the use

    of modern technology are some examples planned activities. Following

    the schedule teachers and students will visit partner schools.

    The first visit took place in the Italian Lauro, near Naples (Campania).

    institutions and educational autho-

    rities. The planned measures will

    raise teachers pedagogical skills

    and enrich the workshop. The pro-

    gram helps teachers, education

    staff and students get to know the

    different education systems of Eu-

    ropean Union members.

    Project partners

    Erasmus + project partners under

    the title "Treasure in language"


    1. Poland (Sanok) - School No. 3

    in Sanok (Coordinator: Ms. Edyta

    Kulawiak - Roman)

    2. Latvia (Riga) - Rigas

    31.vidusskola (Coordinator: Ms.

    Sarmite Giluca)

    3. Romania (Targu Jiu) - Liceul

    cu Program Sportiv (Coordinator:

    Ms. Mirela Tamisi)

    4. Bulgaria (Vidin) - GPCHE

    Page 2 Treasure in Language

    Treasure in Language


    of the first meeting...

  • The end of February is a time

    of intensified meetings, during

    which planned activities will

    be carried out. As part of the

    tasks undertaken under the

    guidance of teachers, stu-

    dents prepare the substance

    of projects. Then they deal

    with translations and after

    that make leaflets, presenta-


    Polish representation at a meeting in Italy

    Page 3

    Official logo design








    in I


    , Sore


    (In the photo from the right) Marcin Stanek

    Edyta KulawiakRoman (coordinator)

    Mariola Prorok

    ukasz agony

    Time organizational meetings

  • School No. 3 in Sanok is a school with a long tradition

    (founded in 1961). Its main purpose is to care about teaching

    and education of youth according to the values and traditions.

    Knowing the current expectations and demands of the modern

    market - this school creates opportunities for using modern forms

    of communication, the use of technical innovations. Modern equi-

    pment, the possibility of transnational education, the ability

    to creatively solve dilemmas, meetings and training

    abroad - are the elements of the educational pro-

    cess, which permanently inscribed in the functio-

    ning of the educational institution.


    Polish group "Treasure in Language"

    "My school" (leaflet)

    "Project part-

    ners" (exhibition / gallery,

    presentation / film)

    "Proverbs in the partner co-

    untries" (leaflet)

    "Proverbs and idioms in the

    myths and le-

    gends" (PowerPoint presen-

    tation, exhibition, poster)

    "My favorite proverb /

    idiom" (presentation / film,


    In addition, the school

    in Poland is also involved in the

    preparation and implementation

    In the near future the follo-

    wing issues will be discus-


    (all work in English or the

    national language and En-


    "Typical food of the coun-

    try" (PowerPoint presenta-


    "National proverbs" (leaflets

    about proverbs)

    "Idioms in the national lan-

    guage" (leaflet)

    "History of a

    proverb" (presentation / mo-

    vie, flyer, poster, exhibition)

    of the project website and techni-

    cal background. Therefore,

    evrybody, who wants to join the

    people working in the project is


    The actions planned for the near future

    A. Drwiga (4TK),

    J. Jasiski (2TA)

    Editing: Edyta Kulawiak-Roman


    Room No. 205

    Together in the EU

    You can meet us on:

    w w w . t r e a s u r e . i n . l a ng u a g e . z s 3 . s a n o k . p l

    Editional team

    [Treasure in language]

    Complex of school No.3 in Sanok