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New Fiat Ducato Motorhomes

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    New Fiat Ducato MotorhomesEURO 5, ZERO PROBLEMS

  • 2Dear Dealers and Retailers,

    This guide introduces the services and product contents that Fiat Professional has developed specifi cally for motorhomes and highlights advantages for customers.

    You will fi nd a description of the services and contents of the new Ducato 2012 in addition to those already developed for the Ducato X250.

    Important notes: the guide illustrates the entire portfolio but the features that motorhome manufacturers choose for each specifi c

    model must be evaluated to offer the best base + living pod whole fuel consumption comparisons refer to measurements made on vans and are provided for illustrating evolution

    only data and contents are subject to change without prior notice. This document does not have contractual value.


  • 3Fiat Ducato Motorhomes: Number 1 in Europe.More than two out of three customers across Europe choose a Ducato based motorhome. Why?

    Fiat Ducato will be celebrating thirty years of experience and success in 2011. The new Ducato was designed from the very beginning jointly with the

    most important European motorhome manufacturers to suggest the best integrated base and living pod solutions.

    For over 10 years Fiat Professional and its network across Europe has been offering a range of specifi c services to motorhome owners. Feedback from motorhome manufacturers and customers is crucial for

    offering new solutions, always one step ahead of market trends, new regulations and competitions.

    Today more than ever, buying a Ducato based motorhome means buying more than just a motorhome: it means buying the peace of mind of a problem-free holiday.

  • 4Only Fiat Ducato......was born to be a motorhome designed with European motorhome manufacturers

    and made by a dedicated Business Unit perfect interaction between cab and living pod the widest range of versions and contents: the right

    base for each motorhome.

    ...guarantees super tried-and-tested reliability hundreds of thousands of kilometres of test drives

    on the roads of Europe also with special motorhome prototypes.

    Only by Fiat: exclusive strengths. ONLY BY FIAT

  •, car-like driving top-level steering position, visibility and ergonomics stabile and tough, implementing state-of-the-art

    technologies for active and passive preventive safety: global safety.

    ...pleasurable life on-board for all perfect integration between cab and living pod: roominess,

    ventilation, functionality and silence.

    Throughout Europe an increasingly complete range of services, entirely dedicated to Ducato base motorhome customers: service network customer care roadside assistance dedicated website.


    alternatively cal l +390244412160

  • 62012 news.The new Ducato is always one step ahead and adds even more, exclusive advantages for motorhome customers to its traditional strengths.

    A new range of engines Four new Euro 5 Multijet II engines with variable

    geometry turbine according to version BEST IN CLASS performance/consumption ratio.

    Comfort-Matic robotised gearbox for an even more relaxed, effi cient


  • 7New cabLarge space and excellent driving position - ergonomic, bright, with excellent visibility - today with: new interiors and dashboard integrated Bluetooth connections and TomTom.

    ESP and evolved electronics new-generation ESP 9 Traction Plus, assistance in poor grip conditions Start&Stop, for optimising consumptions and


    Ducato 2012 seasonThe epitome of 30 years of experience and cutting-edge technology for a safe, cost-effective investment.

  • 8Services.Section 1

  • 9The SEVEL Val di Sangro plant (in Italy) is Europe's largest for manufacturing vehicles of total weight from 2800 to 4250 kg. It is an integrated factory where production teams are involved to continuously improve quality and processes.

    Special body-in-white and painting line for factory outfi ts (ones which do not require later conversions): special motorhome chassis, Al-Ko interface

    and wide track cut roof pivoting seats and rear overhang setup.

    Certifi cations ISO 9001 (Vision 2000) ISO 14001 for the environment World Class ManufacturingThe plant reached the four million vehicles goal in 2010.

    Section 1. Services.

    This is where Ducato motorhomes are made.

  • 10

    Section 1. Services.

    10 million kilometres of tests.Fiat engines are known for their toughness: the thousands of kilometres travelled by Ducato based motorhomes on holiday roads are the proof.

    Stingent tests are carried out: over 10 million kilometres on all types

    of road, at all temperatures and in all weather conditions

    special prototypes alcove motorhomes to guarantee the best performance at all times even with large frontal surfaces.

    For over 10 years Fiat has been collecting feedback from motorhome customers to determine their satisfaction on various features and the performance of their Ducato during its entire working life. This information is sent to the Product, Engineering and Production departments to continuously improve quality.

  • 11

    Section 1. Services.

    No limits, from Andalusia to North Cape.


    Fiat Professional follows customers everywhere in Europe and beyond with a range of integrated services unparalleled on the market.

    One pan-European telephone number, valid in 44 countries, dedicated to motorhome owners for any request concerning Ducato based vehicles: Information Customer Care Roadside assistance

    Network with many workshops ready for servicing Fiat Ducato based motorhomes, even the largest versions

    Dedicated website.

  • 12

    On the phone.Section 1. Services.

    Universal, multilingual telephone number

    To provide answers to Ducato motorhome owners (including older models) in their own language (13 available languages) in 44 countries Services include: Information (also to callers who are not Ducato

    customers) Customer Care Roadside assistance for Ducato customers, 24 hours

    a day, seven days a week.

    Freephone number: 00800 34281111*Alternative number: 0039 024441 2160

    * free according to countries and operators.

    Alternatively call +390244412160


  • 13

    On the road.Section 1. Services.

    Roadside assistance made to measure for motorhomes.Fiat Camper Assistance: helps motorhome owners in case of breakdown,

    failure, accident, empty fuel tank, at battery, loss of keys, partial theft and more

    if needed provides interpreter services to help customers communicate with roadside rescue teams

    keeps in direct contact with the customer until the motorhome can be put back on the road

    the service is free for the fi rst 24 months after registration.

    All services are listed in a special European warranty booklet dedicated exclusively to motorhome owners.


  • 14

    Over 1700 service stations in Europe and the world, ready to help motorhome customers Of the over 6500 Fiat Professional service centres across Europe, all available to motorhomes, over 1700 are specifi c Fiat Camper Assistance centres with: structures with features and dimensions suitable for

    motorhomes parking areas access dimensions, room inside the workshop and

    suitable lifts they have a stock of consumable material and

    genuine spare parts most useful for recreational vehicles

    they can adopt special procedures for cutting intervention times.

    At the workshop. Section 1. Services.


  • 15

    2003 France 60 workshops2004 France + Italy 240 workshops2011 all Europe more than 1700 workshops

    Go to for the current situation updated in real time.

    Section 1. Services.

    A consolidated programme.

  • 16

    On the web.Section 1. Services.

    Fiat Ducato is the only motorhome base that offers a dedicated website brimming with information and services to customers: product information news and events workshop search chassis check (update and recall campaigns) Premium Area, with exclusive services

    automatic chassis check Ask the Expert, for technical question

    management owner's manual download area periodical newsletters.

    The website can be browsed in nine languages.


  • 17

    New Fiat Ducato motorhome

    Euro 5, zero problems.

  • 18

    One camper, one engine.

    Section 2.

  • 19

    The entire Fiat range is leader in eco-friendliness. Respecting the environment is a fundamental value for motorhome customers and Fiat knows it.Ducato is BEST IN CLASS for eco-friendliness, always one step ahead of standards.

    The new Euro 5 engines of the Ducato are super environment-friendly. Less... fuel consumption nitrogen oxide, CO2 and particulate emissions waste oil production because service coupon

    deadlines are very far apart.

    The Comfort-Matic transmission contributes to saving and allows cost-effective, optimised running without compromising on driving pleasure.Fiat packs plenty of other small eco-friendly details on-board (like Start&Stop, DRL and the eco-tips at