Newsletter Week 2 Term 3 - briarrd-p. ... Newsletter Week 2 Term 3 . P B L 2020 . It was wonderful...

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Transcript of Newsletter Week 2 Term 3 - briarrd-p. ... Newsletter Week 2 Term 3 . P B L 2020 . It was wonderful...

  • Appointments / Concerns

    If you would like to meet with any of our staff

    please call the office to make an appointment.

    As you would appreciate the school is very

    busy with everyone settling back in and getting

    back in to class learning.

    Uniform Shop

    Appointments only. Please call the

    office to book in your time.

    Office Payments

    Eftpos & Online

    Asthma Plans/Medical

    If your child has asthma please

    update your plan for 2020 and

    bring to the office.

    Read & Feed

    Breakfast Club

    Monday and Fridays

    8.30am in the Community Room

    Everyone welcome

    School Student Banking

    Resumes T3 Thursdays

    Newsletter Week 2 Term 3 Principal Message

    Dear Parents and Carers,

    Welcome back to all our student and our families. A special and very warm welcome

    to our new families who have joined us from other schools.

    Next week we are excited to relaunch our school PBL. We are very excited about

    the activities that are planned for the week and look forward to introducing some

    new mascots to our school. Be Safe, Be Respectful and Be a Learner are the core

    behaviour principels we expect at our school. Our new PBL practices are new and

    improved and we are excited to see the joy and energy it will bring to our school over

    the coming year.

    As time progresses we are closing in on organisational timelines for our end of year

    events including Year 6 Farewell and Camp. In regards to the Year 6 Farewell we

    are challenged by the venue not allowing us to book an event with more than 20

    people due to COVID restrictions. Due to this we have decided that the event will be

    offered at no cost to our students and will be facilitated in our school hall for 2020.

    This allows for us to start planning for this exciting and very important part of our

    Farewell activities.

    Sadly, our camp venue closed as a result of COVID. Due to our camp being at the

    end of this term we have had to make a decision in regards to camp. In considering

    the financial pressures it will put on families we have decided to cancel the camp for

    2020. The camp deposits and any additional payments will be refunded in full to all

    families. We know that camp is such an important part of Year 5 and 6 and will be

    planning something to substitute our cancelled camp.

    This week I placed a reminder on our Facebook page about of our school security.

    Our school has a number of CCTV cameras in and around the school which are

    observing the school 24/7. We have had a number of small incidences including

    rubbish being thrown over the school fence. I encourage parents to contact the

    school if you know of or observe any negative behaviours impacting on the school.

    We are proud of our school community and each and everyday we want to ensure

    we provide the best facilities for learning for all of our students.

    Our school PDHPE committee are in the process of organising a Sports Day for our

    students where they will participate in both Athletics, Cross Country and fun events.

    This event will not be open to the wider community due to COVID restrictions,

    however will have some Facebook Live updates and photos on the school Facebook

    and website page.

    Wishing all our students a wonderful and successful Term 3! Yours in partnership,

    Mrs T Anderson

  • Newsletter Week 2 Term 3

    Library News

    Library Timetable Term 3

    Monday- 2/3T & K/6T

    Tuesday - 1/2M, 5/6L, 1/2P, 3/4Q & K/6D

    Wednesday - Mobile Preschool Library both classes

    Thursday - 5/6S, 3/4K, 3/6M, KH, KC & 1/2P

    Friday - Closed

    Introducing our new eco

    group ‘Briars Eco Kids’


    BOOK CLUB – a reminder to all families that we have migrated to a cashless book club purchasing system. Students and families can now order

    from Book Club via LOOP, an online ordering system. The details and

    procedure for using LOOP is on the back of each book club catalogue.

    The Education Week 2020 theme, 'Learning together', reflects an incredible year for NSW public school

    students, staff and parents, and the partnerships that have been strengthened in response.

    Next week our students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities through out the week.

    Kids watch out for some hints

    and tips coming soon….

  • Each week we will be putting each class’s attendance percentage up on our new board. This is displayed in the COLA

    area where the students meet in the morning. Students are excited to see their class attendance displayed and all have

    said they will be trying really hard to come to school every day. Our Attendance Awards will be handed out each week.

    Each week the winning class will be announced on our Facebook page with their happy smiling faces.

    Congratulations K-6T W10 & K-6T W1

    If you have any concerns about your child’s attendance

    please call the office to make an appointment to see or chat with Mr Paul Murphy.

    Thank you for your support in your child’s learning and attendance.

    ******* K-6 Assembly Awards Reminder *******

    3 White awards = Briar Road Ribbon

    3 Briar Road Ribbons = 1 Briar Road Banner

    2 Briar Road Banners = 1 Briar Road Medallion

    Newsletter Week 2 Term 3


  • Newsletter Week 2 Term 3

    P B L 2020

    It was wonderful to see students back at school last week remembering to be safe, respectful learners in the classroom and playground.

    Well done everyone!!

    Students from K to 6 will continue the social and emotional learning programs (SEL) in their classrooms this Term.

    This will help students to learn the skills they need to build resilience and manage their emotions, behaviour and relationships with others effectively.

    Continue to keep your eyes and ears open for news very soon about our PBL Relaunch 2020! We are

    so excited to share what we have planned with you. Some clues and snippets to come soon.

    Watch this space…… Something is coming!!! Our PBL Mission Statement:

    At Briar Road Public School, we empower students to become safe, respectful, learners by

    promoting a holistic approach that values the whole child and their wellbeing.

    Welcome to Briar Road Public


    Mr Hekimian

    What class do you teach and what is the best thing

    about it? 3/4H – Favourite thing is the Natural

    Disaster lesson we did.

    What is your favourite food? Hot and spicy chicken


    Do you have any interests? I like to write and to act


    What do you like the most about Briar? The teacher

    vs student soccer game.

    Do you have any pets? Yes 2 dogs and 1 cat.

    A chat with our new teachers…

  • Tasman Sea School students enjoyed their first lesson back for Term 3 by making kites to celebrate the Maori New Year known as Matariki. They explored the significance of flying a kite at this special time of year.

    Newsletter Week 2 Term 3

    Well just like that we are into Term 3 and 1/2M has been keeping busy with lots of learning. Some of our

    students would like to share with you what has been happening in our class since returning from holidays.

    We hope you enjoy our journey so far -

    Lately, we have been doing information reports, fractions and counting forwards and backwards in different number

    patterns. My favourite thing so far has been learning about fractions.


    When we came back from the holidays we started to learn about the lifecycle of a butterfly. The next thing was about

    cows and today we learned about chickens. My favourite thing was when we learned about the cows. Did you know

    the cows chew food and later they can eat it again.


    When I came back from holidays I got to have fun. I was learning about cows.


    When I came back from the holidays we got to learn about fractions, cows and chickens and it was really fun.


    Tasman Sea School

  • Skoolbag Did you know you can do a change of details and an absentee slip

    using EFORMS, which are located on Skoolbag.


    Briar Road Preschool Enrolments