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  • salesforce admin

    inside the minds of admins

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  • For the fourth year in a row, we invited Salesforce admins, consultants, and users from across the

    world to participate in our admin survey. The responses were not only overwhelming, but shed light on the habits of admins and their data.


  • Our sales were suffering, reports were inaccurate, and our professional image was tainted due to unintentional redundant client communications. All our efforts to gather useful data were falling to the wayside. Upon in-depth analysis we uncovered the problem: our data was polluted with duplicate, incomplete, and incorrect records.

    Our quest to conquer bad data led us to create the popular Salesforce cleansing and maintenance tools DupeCatcher, Cloudingo, and Cloudingo Studio. Thousands of companies world-wide have used our tools to prevent and eliminate duplicates, enhance data, and work more efficiently.

    After years of battling bad data,


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    working with salesforce

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    6. Workflows 7. Gathering documentation & requirements 8. Managing profiles & roles 9. Formulas 10. Storage space 11. Data enrichment 12. Testing 13. Security 14. Regulatory compliance & auditing


  • how frequently

    Hey, I told you not to ask!

    Once a month

    Every two weeks

    Once a week

    Well, how often do you

    (and don’t ask me how often I clean my



  • would you rather…

  • facing admins


  • amount of …

    Keeping data clean

    and dupe free

    Training users and

    keeping them informed

    of new updates

    Compiling data and

    generating reports

    Providing tech support

    and resolving system


    Managing and designing

    ongoing development of

    the org


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    leading cause of #sfadminstats

  • which picture is correct?

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  • how salesforce is


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    6. Israel 7. Germany 8. France 9. Brazil 10. Argentina


  • Make your Salesforce instance the best it can be with

     Find duplicate records in your existing database and easily dedupe from a simple dashboard

     Auto-merge, mass merge, or manually merge duplicates without data loss

     Choose from prebuilt filters or create your own

     Cleanse import files before the data reaches Salesforce

     Maintain data with features such as mass update, mass delete, geocoding, address validation and standardization

    How many dupes are

    Find out with a free 10-day trial!

    lurking in your data? makers of

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    with other admins

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    Find out what admins told us is the most important piece of info every Salesforce admin should know.

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