New Frontiers for Sourcing Talent: Will Staney #SOSUAU Keynote

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Transcript of New Frontiers for Sourcing Talent: Will Staney #SOSUAU Keynote

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New Frontiers in SourcingOK Glassfind me the perfect candidate.

1Agenda@willstaneyThe Challenge Of Data Complexity New Trends in SourcingHow Search Is ChangingToday I want to talk about some of the complexity of talent sources and information confronting the sourcing community; some new trends that may be around the corner, and how search techniques may change in the very near future 2

@willstaneyFor years now weve attended conferences and read blogs that tell us how technologies like social media make it easier to find talentand they do. In a way they do.However, this boost from social media and other technology innovations are also making sourcing for talent more complex and candidates even more segmented across the web. So, rather than making the need for sourcers obsolete these new technologies make the role of the sourcer that much more important. The role of the sourcer has evolved to that of a marketer, technologist, detective, and the best salespeople at the company.


@willstaneyTalent Sourcing, according to analysts, is now the top priority for Talent Acquisition organizations at top companies all over the world. 4The Challenge =Data Complexity@willstaneyBig Data isreally big

@willstaneyDue to the advanced technologies sitting in the palm of our hands or upon our faces, people are sharing and generating more and more information, both personal and professional, about themselves then ever before.

The amount of digital information created and shared from documents to pictures to tweets grew 9X in fives years nearly to 2 zettabytes in 2011. In fact, we humans are now producing as much information every 2 days as we did from the dawn of civilization through 2003.

6No Reallyits huge

@willstaneyEarthPluto80xThe amount of information on the Internetis estimatedat 4,000exabytes.* How large is that, you ask?

If you stacked books one on top of the other, starting from the surface of the Earth, the amount of information in 4,000 exabytes would take that stack from the center of Earth to Pluto. ..And back.80 times over.

And it will only continue to grow.



This device on my head, Google Glass, is a recent example of what the tech industry is calling contextual technology. Where your devices know enough about you to take context into account and provide you with the right data at the right time. Now, I cant think of an industry in more need of such technology than sourcing and recruiting. Its never been easier to create and share social data than it is now as we head into the age of context.

8The Perfect StormMobile DevicesSocial MediaBig DataSensorsLocation-based ServicesContextual Technology@willstaney

Robert Scoble and Shel Isreal in their new book Age of Context call the phenomenon leading to contextual technology: the perfect storm.

Its a combination of 5 technological forces: mobile devices, social media, big data, sensors, and location-based services. Together these technologies in the near future will disrupt almost everything we doincluding job search and how we source talent. It will be very interesting to see what the future of these combined technologies holds for our industry.

Technology like this makes it even easier to create and share new content and information on the web.

9The Segmented Web

@willstaneyFor us in sourcing this vast amount of data presents a great opportunity as this brings to us a wealth of public information to help us find and make more informed decisions on candidates but it also adds a huge complexity to our craft.

I dont know about you but at any given moment I have about 50 browser tabs open with dozens of different websites, tools, and software I use in my workday. Many of which I wasnt using even a couple years ago.

Mining the vastness of the web and social data takes rapidly evolving technology and new skills. The ability to learn new tools and technology, to ride the waves of technology trends and best practices in an ever evolving landscape has never been more important to the sourcing profession. Today you will hear from several sourcing masterminds on some of the latest sourcing tactiics to help you hone in your skills and learn new ways of discovering untapped talent.

10Trends Affecting Sourcing11Sourcers=Emotional Marketers@willstaneyEmployer BrandingEmployer Branding (plug Think Like a Marketer To Ace Your Sourcing Strategy)More than just saying your company is a unique place to worknow you need to SHOW IT. Companies need to have a content marketing approach to employer branding that arms sourcers with dynamic content which they use as emotional marketing tools to help them elisite and emotional response to attract talent into the company and build warm talent pools.

Ill be speaking in more depth on this subject today in my session on Think Like a Marketer to Ace Your Sourcing Strategy but for now lets talk about how new technolgy like this device on my face can help us become better content producers and story tellers.

12Riding the Waves of New Technology

Applying new tech to TA/EVP

Day in the life videos TRULY through the eyes of an employee


Virtual campus/office tours

Pictures/video content to tell the employment branding story literally from a first person viewEmployer Branding = Story Telling


Spamming job postings just doesnt work anymore. Its boring. TELL A STORY.

14As of December 2012:15% of online adults say they use Pinterest13% of online adults say they use Instagram6% of online adults say they use Tumblr67% of online adults say they use Facebook20% of online adults say they use LinkedIn as of August 2012.Source: Pew Research Center ( Media@willstaney

Social media has made our world more open and connected. This has created an amazing opportunity for sourcing. The statistics above show us that a multi-channel sourcing strategy is essential to reach a broader audience of talent. Well learn more about this later today from Daoud Edris session on mult-channel sourcing. Its also allowed us to better hone in and target specific talent better.

156 of Separation? Try 4

@willstaneyDid you know that researchers using the data of the then 750 million user base of Facebook found that on the network there are only 4.74%.16The Future of Employee Referrals

@willstaneySocial data is helping to enhance traditional internal hiring programs and helping us enhance referrals for finding quality talent. At SuccessFactors were utilizing the social networks of our own employees and that of our customers and using advanced algorithms to automatically match talent in employee networks to open jobs at companies, then let them track the progress.

17Use Social to Bypass Gatekeepers

@willstaneySocial media has allowed us to bypass gatekeepers which traditionally blocked access to top talent.

You can recruit any top talent if the content of your message is compelling enough (Content Recruiting), the timing is right (social media indicators), and the opportunity you are presenting is articulated in way that resonates with them (be human and choose your communication channel wisely).

No more secretaries or receptionists blocking your cold calls to potential candidates. There are no more barriers to entryanymore.

18There are no barriers to entry Anymore


For example, In the past, Ive used Twitter to recruit rock star cloud architects and an actual rock star to help me propose to my wife.


By 2016, there are expected to be more smartphones in the world than people.74% of smartphone owners use location-based servicesLocation based recruiting is going to be a continuing trendMore than 70% of active job seekers are using their mobile devices to find jobs.Only 7-10% of employers have a mobile version of their career website.

@willstaneyMobileBy 2016, there are expected to me more smartphones in the world than people.74% of smartphone owners use location-based servicesLocation based recruiting is going to be a continuing trendMore than 70% of active job seekers are using their mobile devices to find jobs.However, only 7% of employers have a mobile version of their career website.Is your career site mobile enabled?



@willstaneyVSFuture search will be less about keywords and Boolean strings and more about Social relevance, influence and context

Facebook Social Graph: 1.4 billion person database, search how people are connected, by likes and interests (soft skills) or by professional data (hard skills)

Google Social Graph: Google search results based on your social media activity and the activity of people in your network, connects web search results to social relevance

Creating social media buzz around positions at your company has never been more important to your SEO



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@willstaneyRight now we live in a reactive recruiting world and it's chaotic. The technologies that will allow sourcers to be more proactive, to see hiring needs before they become hiring problems, and that give valuable insights before its too late will be the BIG winners. The sourcers who have the ability to learn new technologies and techniques for finding today and tomorrows new talent. Today I think you will all learn some of these things and I hope you will ask the hard questions and learn as much as you ca