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Starting Point Community Learning Partnership

Oldham Drive Lunch & Learn

Being Safe Session 2

Personal Information


Bin Dipping

Have a look at these two letters that were] thrown away in the bin.

Can it give you any clues as to the persons email password?

What information do we know about this person now?








It is easy to disclose information without even knowing you are doing it. Last week when we spoke about a Facebook post saying that someone was going to Spain, everyone agreed this was foolish but when do you give information away without thinking about it, and what do companies do with it?

What you do think about this picture on Facebook?


Using ITV Player

Imagine the horror of missing the last episode of Coronation Street!

Let’s have a look at using brilliant ITV Hub for catch up TV.

From your browser to


Registering an account

There are a number of reasons why ITV want you to register for an account, some of them include:

· To determine that you live in the UK

· To determine the region in which you live & make sure you are watching the correct programmes (ie: North West news)

· To determine your age

· To ensure you are a real person and not a company

ITV are a reputable organisation and information give will be safe, we will talk about this more later.

To create an account click the Sign Up Button

(If you are using a tablet device or phone it will suggest you download the app at this point. You can do this if you wish).


Setting up your account

As with a number of online services, including Learn My Way, our online learning platform; you need to add information when setting up an account.

Each site differs on the information it requires.

All sites however, should have a marketing opt in (as opposed to an opt out) and an agreement of terms and conditions.

Why do you think the words ITV Terms & Conditions, Privacy & Cookie policies are in green?


Your account

Once you are logged in your name will appear in the top right hand corner.


More about the Terms & Conditions

When you register with ITV Hub you agree to their terms and conditions. This normally includes their terms of use, privacy policy and cookie policy too. There is always more information contained within the site to explain what these mean exactly.


What they collect

So what information do you think ITV now has about you?


It is probably more than you think. They will also know your IP address (the address unique to your machine’s connection so therefore a vague location), your operating system, browser version, if you like Coronation Street or not (in other words what programmes you watch), how long you have stayed on each page and also any additional information you may have given in a survey.

The Data Protection Act of 1998 gives you the right to access information held about you. In this case you can obtain this from ITV by paying a £10 free to meet their costs.



When registering an account you are given the option to opt in to marketing communication. Most reputable companies give you an opt in option. Make sure you look carefully that sometimes you have to opt out of these emails or texts.

If you have been asked for your email address, postal address or mobile you could receive a variety of communications.

At the bottom of marketing emails you will see an unsubscribe option. In addition, you will find details of how to change your preferences in the Terms & Conditions.


Sharing information

Why do you think Ryan get emails from Nike, when he signed up to the Manchester United newsletter?

Your information may be shared to other organisations even if you state that you don’t want it to. This is part of the way an organisation operates and conforms to the law.

For example, an external company may manage an organisation’s marketing activity.

An organisation may also share statistics to its board members to demonstrate it’s popularity.

Finally, there is a legal requirement to share activity to police and regulatory authorities if required and illegal activity is suspected.


How safe are your details?

Your details are stored in an encrypted way meaning that they are not easily readable should a service become compromised.

Online organisations have industry standards that they have to adhere to, to protect you as much as possible.

Can you think of a recent case of a well known organistion being hacked and data being compromised?


Weighing up the risk

All this may seem quite daunting but it is good to know how online organisations work.

Think about what you do on a day to day basis that could be seen as risky too? If you were scared of using a bank card you would never be able to use it in a shop or withdraw money.

What about if you give a shop your contact details when enquiring about a product? What do they do with that information too.

Now we have registered with an ITV hub account we might as well use it. You can use the search facility in the top right hand corner or click one of the links on your home page and select the Play button to watch it.