Newell Ram Sale 2015

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  • 70th




    1946 to 2015September 17 & 18, 2015

    Sale 11:00 am Friday starting with Ewes

    NEWELL, SOUth DAKOtASponsored by Newell Community Club

    2014 Supreme Champion Ram

    Ian Forbes-McGivney, Kaycee, WY Yearling Rambouillet

    Stud Ram Show SaleRegistered Ewe Show & SaleRegistered Range Ram Sale

    Sale Week Phone: 605-456-2941

  • 2Youll Like Newell...hIStORICAL FACtS:Newell was founded in 1910, the city being named after Frederick Haynes Newell, then director of the Bureau of Reclamation. Newell was platted by Reclamation engineers and was the first bureau project in the United States.

    CURRENt FACtS:Population: 674 friendly peopleGovernment: Mayor and City Commission: two fine city parks, public golf course, rodeo arena, city library, museum and restored historic one-room school house, city liquor store and barFive Churches: Newell Christian Fellowship Church, St. Marys Catholic Church, First Lutheran Church, Assembly of God, Newell Evangelical ChurchCommunication, Utilities etc.: Post Office, state and county highway shop, West River Telephone Co., Highways 212-79, near I-90, Black Hills Power and Light, Butte Electric Cooperative, Belle Fourche Irrigation District, city water system, city garbage and sewer system, municipal lawn and garden irrigation system, cable televisionCivic and Service Organizations: Newell Community Club, Newell Lions Club, Parent/Teacher Organization, School Booster Club, American Legion and Auxiliary, VFW & Auxiliary, Butte County Historical Society, 4-H and Extension Clubs, NVN Senior Citizens, Newell Garden ClubEmergency Services: 911 emergency number, volunteer fire depart-ment, ambulance service with trained personnel and modern equip-ment, County Health Nurse and Home Health CareNewell Public Schools: has an enrollment of nearly 600 students and faculty members, includes two high school buildings, middle school complex, elementary building, and auditorium. Combination lighted football field and track.Newell Golf Club: Offers grass greens on a challenging nine-hole course with full service club house.Commercial Establishments: Newell Sheep Yards-South Dakotas larg-est sheep and lamb market, bank, weekly newspaper, veterinary service, K.J. Leather Shop, grocery store, hardware store, feed store, cafes and drive-in cafe, convenience stores, service stations, auto and implement parts stores, bulk oil, gas and propane distributors, locker plant, saddle shops, motel and hotel, rooming house, welding shop, beauty shops, concrete services, construction companies, plumbing firm, insurance and real estate agents, apiary, low income and elderly housing, mobile home court

    As a trading center, Newell serves an extensive cattle and sheep raising area in addition to the crops and forage and dairies in the irrigation district.

    SPECIAL FEAtURES:the Labor Day Celebration is the largest one day celebration around. Activities include a morning parade, street games, an old-time rodeo including the World Sheep Teepeeing Championship and a lively danceat night.

    The Newell Ram Show and Sale is held annually on the third Thursday and Friday of September. Beginning in 1946, it has become one of thenations top purebred ram and ewe show and sale events.The buildings are owned by the Ram Sale and located on East 3rd Street adjacent to the rodeo grounds.

  • 3PO BOX 130BELLE FOURCHE, SD 57717

    Phone: 800-528-2057Fax: 605-892-6312





    Larry PragerBelle Fourche Whse


    Scott LammersBillings Warehouse


  • 4The Newell Ram Sale is held annually on the 3rd Friday of September at the Ram Sale Barn on 3rd Street, Newell, South Dakota. The events shall consist of a Stud Ram and Registered Ewe Show and Sale and a purebred Range Ram Sale.

    The Committee of the sale accepts the entries for the sale with the understanding that, upon signing of the entry blank, the consignor of the animals to the Newell Ram Sale agrees to comply with the Rules and Regulations of the Show and Sale, and that for willful violation of any of the Rules and Regulations, the Consignor becomes automati-cally excluded from future sales.

    The Newell Ram Sale Committee reserves the right to reject any or all entries and the entry fee will be returned.

    Entries are open to all breeds of sheep registered with a nationally recognized registry association. Ram classes in each breed are Ram Lamb (born after 1/1/15); and Yearling Ram (born after 10/1/14). Ewe classes in each breed are Ewe Lamb (born after 1/1/15); and Yearling Ewe (born after 10/1/14). We will have fall born classes.

    ALL animals must be bred and raised by Consignor. All animals must be registered or subject to registry and comply with rules of the South Dakota Animal Industry Board. We, as the sale committee, do not pro-mote extreme short tail docking and discourage such practice. If there is any evidence of rectal prolapse, past or present those animals will NOT be allowed in the show and sale.

    Consignors may enter four (4) Stud Rams, BUT NOT more than two (2) of any one breed in the Stud Ram Show and Sale, a lamb and a yearling per breed, NOT two lambs or two yearlings, one of each; and not more than twenty (20) Range Rams; and may enter six (6) Registered Ewes, BUT NOT more than four (4) of any one breed in the show (a lamb and a yearling per breed). A total of ten (10) Registered Ewes (including show ewes) may be sold.

    Entries must be made with the Secretary by June 30th. Mail to NEWELL RAM SALE, 14406 Trae Ct., Rapid City, SD 57701. Email Phone number 605-490-7413 .

    ENTRY FEES: The entry fee is NON-refundable and must be included at time entries are received. $25.00 per head on Stud Rams, $10.00 per head on Registered Ewes and $10.00 per head on Range Rams. The committee makes a commission charge of 12% of the sale price on all animals; however if the percentage charge amounts to less than the entry fee, the later sum is charged as the minimum. However, the entry fee will be retained on animals entered by not brought to the sale; animals not sold in the ring; or screened. Regular Commission will be charged on NO SALE ANIMALS.

    Terms of sale: CASH Sales are to be settled before moving animals from heads. All bids on ewes start at three hundred dollars ($300.00) rams at four hundred dollars ($400.00). Sellers have the right to bid once upon each lot offered. Mail and phone bids to: Raymond Riesland 14406 Trae Ct. Rapid City, SD 57701 605-490-7413.

    Private sales before or during the auction are strictly forbidden. On private sales made after the auction closes on NO SALE, the regular commission will be collected. Consignors bringing extra animals to be sold outside the Sale or sell screened animals will be denied the privilege of selling at the future Newell Ram Sales.












  • 5RULES AND REGULAtIONS CONt.Stud rams are to be offered as singles, Range Rams will be offered in heads (same age) of two, three, four or five, entered as a specified lot which will be listed in the catalog under one number for each head. Show Ewes should be offered as singles with all other ewes in heads of two, three or five head. Ewes and Range Rams will have no more than four (4) turns through the sale ring, including show ewes.

    All animals must be in respective heads by 9:00 p.m. on Wednesday. Ewe Show will be held at 9:00 a.m. followed by the Stud Ram Show at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday. The Ewe sale will start at 11:00 am on Friday, followed by the Stud Rams and Range Rams to be sold together, sell-ing one breed at a time. The Grand Champion Stud and Grand Champi-on Ewe will sell first in their breed, followed by the Reserve Champions and then by order placed in the show for each breed. Premier ranges rams will sell first in their breed.

    Consignors will be responsible for lot numbers on animals according to the catalog. The animals should be lot numbered before showing. Paint and irons are provided.


    All animals on ground are held at consignors risk until sold; ownership changes when they are sold in the ring. Animals are held at purchasers risk thereafter.

    All animals are guaranteed to be breeders and in event of an animal proving to be a non-breeder, seller will refund purchase price or replace it with one of equal value. Seller should know this fact within a reasonable time after sale.

    The Consignor of any Ram Lambs or Ewe Lambs that do not have their lamb teeth at eleven (11) months of age based on the birth date of the certificate of registry must refund the total price or give the buyer the option of selecting a replacement of equal value.

    Papers showing ownership by consignor should accompany the Stud Rams. All animals listed as registered must have registration papers. Ram Lambs, Range Rams and Ewes may be sold subject to registry. Seller agrees to deliver within three (3) months records necessary for registration of all animals sold at no cost to buyer.

    Consignors will bring their animals from the heads to the sale ring and taking them from the sale ring back to the proper heads.

    The consignors will feed their animals. Hay and bedding will be avail-able for purchase.

    The Committee will make every effort to protect both buyers and sellers in every reasonable way, but under no circumstance do they assume any liability. The auctioneers will settle misunderstandings as to bids made. ALL SALES ARE FIN