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  • February 2008

    Greetings from AMMA. As this is the first newsletter of this year, I welcome you all to the New Year! We had a wonderful year in 2008 full of activities. Apart from the usual association’s programs, we had a couple of outstanding programs like Kalamela’08 and Sangamam’08. On behalf of Executive committee I extend my sincere thanks to all those who supported AMMA whole heartedly in the previous year. I also warmly welcome and thank all the new members of the association. We are about to start the year 2009’s programs. AMMA sports committee is ready and

    organized to start the sports competitions very soon. This year they are introducing a soccer game which will be on 22nd February. The Family Fun Day is scheduled for Saturday, 7th March. Please come with your family and friends to enjoy the day. We are also looking forward to a mega Kalamela-2009 at the end of May 2009. More information about this event will be available soon. With Regards, Biju Joseph

    Newsletter Date മലയാളിശബ്ദം MALAYALISHABDAM


    AMMA Executive Committee invites you all for the

    FAMILY FUN DAY Saturday 7th March 2009

    10. 30 am to 5.00 pm at

    THORNDON PARK, PARADISE Registration Starts at 10.30 am

    Activities for Children 11 am to 1 pm Activities for Family 2 pm to 5 pm

    Please be there on time Cost $5 per Family, or $2 per person

    RSVP by 4th March (Please mention Veg /Non Veg)

    February 2009


    3 Leged R ace

    Tug of War Balloon Throw


    Have Fun


    Programs Be Active

    For RSVP, Please Call Biju Joseph - 84451132 or Girish v- 82667240 or mail to:

  • CHRISTMAS 2008 AMMA has celebrated Christmas at Slovenian community hall, Dudley park on 6

    December, inaugurated by Hon. Minister, Michael Atkinson. This years function was attended by around 600 people,as an indication of growing malayalee community presence around Adelaide. Traditional, classical, semi-classical and cinematic dances and music programs by our talented members were a treat to the hearts and minds of all attendees. As usual, fantastic food prepared by volunteers received compliments from everywhere.


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    CAPTAIN RAJESH . CP. PH:8244 5210, MOB:0432 482 591




    If you wish to participate in any of these events, please contact your Team Captain. Please call Saji Verghese , any of the Captains or Executive Committee members to know your team or ‘New event’




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  • EDITORIAL Dear readers, We have been going through mixed emotions over last few months with lot of things happening around us. A new American president, economic slowdown, middle east crisis, and Victoria bushfires all have touched our hearts and made the headlines around the world. Hopefully, the current economic slowdown won’t affect our community. Please find some time to help those who affected. To move away from these issues, this is the perfect time to contact your team captain and involve in activities. More importantly, this is an opportunity to meet people and make net work within our community. Once again, we are progressing towards the publication of Pravasi magazine and need more contributions from our members. Please find some time and make things happen. Regards Sreejith Kesavan.

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    ¥çgÙ¢ , ØbÞÄdLcÞÈLø §LcÏßæÜ ÈßÏÎÈßVÎÞà ØÎßÄßÏßÜᢠ¥¢·ÎÞÏßøáKá.

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    ºÞdwÏÞX 1 _ ¼ÈáÕøß 29 Èí Õß¼ÏμøÎÞÏß 100 ÆßÕØ¢ ÉâVJßÏÞAß. ¨ ÆìÄc¢

    Õß¼ÏߺîÄá æμÞIíIS ¼ß ÎÞÇÕX ÈÞÏVAí 2009 æÜ ÉÆíÎ ÕßÍâ×Y ¥ÕÞVÁí μßGß. 1998

    W §çgÙJßÈá ÉÆíÎ Íâ×Y μßGßÏßGáIí .

    2009 æÜ æùÏßW çÕ Ì¼xßæa ÍÞ·ÎÞÏß ÌÞ¢·{âV _ ®ùÃÞμá{¢ ùâGí ÌáUxí æd¿ÏßX

    ²Þ¿ßAáÕÞÈáU ØÞÇcÄÞ ÉÀÈJßÈí ÄßøæE¿áAæMGßGáIí

    THAYYAM – A RITUAL ART FORM OF KERALA The Theyyam or Theyyattam is a popular ritual dance of north Kerala, particularly pre- sented in the Kolathunadu of the present Kannur and Kasargod districts. As a living cult with cen- turies old traditions, ritual and custom, it embraces almost all castes and classes of Hindu religion in this region. It is a rare combination of dance and music and reflects important features of a tribal culture. People of these districts consider Theyyam as a God and they seek blessings from Theyyam. Its indeed an unprecedented experience to watch this dance symbolising the ultimate power. When the monsoon recedes, when the blue skies are clear and skies are clear of dark clouds, and the day,s hard work is done, drums resound from the villages, far and near. The Theyyam performance can be observed from Oct to March at various Kavu (small temples) spread over the northern Kerala. Watching theyyam in the midnights invoke the inner feelings of our mind.

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