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Focus- The official newsletter of Billabong High International School - February issue

Transcript of Newsletter Feb issue

  • School presents

    an open mind with

    Special Education-

    al Needs class

    On February 21st, Billa-

    bong High received a visit

    from Clinical Psycholo-

    gist, Afiya Ali. Ms. Afiya

    conducted a presentation

    which focused on identi-

    fying and educating learn-

    ers with special educa-

    tional needs. This was a

    very insightful event, aid-

    ing the teachers in better

    understanding why a stu-

    dent may be struggling in

    class, and how we can

    help them. Billabong High

    would like to ensure par-

    ents we will never ex-

    clude a child with learning

    difficulties. Instead, we

    will ensure the proper

    resources and teaching

    methods are in place to

    aid them to develop as

    best they can. Everyone

    has a right to be educat-

    ed, no matter whether

    they have any learning

    difficulties or not.

    The School would also

    like to thank Ms. Afiya Ali

    for sharing her knowledge

    and experiences with our


    Between the 24th and the 28th of

    February, the staff and students of

    Billabong High were trained in han-

    dling dangerous situations. The clas-

    ses included educating the teachers

    in what actions to take in the event

    of Male being hit by a natural disas-

    ter. Captain Naheed from the

    MNDF Fire & Rescue Officials gave

    multiple presentations, detailing how

    shockingly destructive fires can be.

    One section in particular shocked

    the staff as they watched an entire

    room go up in flames within two

    minutes of a single flame being lit!

    The staff were also involved in prac-

    tical demonstrations showing how

    to extinguishing fires.

    Billabong High celebrated its fourth

    birthday on February 7th. To cele-

    brate the milestone, an audience of

    parents and teachers were enter-

    tained with fantastic performances

    from the students. Parents also got

    involved and performed a very comi-

    cal dance routine which had the audi-

    ence in hysterics. The night was made

    more wonderful as Buru Park was lit

    spectacularly by lanterns created by

    the Billabong staff.

    The night ended with the students

    presenting TWENTY SIX delicious

    cakes which, when put together, read



    Here is to many birthdays to follow.



    F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 3

    Education's purpose

    is to replace an

    empty mind with an

    open one.

    - Malcolm


    Mr. Matthew

    Secondary Editors

    Ms. Reena,

    Ms. Fortune,

    Ms. Sophia, Ms. Sharon

    Primary Editors

    Ms. Mariyam,

    Ms. Carol

    Layout & Design

    Mr. Aslam

  • P A G E 2


    is the key to

    unlock the

    golden door

    of freedom."

    - George



    The Badge by Maryam (Grade 10-A ESL)


    By Aishath Raya Riyaz (Grade 7-A)

    It was one of the most com-

    petitive and stimulating

    presentations of all time. For

    our first history project of

    this year we were given differ-

    ent, remarkable explorers of

    the past and competed in an

    election to win Best Explorer

    Title. Four groups from our

    class competed for the title.

    The explorers included Vasco

    da Gama, Ferdinand Megalin,

    Prince Henry the Navigator

    and Bartholomew Dias. Un-

    fortunately for our group, we

    got Prince Henry, not only an

    unfamiliar explorer, but also

    someone who had never sailed

    in an expedition ever! Howev-

    er, we did not let that stop us.

    After thorough research, we

    came to know some remarka-

    ble work by our explorer, so

    much so we decided to pre-

    sent him as PRINCE HENRY



    TIONS. We presented our

    posters in the form of an old

    map and made banners as well

    as sashes for everyone in class.

    But, it was the jaw-dropping

    twist in our presentation that

    earned us an overwhelming

    landslide win. We dressed as

    four famous explorers, three of

    them the names of the explor-

    ers being represented by the

    other groups. We then advocat-

    ed how Prince Henrys incredi-

    ble contributions had been for-

    gotten while other explorers

    who were just his executives, or

    people who used his inventions,

    got all the glory.

    cate, or in fact on oth-

    er achievements We don't

    always walk around with

    our certificates to prove

    how better we are. Certifi-

    cates and academic

    achievements are tools we

    use to get a good jobs or

    something like that; once

    you get hired, no one cares

    what you achieved in


    I think that matters is, if

    the education has had any

    good influence on your

    character or self. I think

    whats important is to build

    a strong character that has

    the courage to manage and

    handle anything that passes

    by, to succeed in the little

    battles of life. Its more

    important to have the

    strength to control ones

    self when required.

    It takes a lot of guts and

    courage to build a

    strong character, to have

    a strong personality that

    could pass anything that

    comes your way and the

    strength to forgive and live


    Believe me, after sometime

    certificates and school leav-

    ing certificates become

    nothing but filed paper. If

    you have a character, with

    or without the badge, you

    are already much more than

    a true captain. And besides,

    you still have so much time

    to prove everyone what you

    are capable of. So, hold on

    and never give up.

    Standing up for school posts

    will take a lot of courage

    and responsibility. I am very

    proud of everyone who got

    elected as part of school

    council this year and I wish

    you all the luck.

    I have heard many people

    praise the students who

    were elected as student

    council members. But little

    did I hear the apprecia-

    tion for those who tried so

    hard but didn't get elected.

    Those students

    who didn't get enough sup-

    port to reach so high.

    Well, this post is for


    The way I see it, everything

    fades and nothing remains.

    No matter what you are

    called at school, it all goes in

    a couple years. After some-

    time, no one actually looks

    at the school leaving certifi-

    Random Trivia

    Astronauts get taller

    when they are in space.

  • Welcome to the Student Gallery P A G E 3 F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 3

    I'm (Not) Sorry! By Zuhura Ismail (8- B) To my dearest friend: To you I send a note of sorry, so that you won't worry, about who ate, your chocolates, sweets and cake. Wonderful sweets I wanted to send, But so lovely they were, they met their end. In my stomach they now reside, And more shall join them inside. Chocolates so velvety sweet, They send bursts of warmth to your very feet. I dearly wish you could've tasted it too, But I'm afraid there's none for you. Caramel all gooey and brown, They're better than a golden crown. I wish you could've seen it, set on a lovely plate, But sorry my friend: it's now too late. The cake was so pretty, with icing and sugar, I can't look at it without a snigger: For soon it will be gone, And alas! for you there will be none! So I write this to tell you, About the chocolates, sweets and cake I didn't send you. I hope you don't mind, My failed attempt to be kind.

    Mishka Ibrahim Sujau from 4-B created

    this stunning painting of the sun setting

    over a beautiful landscape.

    Ali Nuaym Mohamed from 3-A

    constructed a spectacular

    collage of the solar system

    which is simply out of this


    Optimism is the faith

    that leads to achieve-

    ment, nothing can be

    done without hope

    and confidence.

    - Helen Keller

  • Follow us at:

    If you would like to provide any feedback, please contact Mr.

    Dinesh Bakshi at [email protected]

    Community service

    On February 23rd, the Dept. of Biology conducted an Ecology trip and community service in Villingili,

    a land of no cars. The activities took place between 8am to 3pm. Forty one students from grade 8 and

    10, four teachers, five parents, one nurse and the Vice-Principal participated in the trip. Dur-

    ing their community service program, a group of students helped the NGOs in preparing for

    their upcoming Clean the Beach program.

    Book drive

    BHIS students

    carried out a

    book drive to

    collect books

    from all grades

    in Billabong

    High. The idea

    of sharing is

    caring, which is

    embedded in

    the minds of the Billabong kids, was seen throughout

    the book drive. Over two thousand books were col-

    lected and have