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  • 1. NewZealand

2. Location New Zealand islocated in theSouth PacificOcean, 2,162 kmfrom Australia. There are 2 mainislands, namedthe North andSouth Islands. 3. Capital: Wellington Biggest city:Auckland Population of4.035.461 millionsof people. Government:modernparlamentarydemocracy. 4. Language English (mainwritten and spokenlanguage) 98% Maori (officiallyrecognized) 4.2% NZ sign language0.6% 5. Sports New Zealand was thefirst country to haveBenji Jumping. New Zealand has wonmore Olympic goldmedals per capitathan any othercountry. 6. Celebrations: The AucklandFestivalIt is about: Engaging Aucklandersin the arts, andcelebrating thecultures and essenceof Auckland. Supporting NewZealand art andartists. Reflecting what isunique aboutAuckland. 7. Famous buildings Sky tower is one ofthe mostrecognizedbuildings in theworld, its locatedin Auckland city. 8. Climate Mountainenvironments. Mostly cooltemperate to warmtemperate with astrongmaritime influence. 9. Wildlife New Zealands oneof a kind animal isa kiwi. Tuatara is one ofNew Zealandsrarest reptiles.