New Teachers: Things They Never Told Me in College

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New Teachers: Things They Never Told Me in College. Lori Elliott SDE Question. Are You A Teacher? . You Look Like a Teacher!. What Does a Teacher Look Like?. White Female Married Religious 43 years old Over half hold a Master’s Degree - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of New Teachers: Things They Never Told Me in College

New Teachers: Things They Never Told Me in College

New Teachers: Things They Never Told Me in CollegeLori


Are You A Teacher? You Look Like a Teacher!

What Does a Teacher Look Like?WhiteFemaleMarriedReligious43 years oldOver half hold a Masters Degree - According to NEA

Did You Know?Teachers spend an average of 50 hours on teaching duties a week.

Teachers spend almost $500 per year out of pocket for classroom expenses.

73% of people entering teaching have a desire to work with young people.

The Bad NewsSo How Do You Look?

Is This You?

Understand Your Students

The Boss!

CommunicateBe Positive!Ask for HelpThe Gang

Beware the Faculty RoomStay Away From Pot StirrersFind a True Friend/Buddy Beware the Faculty RoomShare Ideas and Accept IdeasThe Parents

Smile/Be FriendlyDress AppropriatelyCommunicateCall Before Child Gets HomeCurriculumKnow your curriculum goals, not just the text materials.Teach to the curriculum.Choose assessment tools prior to teaching.Use preassessments, checkpoints, and reflections after teaching for student success.17


19What Kind of Organizer are You?VisualYou like to see things out. You like things organized with bright colors. Everything doesnt have to be out in view, but you have a place for everything and it is labeled boldly.

20AuditoryThings are organized more by topic and does not have to be colorful. Uses a simple, logical way to organize things.

21KinestheticThings have to feel right to you. You have to be able to move around and get to things comfortably.




25Why organize? Wont it hinder creativity?Organized people accomplish more, and waste less time.Uncluttered spaces leave room for what is important.Less stuff means less stress.Being organized saves you money.Organizing gives you more time to do the things you want to do.26Classroom OrganizationBrain FriendlyLamp lightingPlug In Smells of citrus or vanillaTextures like rugs, pillows, tableclothsCreate a cozy, homey settingVisuals that appeal to the eye and provide ownership of learning



29Tips to Looking GoodPlan ahead to ease the stress.LessonsClassroomWeekly RoutinesPut those kids to work!

30PaperworkLabeled drawersColored folders in stacking racksMagazine holdersClipboardsNotebooksBind together similar items into booksClear boxes with lids/labeledPurge while you go read it and pitchMake use of technology and save documents on the computer or flash driveSimplify your system to a few easy steps


32PaperworkFind a system that works for you to organize. Colored folders and drawers work for me.

Dont grade everything!

Color code key paperwork going home, such as: blue paper used for all tests and quizzes.

Set up a system for dealing with paperwork. Pitch what is not important. Dont shuffle the same papers over and over.33Keep In Mind