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  1. 1. Introducing the New ScanStation Product Portfolio
  2. 2. About me Leica 3D laser scanning consultant Helping your business grow by ensuring your success in 3D documentation. BSc. Surveying Science from Newcastle University (UK) 20+ years in surveying industry Worked for the competition! 10 years as scanning specialist Southwest representative Positive, transparent collaboration
  3. 3. 44 Evolution of scanning HDS timeline
  4. 4. 55 Leica offers a broad range of geospatial mapping products
  5. 5. 66 Leica builds the most accurate, reliable and rugged laser scanners in the world that deliver survey-grade accuracy even under the toughest conditions High-performance laser scanners A complete line of powerful point cloud processing software Proven field and office workflows Manufacturer provided training Accessories designed to expand versatility World-class support A complete solution
  6. 6. 77 The Objective of this Presentation is Education What do I need in a laser scanner?
  7. 7. 88 Topics covered in this presentation The new Leica ScanStation product portfolio New Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) software products Deep dive into the new ScanStation key features and benefits Detailed workflows in the field and office The entire family of Leica TLS software products Topics not covered in this presentation
  8. 8. 99 Leica customers are poised to experience a huge boost in: Performance Productivity User Confidence
  9. 9. 1010 Introducing the New ScanStation Portfolio The right Scanner for every Application Highest versatility for all scanning applications, including long range tasks P40 P30 P16 High performance scanner suitable for most every day tasks Best value for money scanner for all shorter range applications
  10. 10. 1111 Introducing Three New TLS Software Products Jetstream product line New Point Cloud Technology Server Leica CloudWorx for Navisworks New CloudWorx family member for support of Autodesk design software TruView Global New generation TruView for scan viewing using any device & any browser
  11. 11. 1212 Major Characteristics of the New ScanStations that will make a difference to your productivity Usable, fit for purpose 3D data due to: Highly accurate vertical angle, horizontal angle, and distance measurements True, real-time, survey-grade tilt compensation Protected optics for use in the rain / dust Blazingly fast at 1 million points per second High Dynamic Range (HDR) imagery Ruggedness allows use under extreme conditions including extreme heat and bitter cold P40 P16 P30
  12. 12. 1313 Weve improved our ScanStations in two key areas: 1. Scanning & 2. Digital Imaging The results show big benefits in: Overall project efficiency Scan detail Confidence in the data
  13. 13. 1414 The Technology Improvements in These Key Areas Translates to Fewer Setups & Greater Productivity Built-in internal High Dynamic Range (HDR) camera in all ScanStations Mixed Pixel Filtration Range Measurement & Noise Adjustable Sensitivity Fiberlaser Laser diode
  14. 14. 1515 HDR Images from Built-in Camera Multiple exposures are taken of the same scene Images are then automatically combined to color the point cloud
  15. 15. 1616 Indoor HDR image from internal camera
  16. 16. 1717 Outdoor HDR image from internal camera
  17. 17. 1818 Enhanced True Color mapping reduces office time as the user can better visualize what was scanned
  18. 18. 1919 IMPORTANT ! The cameras resolution is so high that it allows an operator to quickly identify and scan targets using the real-time video display out to a range of 75 meters (246 feet) and sometimes farther! Real-time streaming video display
  19. 19. 2020 The importance of range to targets in HDS When doing multiple scans outdoors and targets are required (like on a roadway) the ability of a scanner to identify and efficiently capture targets at long-range has a huge impact on the cost of using a scanner
  20. 20. 2121 Overhead view of three station traverse in a parking lot showing 85 meter range target acquisition
  21. 21. 2222 Impact of laser beam width (a.k.a. spot size) on scanners ability to capture real scene geometry Small beam width Large beam width
  22. 22. 2323 Example of how multiple-return range resolution may occur Single laser beam Inset See inset
  23. 23. 2424 Data problems that can occur due to fat laser beams or laser beam ricochet Extraneous, false or ghost points Scan points showing up in the wrong place Points spraying from a surface out into space Scan data may look fuzzy Other vendors sometimes apply smoothing algorithms to data so that scan points dont necessarily reflect true surface geometry Non-Leica scanner Smoothing algorithm used to hide excessive noise
  24. 24. 2525 The potential for spray from a non-Leica scanner
  25. 25. 2626 Device Constructed for testing Mixed Pixel Filter (MPF) Without MPF With MPF
  26. 26. 2727 The Solution: Mixed Pixel Filtration (MPF) Upon import into Cyclone most of extraneous scan points are automatically removed Scan noise is now so small that slices through scans now often look like fine architectural drawings The benefit to you is that you save valuable time in the office on the cleaning step, meaning that the scan data is much easier to trace over. This makes it more accurate and quicker to complete the deliverable to your customer.
  27. 27. 2828 The New ScanStations Improved Data Quality Crisper and cleaner data means a lot less office work and greater productivity
  28. 28. 2929 Data collected while snowing then imported into Cyclone 9.1 MPF removes snow (and rain) automatically
  29. 29. 3030 ScanStation P40 Offers Long Range Mode
  30. 30. 3131 P40 Technology - How it works Sensitivity Normal vs. Maximum
  31. 31. 3232 P40 Extended Range Test
  32. 32. 3333 P40 Low Sensitivity Range
  33. 33. 3434 P40 High Sensitivity Range
  34. 34. 3535 ScanStation P16 / P30 / P40 Key features & Benefits Feature Benefit Data Quality Certainty that the 3D point cloud represents the 3D geometry of measured objects in the best possible and most reliable way trust that the model is an accurate representation of reality Speed Shorter acquisition time = more stations per hour = money saved HDR Imagery Adds valuable information to the 3D point cloud data and makes interpretation and visualisation of results more efficient Ruggedness Allows use of Leica scanners even under extreme environmental conditions (temperature, dust) and therefore extends the scope of possible utilisation and ensures greater productivity. P16 P30 P40
  35. 35. 3636 Which ScanStation solves your problem? P40 For customers who want it all and value maximum flexibility, dual range modes, full survey capabilities, and the cleanest data. Long-range measurement. P30 Offers the additional benefit of flexible scanner operations with multiple workflows over P16, and for customers that value, longer range, cleanest data, and basic survey functionality. Versatility. P16 Tailored for ease of use, single button operation, and a lower point of entry into laser scanning for customers that are not concerned with complex survey functionality and dont have the need for longer range. Value.
  36. 36. 3838 Introducing Three New TLS Software Products Jetstream product line New Point Cloud Technology Server Leica CloudWorx for Navisworks New CloudWorx family member for support of Autodesk design software TruView Global New generation TruView for scan viewing using any device & any browser
  37. 37. 3939 First previewed at last years Hexagon Conference A combined project data vault and high-performance data streaming server Takes Cyclone data and serves it up in a high-performance format Targeted to users that do a fair amount of data processing where office efficiency is especially important
  38. 38. 4040 Makes working with point clouds in Cloudworx products more productive in two ways 1. Eliminates the aggravating waiting part of working with clouds Load and open any size scan data set virtually instantaneously No more waiting for regeneration after panning, zooming, rotating, orbiting, and moving On Cloudworx projects JetStreams no more waiting benefit alone will reduce office time by 20-40% Jetstream technology to be implemented in other Cyclone modules moving forward
  39. 39. 4141 Makes working with point clouds in Cloudworx products more productive in two ways: 1. Jetstream dramatically improves office productivity through Improved scan project management Data files will be an order of magnitude smaller than customers are currently used to
  40. 40. 4242 View scans on any smart phone or tablet, using any internet browser No TruView app required for mobile devices and no plug-in needed for viewing on PCs No longer are you constrained to being able to see TruViews in just Internet Explorer and only on a PC Greatly increases access to our ultra-user-friendly TruViews for viewing scans
  41. 41. 4343 The powerful combination of Fewer setups in the field Faster scanning HDR imaging Cleaner, crisper low noise data in the office A powerful suite of point cloud processing software translates into greater productivity and more money in your pocket.
  42. 42. Questions?