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Transcript of Newsletter, Summer Term, 2014 - Arbroath · PDF file ARBROATH ACADEMY Newsletter for Parents...


    Newsletter for Parents & Carers

    Summer 2014

    Arbroath Academy “Together – With Pride!”

    The learning and the achievements of young people are

    at the heart of our vision for Arbroath Academy.

    Arbroath Academy is a learning community, integrated

    into the wider community, where relationships matter.

    This learning community has been shaped and continues

    to be reshaped by the interactions between young

    people, teachers, parents/carers and everyone

    connected to the school. This is what makes Arbroath

    Academy such a warm, caring and dynamic place. It is

    this vision that needs to drive the direction of the school

    so that it will become much more fully a learning

    community where all young people are supported and

    challenged to develop and grow; and where they are

    encouraged to be ambitious and successful.

  • Dear Parents/Carers

    I would like to thank all parents/carers for their continued

    support. Arbroath Academy continues to grow from

    strength to strength. We have focused this year on

    improving attainment and all the signs are that this will

    be the case. We have also focused on wider

    achievements and have a growing number of

    opportunities both within school and in the community

    for pupils to develop their leadership skills.

    Staff have worked extremely hard to deliver the new

    National Qualifications and also in preparing for the new


    An increasing number of pupils are keen to wear school

    blazers, so we are making it possible for all pupils to

    purchase blazers through the school.

    Please note there is an additional In-Service Day from

    the Scottish Government, to prepare for the new Highers.

    This means that pupils will return to school on Wednesday

    13 August 2014 after the Summer holidays.

    We continue to value your support in encouraging good

    timekeeping, attendance and smart school uniform.

    As a school we are keen to hear views on how we can

    continue to improve.

    This Summer newsletter can also be viewed online

    through our website

    Wishing you a happy Summer holiday.

    Doreen Redfern

    Head Teacher

  • Mon 11 August In-Service Closure Day 1

    Tue 12 August Extra In-Service Closure Day

    Wed 13 August Pupils return to school

    Sat 4 – Sun 19 October Autumn Holiday (pupils return to school Mon 20 October)

    Thu 27 November In-Service Closure Day 2

    Fri 28 November In-Service Closure Day 3

    Mon 1 December St Andrew’s Day Holiday

    Tue 23 December Last day of Winter term – school finishes

    at 12 noon

    Wed 24 Dec – Tue 6 Jan Christmas Holiday (pupils return to school Wed 7 January 2015)

    Fri 13 – Mon 16 Feb Mid-Term Holiday

    Tue 17 February In-Service Closure Day 4

    Fri 3 April Last day of Spring term – school finishes

    at 3.40pm

    Sat 4 – Sun 19 April Spring Holiday (pupils return to school Mon 20 April)

    Mon 4 May May Day Holiday

    Mon 25 May In-Service Closure Day 5

    Thu 25 June Last day of Summer Term – school finishes

    at 12noon


    � Mr Scott Brown started with us as Depute Head Teacher at the beginning of June 2014.

    � Mr Gerry Austin joined the Business, Computing and Technical Education department in May 2014.

    � Mrs Audrey Simpson joined the Language & Communication department in May 2014.

    � Mr Garry Reeve has joined the Business, Computing and Technical Education department to cover Mrs

    Russell’s maternity absence.

    � Mr Joe McGalliard returned to his post of Principal Teacher Social Subjects & RME.

    � Mrs Diane Smith returned to her teaching post within Social Subjects & RME.

    � Mrs Sheila Anderson moved department to join the Business, Computing and Technical Education

    department to teach Business Studies.

    Some members of staff have moved on to pastures new

    and we wish them all the best in their new post:

    � Mrs Fiona McIntosh has moved to Arbroath High School.

    � Mrs Nancy Croall has moved to Carnoustie High School.

    � Mrs Gillian Cunningham has moved to Buckhaven High School.


  • A reminder of the school meal prices:

    Primary Secondary

    Pupils £2.00 Pupils £2.10

    Staff £3.00 Staff £3.00


    Keep up-to-date on the lastest news from Arbroath

    Academy via our Twitter account:

    Web Site

    We continue to work on the Arbroath Academy’s web


    SCHOOL MEALS FOR 2014-15


    Thu 19th June P7 Induction Day

    Fri 20th June P7 Induction Day

    Tue 24th June S1-3 Celebration of Achievement Evening

    Wed 25th June S4-6 Celebration of Achievement Evening

    Fri 27 June Last day of Summer Term – school finishes

    at 12 noon

    September 2014 S4-6 reports issued

    October 2014 S1-3 reports issued

    Tue 4 November S2 Parents’ Evening

    Thu 20 November S3 Parents’ Evening

    November 2014 S4 reports issued

    Thu 4 December S5/6 Parents’ Evening

    Tue 13 January 2015 S1 Parents’ Evening

    February 2015 S2-3 reports issued

    Wed 25 February S4 Parents’ Evening

    March 2015 S5-6 reports issued

    May 2015 S1 reports issued

    Wed 17 June P7 Induction Day

    Thu 18 June P7 Induction Day



  • Arbroath Academy’s colours are BLACK and GOLD.

    Pupils are expected to wear:

    � A white or black blouse/shirt � Black cardigan, v-neck sweater or plain black

    sweatshirt (no hooded tops)

    � School tie (available from the school office) � Black trousers or skirts (no shorts or leggings) � Black shoes � Dark coloured jacket (no denim jackets)

    All outdoor garments and anything that is not uniform is

    to be removed in the classroom.

    For P.E. and sports activities in school, pupils are

    expected to wear:

    � A plain white t-shirt/polo shirt (no football tops) � Black shorts/tracksuit trousers � Training shoes or a change of shoes.

    In cold weather you might also like to wear a tracksuit or

    warm top.

    For health and safety reasons pupils will asked to remove

    jewellery and piercing in P.E.


    P.E KIT

    Easter School

    The Science Faculty ran a successful 2 day revision

    school during the Easter holidays where a good number

    of students came in for extra support and 'fine tuning' in

    preparation for their exams.

    nPower Scottish Energy Competition

    In March, Eilidh Kelly, S4, Ceri Saddington, S4, Connor

    Troup, S4, and Aayush Bashyal, S4, represented the

    school at the National Museum in Edinburgh, at an

    engineering competition which focused on the feasibility

    of different options in terms of raising the amount of

    electricity which Scotland generates from renewable

    energy sources. As well as Physics, Maths and Business

    Knowledge being used, the team had to give

    presentations and answer field technical questions

    about their decisions.

    The Academy has pupils working through their Bronze

    and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards, along with pupils

    from a range of other local schools, who all meet at the

    Academy regularly and go on expeditions together.

    Duke of Edinburgh is run and coordinated by the Angus

    Community Learning Unit, and supported by a small

    number of teachers from the participating schools.



  • Graphic Novels Talk

    In a series of visits to Arbroath Academy in May and early

    June, local librarian David Robertson introduced S3

    pupils to the graphic novel as a storytelling form. Pupils

    then had the opportunity to explore comic panels and

    storyboarding, creating their own narratives from

    scratch. This was an extremely interesting experience,

    enjoyed by all S3 pupils. We take this opportunity to give

    thanks to David for his inspiring visit. Pupils really

    appreciated this introduction to storytelling through a

    visual medium.

    S3 pupils listening to David Robertson


    Arbroath Academy S1-S3 girls Football Team:

    Back row


    Allana Mason, Sydney Cairns, Sinead Watson,

    Demi Dickson, Chloe Guthrie

    Front row


    Chloe Morison, Ellie Cook, Katie Boyd

  • Arbroath Academy S1-3 Girls football

    The S1-3 football team have been successful in two

    competitions this term. They