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  1. 1. Mossto Digital Strategy: Market Segments, Targeting & Promotions
  2. 2. Mossto offer shoes with an optimised adaptive mould and a heel with magnetic attachment. The shoe heel size ranges from 4-8 inches and there are about 30 different designs and colour variations as well as accessories such as additional magnetic heels. Mossto holds a patent in 92 different countries for the design of the unique heel. MOSSTO
  3. 3. Mossto will be implementing a diversified digital strategy which involves targeting a new group of customers with whom Mossto has not dealt with before, with a new product. The strategy includes redesigning the current website to demonstrate the unique selling points of the shoe The strategy sets out the viable market segments and the markets that will be actively targeted The objectives of the strategy will determine the promotional tools used and how the target markets will be made aware of the shoe
  4. 4. Objectives Objective 1 - Achieve a 10% market awareness within 6 months of the launch of the branding campaigns Objective 2 Sell 10,000+ units within 6 months from new purchases
  5. 5. Segments Single/married twenty and thirty something year old females with an active lifestyle. Their incomes are above the national average and with less financial commitments, shopping online is a regular activity. Often they live in London (use geodemographic targeting and enhanced bids for metropolitan locations) They have multiple bank accounts and credit cards and will use these to actively purchase online (new website should be secure and have security logos to inspire confidence)
  6. 6. Market Targeting They are the internet generation, early adopters most likely to use smart phones and frequently use the internet and new technology. They have a cosmopolitan outlook and enjoy their urban lifestyle which includes going to the cinema, theatre, restaurants and make the most of the nightlife in the big city. Ownership of iPhones, iPads and other smartphones is high and this is an opportunity to use device targeting with multiple messages on Adwords, Bing etc. They use social media actively on mobile devices and this is an opportunity to target them with video and Facebook Ads.
  7. 7. Promotion (Tactics) The primary promotional tool is the video which will be used in conjunction with other tools set out below: 1. Adwords 2. Bing (PPC) 3. SEO Google, Yahoo and Bing - keywords 4. Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Window, Webgains, Tradedoubler which publishers we want to work with 5. Social Media Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ 6. Online PR to target media that they regularly access newspapers and magazines
  8. 8. Online PR Writing and publishing Press Releases, Articles and Feature articles Press Releases will highlight the benefits of the Mossto Shoe and how its unique features can benefit the target market Releases will be sent to every relevant media, blogger and freelancer in the UK Some media to target are major national newspaper, national news outlet and glossy magazine in the UK including Marie Claire, The Times, The Guardian, The FT, The Independent, The Daily Express, The Mail, The Mail on Sunday, The Mirror, The Sun, Sky News, BBC News and Reuters. Hire a Freelance PR Writer who can write, publish and follow up with specific media
  9. 9. PPC (Adwords, Bing, Facebook Ads) Campaigns will be split between: 1. Brand Awareness Campaigns: The primary branding campaign will be an online video campaign for YouTube Platform. The second is finding relevant sites on the display network to place banner Ads on. 2. Direct Response: Create both Search and Display campaigns. Search campaigns will be used to bring traffic for keywords that are found in the keyword research stage. Display campaigns will include text and image ads and will include CPC and CPM bid strategieS 3. Remarketing campaign: This is to retarget people who have visited the site but did not convert. We will avoid hounding or harassing them by using impression caps.
  10. 10. Social Media Social media goals will be about building relationships and providing value and not over-promoting the Mossto brand. We will follow the 80/20 rule, which states that we will post non-promotional content 80% of the time (your own valuable, helpful, or personable stuff, or related content linking to another source), and reserve the other 20% for being more overtly promotional Will create profiles on the major platforms Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc and eventually narrow it down to the platforms bringing the best returns. Will create a profile theme on each platform with design and colours that match and enhance the brand. Content will be repurposed across social media. So will blog about it, tweet it, make a video, share on Facebook, turn it into an infographic or pinterest, etc. Will measure with Google Analytics and other tools and key metrics will inform ongoing strategy.
  11. 11. Affiliate Marketing Two three UK affiliate networks to launch the Mossto affiliate program on, such as: 1. Affiliate Window 2.Webgains 3. Tradedoubler Work with a wide range of publishers and affiliates including content, shopping comparison, coupon, social media and email affiliates. Will also work with PPC affiliates but wont allow brand bidding This will be a CPA program and commission rate will be 5% We will identify super affiliates and work with them to increase traffic to the site and increase sales Launch a Tier 2 affiliate program Include an incentive program that rewards top affiliates with more commission and gifts
  12. 12. SEO Keyword targeting for keywords such as interchangeable heels Link building for keywords that have been discovered at the research stage for link building purposes These keywords will be included in title tags, meta tags, website content, alt tags Active webmaster tools and Google analytics tools to track and manage organic and PPC traffic and all other traffic Continuous on-page and off-page optimisation to maintain organic rankings and discover more keywords to rank for.
  13. 13. Place (Tactics) Customers and prospects will see the shoe demonstrated on the website, Facebook and YouTube They will be able to purchase it on the Mossto secure website Website will include the video, product features, benefits in bulleted form Web will provide details about the history of the brand, the mission, vision and brand identity of the company Details of offers, discounts, seasonal promotions will be available to customers on the website, Facebook and other social platforms.
  14. 14. Budgets Budget will be set according to marketing objectives of market awareness and units to be sold. Budget will be based on 6 months of activity which begins at launch on the 1st of October 2014 Budgets 1. PR 2. Adwords 3. Affiliate 4. SEO 5. Social Media 6. Online PR
  15. 15. Control We will use the Brand Recognition template to measure the impact of the Mossto brand launch. Key metrics to be measured, monitored and managed for Adwords, Bing and other direct marketing tactics will include conversion rates, ROI, ROAS and Revenue per click.