New Buyer Leads LLC Posting on CraigsList. All Easy all Copy & Paste

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Transcript of New Buyer Leads LLC Posting on CraigsList. All Easy all Copy & Paste

  • New Buyer Leads LLCPosting on CraigsList

  • All Easy all Copy & Paste

  • Step 1; Find

  • Find your state.Ill use Florida

  • Click on your areaWhen you find it once save it as a favorite site. CraigsList cookies will take you back regardless.

  • Top Right Click Post

  • Sign in or sign up if you dont have an accountYoull need and email and a phone.

  • Once you are logged inClick I am offering housingClick continue

  • Click whatever you plan on advertising

  • You may run across a sub area if you live in a well populated location

  • Youll end up on a page like thisFrom here make sure your Back End or Agent Management page is open

  • This is you About half was down your Agent page (CMS) youll see CraigsList. Click it

  • Click the down arrow (Left side) for what you plan on advertising

  • It will look like this. Now click the bar and the ad will highlight. Right click & copy

  • Open the CraigsList window and paste.CLICK THE HIDE EMAIL BOX

  • Stick a title in and location (And the other stuff if you want)

  • Click continue

  • This is what your ad will look likeYou may have to click continue again. It will send a confirmation to your email.

  • When someone clicks on the link this is what they see plus so much belowClick this link to see it all (If its not sold)

  • Wait a second!!

    I dont have any listings or

    My Broker wont let me advertise his listings !!!



  • Well send you a few things that look like who knows what?Its HTML coding

  • Just copy and paste EVERYTHING from the left of the first To the right of the last

    And paste in the CraigsList box

  • It will look like thisJust stick a posting title in and the other stuff if you wish

  • This is what the ad will look like

  • When someone clicks the link theyll see a page full of properties

  • On CraigsList go to the my account page. It will show your ads

  • From there go to inactive adsThey are the expired ads. Just REPOST if theyre generic adsWhy come up with new ads when a repost will get them to the front page of CraigsList?

  • I think Ive hit about everything

    Five or so ads per day will get you the business. Might take more.

    Questions email me

    This will work for everyone with CraigsLIstBut if you dont have a capture websitewhy bother?