New Year's Resolutions for High School Parents


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College Parents of America brings 10 New Year's Resolutions for High School Parents.


  • College Navigation - New YearsResolutions For High-School Parents Dont go to College without us.
  • College Navigation New Years Resolutions New Years is often a time of new beginnings. For parents of high school students who may be headed off to college in the fall, this year will bring significant changes. You may, or may not, be prepared for those changes, but you know that they are still several months away. Wed like to offer some New Years resolutions to help you, and your college bound high school student, begin to prepare now. We hope that you find them helpful and that you pass some of these on to your student.
  • New Years Resolutions for High School Parents Flickr: Lawrence OP1) Resolve that your students college choice, or the applicationprocess, or acceptance letters, will not be the first thing you talkabout when you meet other parents.
  • New Years Resolutions for High School Parents2) Resolve that you will not ask your student what she hasdecided to major in. Try to steer others away from asking heras well. Encourage her to keep an open mind.
  • New Years Resolutions for High School Parents3) Resolve to begin practicing some important communicationskills with your high school student. Remember that your role inhis life will be changing next year. Try to listen more, keep openand honest lines of communication going. It wont happenautomatically next year if youre not building the foundation thisyear.
  • New Years Resolutions for High School Parents4) Resolve to keep the college process in perspective. Getting intocollege and deciding where to go to school is important, but itis only one part of your students life this year. Rememberthat where your student goes to school is less importantthat what she does when she gets there. She will create hersuccess wherever she ends up.
  • New Years Resolutions for High School Parents5) Resolve to model de-stressing about the college decisionprocess for your student. Try to relax especially whilewaiting for acceptance letters.
  • New Years Resolutions for High School Parents Flickr: GavinLi6) Resolve to let your student make the final collegechoice. Remember that your student is the one going off tocollege. He will be better able to adapt to difficult times if heis the one who made the final choice of college.
  • New Years Resolutions for High School Parents Flickr: parl7) Resolve to read at least one book about the letting goprocess.
  • New Years Resolutions for High School Parents 8) Resolve to accept the natural tendency of teenagers to begin the distancing process. Use this year as a time to begin to step back. 9) Resolve to begin the letting go process now. Buy your student a good alarm clock and dont wake him up in the morning. Make sure she knows how to do her own laundry. Encourage Flickr: pinelife him to be responsible for his own finances
  • New Years Resolutions for High School Parents Flickr: cepascal10) Resolve to remember that the college transition processhappens to both your student and to you. Remember thatyou will be undergoing changes as well. Dont forget tonurture yourself.Article brought to you by Vicki Nelson. Read the complete article here.
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