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Transcript of New! - Welding Equipment /media/miller electric/files/pdf... · PDF fileThe Miller®...

  • The Miller LiveArc welding performancemanagement system is a new and innovative reality-based training system that utilizes a live welding arc, unlike other virtual trainingsolutions. Its designed to recruit, screen, train,re-qualify and manage the performance of weld operators better, faster and more cost-effectively than traditional methods.

    Advanced motion-tracking technology provides the critical feedback required for improvement ofbaseline welding skills. With an easy-to-use touch

    screen interface, users can guide themselvesthrough assignment selection and pre-weldfeedback to acquire desired techniques beforemoving to actual live arc training experiences.

    The system also gives welding instructors theability to configure assignments and techniqueparameters. It stores the detailed performancehistory of each operator. LiveArc is a powerfulteaching tool that allows instructors to bettermanage their time, reduces the cost of teachingmaterials and accelerates student progress.

    Welding PerformanceManagement System

    A reality-based recruiting, screening and training solution.

    Now withSMAW Training



  • Industrial-quality construction for a real-world welding experience

    The LiveArc system is built to deliver a real-world, arc-on welding experience.Advanced motion-tracking camerasprovide feedback on technique parametersduring initial set-up and simulation modesas well as live arc training mode.

    The welding positioningarm allows for training inout-of-position GMAW, FCAWand SMAW applications.

    A powerful industrial computer at the heart of the system features solid-state technology andfilterless, fanless cooling. Compatible with Millerpower sources.

    The SmartGun is an industry-exclusive 400-ampMIG gun featuring built-in LEDs that are tracked by the systems cameras. The ergonomic soft-griphandle provides tactile vibration feedback thathelps guide real-time performance adjustments,reinforcing optimal position and movement.

    The SmartGuns OLEDdisplay provides initialvisual feedback to guideproper gun positioning.Pushbuttons provide aconvenient alternative to the touchscreen fornavigation.

    New! SmartStinger extendstraining capabilities to theSMAW process. The LiveArcmonitor guides pre-weldpositioning with visualfeedback.





    Groove andfillet up to 1 in. (25 mm)plate




    Input Power

    120 V, 60 Hz

    Note:Compatiblewith Millerpowersources

    Net Weight

    GMAW/FCAWSystem: 480 lb. (218 kg)

    GMAW/FCAW/SMAW System: 527 lb. (239 kg)


    H: 77.5 in. (1,969 mm) W: 46 x (1,168 mm) D: 31 in. (787 mm)

    Rated Output

    SmartGun: 400 A at 60% duty cycle(mixed gases)

    SmartStinger: 250 A at 60% duty cycle

    Electrode Diameter

    SmartGun: Up to 5/64 in.(2.0 mm)

    SmartStinger: Up to 1/8 in.(3.2 mm)


    Intel core i7, 128 GB SSD, fanless cooling,HDMI port supports mostsecondary monitors (not included)


    21.5 HDLCD touchscreendisplay

    CTWDAngles Aim

    Specifications (Subject to change without notice.)

    Work angle and travel angle

    LiveArcGMAW/FCAW/SMAW907714001 shown.

    Motion-tracking cameras providefeedback on gun parameters andaccommodate flexible couponplacement.

    The touch screen monitor workswith a gloved hand and features a21.5-inch widescreen HD display. A protective cover disableswelding when opened.

    Includes multi-pass groove andfillet assignments designed byMiller and the capability to developcustomized assignments based on user applications.

    LiveArc PC software is available for free installation on a separate PC. Data can betransferred to and from PC for reviewing student progress and managingassignments/users.

    English and Spanish translations are available on all LiveArc systems.

    The rugged ArcStationbase features a 1/2-inch reversible steel table top and ships complete with drawers, gun holder, quick-release clamps andheavy-duty casters for mobility.

  • Intuitive user interface that guides and engages

    Post-weld feedback screenData is provided following tests inboth simulation and live arc modes.For GMAW/FCAW, performancefeedback on work angle, travel angle,travel speed, CTWD and aim isprovided.For SMAW, performance feedback onwork angle, travel angle, arc lengthand travel speed is provided.Data captured allows for monitoringand evaluation. All test performancehistory is stored and can be retrievedand reviewed at any time to monitorongoing development.

    Welding procedure specifications (WPS) screen

    Guides the user through properselection and preparation of materials.Provides correct power source and wire feeder settings.For GMAW/FCAW, screen providestarget values and limits for work angle,travel angle, travel speed, contact-tip-to-work distance (CTWD) and aim.For SMAW, screen provides targetvalues and limits for work angle, travelangle, arc length and travel speed.Assignment parameters can beconfigured to suit the skill level (and scoring potential) of the user.Displays instructor-determined targetscore and assignment completioncriteria.

    Assignment selection screenGuides the user through a range oftargeted exercises.Includes a library of assignmentsdesigned by Miller for immediate use,while also allowing instructors theflexibility to configure customizedassignments.Offers assignment completion status,history summary and easy access todetailed performance history data.

    Guided by an easy-to-understand interface with graphical icons and instructional pop-ups, users will findnavigation intuitive with a quick learning curve. Scoring and performance feedback engage and fosterindependent self-improvement through repetition.

  • Welding Performance Management System

    TRAININGBetter training

    Utilizes live arcIntuitive systempromotes userindependenceProvides objective,quantitative feedback on key performanceparametersMiller-designedassignments includedwith ability to customizeFlexible for recruiting,screening, training andperformance management

    Faster resultsIndependent usageaccelerates personaldevelopmentAccelerated trainingtimes put trainees inproduction lines fasterShorter educationalperiods allow trainees to focus on additionallearning opportunities

    More cost effectiveTrainers and educatorshave more time to focuson other tasksReduces poor-qualitywelding and defects,rework and downtime Pre-weld simulationsaves money oncoupons, wire and gas(GMAW/FCAW only)

    LiveArc equipment ordering informationLiveArc GMAW/FCAW with Welding Positioning Arm 907714Comes complete with: SmartGun with 15 ft. (4.6 m) cable (277826)

    Calibration tool (278115) (2) Table clamps (257285) Arm assembly (270727) C-clamp assembly (270725) Removable arm extension for right- and left-hand applications (270728)

    Plus extra Tregaskiss (5) .035 in. contact tips (403-20-35-05)consumables: (5) .045 in. contact tips (403-20-45-05)

    (5) .052 in. contact tips (403-20-52-05) (1) Heavy-duty 5/8-bore 1/8-stickout nozzle (401-87-62-02) (1) Heavy-duty 5/8-bore 1/8-recess nozzle (401-6-62-02) (1) Heavy-duty 5/8-bore flush nozzle (401-48-62)

    LiveArc GMAW/FCAW/SMAW with Welding Positioning Arm 907714001Includes above plus: SmartStinger with 15 ft. (4.6 m) cable (277824)

    Router box (275484) Software update for SMAW applications

    LiveArc SMAW Module 301391

    The LiveArc system is warranted for one year, parts and labor.

    267969 2017 Miller Electric Mfg. Co. 1/17Miller, the Miller logo and The Power of Blue are registered trademarks of Illinois Tool Works, Inc.LiveArc and AugmentedArc are trademarks of Illinois Tool Works, Inc.

    The solution for industrial, manufacturing and educational markets for developing better welding skills, faster and more cost-effectivelythan ever before.

    AugmentedArc augmented reality welding systemthe industrys most realistic welding simulationblends real-world and computer-generated imagesinto a unique, augmented reality environment. Use it together with LiveArc to provide students with a natural progression from classroom weldingsimulation to laboratory live arc welding.

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