New items @ your ... The ballad of Banjo Crossing Tess Evans. F FIS How to rule the world Tibor...

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Transcript of New items @ your ... The ballad of Banjo Crossing Tess Evans. F FIS How to rule the world Tibor...

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  • New Items @ Your Library


    Biography B 920 CON Two generations : a memoir of secrets, forgiveness and my father Anne Connor.

    B 920 WIL The fall of the house of Wilde : Oscar Wilde and his family Emer O'Sullivan.

    B 920.5 WEL The court reporter Jamelle Wells.

    B 920.72 SAI Poum and Alexandre : a Paris memoir Catherine de Saint Phalle.

    B 920.72 SAS Princess : more tears to cry Jean Sasson.

    B 920.72 TAR Jackie, Janet & Lee : the secret lives of Janet Auchincloss and her daughters, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Lee Radziwill

    J. Randy Taraborrelli.

    B 923.6 CHI Caroline Chisholm : an irresistible force Sarah Goldman.

    B 927.8166 CLA The best years of our lives Richard Clapton.

    Non-Fiction 100 GRA The challenge of things : thinking through troubled times A.C. Grayling.

    155.937 BRY I'll have it my way Hattie Bryant.

    155.937 HIL A good life to the end : taking control of our inevitable journey through ageing and death

    Ken Hillman.

    158.1 FIN The secret of letting go Guy Finley.

    158.1 FIN The essential laws of fearless living : find the power to never feel powerless again Guy Finley.

  • 158.24 TAT Wired for love : how understanding your partner's brain and attachment style can help you defuse conflict and build a secure relationship

    Stan Tatkin.

    184 PLA Republic Plato ; translated by Robin Waterfield.

    204.4 FIN The secret of your immortal self : key lessons for realizing the divinity within Guy Finley.

    248.4 BEC Living with less : an unexpected key to happiness Joshua Becker.

    303.483 FOE World without mind : the existential threat of big tech Franklin Foer.

    338.064 WAL The dictionary of dangerous ideas Mike Walsh.

    362.196994 GOL Loving, supporting, and caring for the cancer patient : a guide to communication, compassion,... and courage

    Stan Goldberg

    363.259 DOU Mindhunter John Douglas & Mark Olshaker.

    364.1523 HER All-American murder : the rise and fall of Aaron Hernandez, the superstar whose life ended on murderers' row

    James Patterson & Alex Abramovich with Mike Harvkey.

    364.1523092 LAK Member of the family : Manson, murder and me Dianne Lake and Deborah Herman.

    616.029 CAL Final journeys : a practical guide for bringing care and comfort at the end of life Maggie Callanan.

    616.85882 DUN Talking with your child about their autism diagnosis : a guide for parents Raelene Dundon.

    616.99463 ROT Managing prostate cancer : a guide for living better Andrew J. Roth, MD.

    616.99463 SCH The key to prostate cancer ; 30 experts explain 15 stages of prostate cancer Mark Scholz, MD.

    640 LEY A simplified life : tactical tools for intentional living Emily Ley.

    641.563 FIN Happy healthy strong Rachael Finch.

    650.1 MUR Remarkability Lorraine Murphy.


    Fiction Action/Adventure F ART Shadow shooters George Arthur.

    F AYL The greater good Tim Ayliffe.

    F BED Western Union Paul Bedford.

    F BET Oath of honor : a thriller Matthew Betley.

    F BIN Betrayal Stewart Binns.

  • F BUR The reluctant contact Stephen Burke.

    F CAM Act of terror Marc Cameron.

    F CAM Saturday bloody Saturday Alastair Campbell and Paul Fletcher.

    F CLA The man who burned hell! Sam Clancy.

    F CLE Nucleus Rory Clements.

    F COL Battle Mountain Matt Cole.

    F CUS The rising sea Clive Cussler and Graham Brown.

    F DAV Six guns at Solace John Davage.

    F FLA Bad blood Ethan Flagg.

    F GOO The girl in the moon Terry Goodkind.

    F GRA Stagecoach to Serenity Steven Gray.

    F GRE The wolf Alex Grecian.

    F GRI Nightfall Berlin Jack Grimwood.

    F HAW Texan secrets Dirk Hawkman.

    F HAW The defenders Alex Hawkesville.

    F HAY The way of the gun Ralph Hayes.

    F HOW The woman left behind Linda Howard.

    F JIN A hero born Jin Yong, pen name of Louis Cha

    F KAT The hunger Alma Katsu.

    F KEE No good brother Tyler Keevil.

    F LAN Long John D.D. Lang.

    F LYN The Italian party Christina Lynch.

    F OLS Acts of vanishing Fredrik T. Olsson

    F PAR Captive Tony Park.

    F PET The drifter Nick Petrie.

  • F SEY A damned serious business Gerald Seymour.

    F SID The last hour Harry Sidebottom

    F SNY Dry gulch outlaws George Snyder.

    F SPR The six secrets Daniel Springfield.

    F YOK Seventeen Hideo Yokoyama

    F WEL The Juliet code Christine Wells.

    Fiction ChickLit F KEL The year that changed everything Cathy Kelly.

    F KIN My not so perfect life Sophie Kinsella

    F MAL Sisters like us Susan Mallery.

    F ROR The baby plan : a novel Kate Rorick.

    F WOL The female persuasion Meg Wolitzer.

    Fiction General F ACK Little gods Jenny Ackland.

    F AHM The Lebs Michael Mohammed Ahmad.

    F ALI Alive in shape and color : 17 paintings by great artists and the stories they inspired edited by Lawrence Block.

    F ARN Flames Robbie Arnott.

    F AUS Australian short stories. No 66 edited by Bruce Pascoe and Lyn Harwood.

    F AVE Relatively famous Roger Averill.

    F BAL Census : a novel Jesse Ball.

    F BAR The Lonely Hearts Cinema Club David M. Barnett.

    F BEE Eleanor's secret Caroline Beecham.

  • F BES The best Australian stories 2017 Maxine Beneba Clarke (editor).

    F BLO White houses Amy Bloom.

    F BLU The coincidence makers Yoav Blum.

    F BON The second child Caroline Bond.

    F BOY The dreams of Bethany Mellmoth William Boyd.

    F BYR Look to your wife Paula Byrne.

    F CAD Book of colours Robyn Cadwallader.

    F CAL Paris by the book Liam Callanan.

    F CAN Three things about Elsie Joanna Cannon.

    F CAR All rivers run free Natasha Carthew.

    F CAR Ironbark Jay Carmichael.

    F CAS The house of impossible beauties Joseph Cassara.

    F CEB The little Italian bakery Valentina Cebeni.

    F CHA Templar silks Elizabeth Chadwick.

    F CHA The man who would not see Rajorshi Chakraborti.

    F CHA Brother David Chariandy.

    F CHA The lace weaver Lauren Chater.

    F CHI Fates and traitors : a novel of John Wilkes Booth and the women who loved him Jennifer Chiaverini.

    F CHO Muhammad : a story of the last prophet Deepak Chopra.

    F CHU All the beautiful girls Elizabeth J. Church.

    F COC The making of Martin Sparrow Peter Cochrane.

    F COE Everything you do is wrong Amanda Coe.

    F COG The eight mountains Paolo Cognetti

    F COL The heart is a burial ground Tamara Colchester.

    F COS Miss Mary's daughter Diney Costeloe.

  • F COX Afternoons with Harvey Beam Carrie Cox.

    F CRO The illumination of Ursula Flight Anna-Marie Crowhurst.

    F CRA Miss Burma Charmaine Craig.

    F CRA The melody Jim Crace.

    F DAV West Carys Davies.

    F DAY A sand archive Gregory Day.

    F DAY I'll stay Karen Day.

    F DEL Listen for the weather Justine Delaney Wilson.

    F DEW The trick to time Kit de Waal.

    F DIL Where the light gets in Lucy Dillon.

    F DOC The Kookaburra Creek Cafe Sandie Docker.

    F DOH Nagaland Ben Doherty.

    F DOV In the garden of the fugitives Ceridwen Dovey.

    F DUF In search of us Maria Duffy.

    F ENG The night of the party Rachael English.

    F ETT Bohemia beach Justine Ettler.

    F EVA The Wildflowers Harriet Evans.

    F EVA The ballad of Banjo Crossing Tess Evans.

    F FIS How to rule the world Tibor Fischer.

    F FOL Last letter from Istanbul Lucy Foley.

    F FIN Watermark Joanna Atherfold Finn.

    F FIT Her mother's daughter Alice Fitzgerald.

    F FLA The charmed life of Alex Moore Molly Flatt.

    F FRA War widow June Francis.

    F FRA Varina : a novel Charles Frazier.

  • F GAN The bridge Enza Gandolfo.

    F GEN Every note played Lisa Genova.

    F GLA Peach Emma Glass.

    F GOO A mother's grace Rosie Goodwin.

    F GRE Sight Jessie Greengrass.

    F GRI Mazarine Charlotte Grimshaw.

    F GUE A week in the life of Cassandra Aberline Glenda Guest.

    F GUN In our mad and furious city Guy Gunaratne.

    F HAM The perfect girlfriend Karen Hamilton.

    F HAM Daughters of Penny Lane Ruth Hamilton.

    F HAM The yellow villa Amanda Hampson.

    F HAR Cold feet : the lost years Carmel Harrington.

    F HAR The Brondesbury tapestry Helen Harris

    F HAR The soul of a thief Steven Hartov.

    F HEG Cooktown Andreas H