Neuromarketing - Introduction

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Transcript of Neuromarketing - Introduction

  • Neuro Marketing

    Human brain has three (figurative) parts:

    1. The new brain thinks (rational data)

    2. The middle brain feels (emotions and gut feeling)

    3. The old brain decides (takes input from both and pulls the


    It has been proved in various studies that The Old Brain is

    decision taking part of the brain and has evolved with human race

    Hence the earlier concept of Rational decision is less important

    than the older survival instinct of Fight or Flight .

    This concept works for all aspects of Marketing too and is called

    Neuro Marketing and is used by all big companies including Coke,

    Google, Nike , Apple, Tesla, Cadburys , Unilever, P&G, Tobacco &

    Liquor brands et cetera.

  • 6 Triggers - Neuro Marketing

    There are six stimuli to the decision making:



    3.Tangible input

    4.The beginning and the end

    5.Visual stimuli


  • Self centred

    Self Centred works because :

    1. Decisions are made only for self and not for reasons of

    empathy and brain does not have patience to listen.

    2. Hence info should be focused on customer and not you.

    3. Sell Benefits and not features

    4. Check the two Info graphs and find the difference

  • Contrast

    The old brain is sensitive to clear contrast, such as before/after,

    risky/safe, with/without, or fast/slow.

    Contrast allows the old brain to make quick, risk-free decisions.

    Without it, the old brain enters into a state of confusions leading to

    delayed decision or no decision at all.

    This could be implemented in a few ways, such as1. Showing you a poor quality product alongside the one that they want you to buy.

    2. Showing you a wonderful product that is way beyond your reach (anchoring).

    3. Selling add-ons and cross-sells. When you buy an expensive car, the optional

    extras look so cheap in comparison.

    4. Putting contrast colours / things which needs to be highlighted

  • Tangible input

    The old brain is not qualified to process written language,

    the use of words especially complicated ones

    Dont make it think

    2 examples of same message

  • The beginning and the End

    The old brain enjoys openings and finales and often overlooks what is in between.

    Such a short attention span has huge implications on how we as a seller should

    construct and deliver our messages.

    Placing the most important content at the beginning is a must, as is repeating it at

    the end. Anything in the middle of your message will be overlooked

    Show/demonstrate sequentially as per importance and repeat at end .

    Placing the product first on a multi-product display.

    Draw visual attention to that product/feature so that it is viewed first.

  • Visual Stimuli

    1. The old brain is visualBy using visual stimuli, you ensure that you tap

    into the processing bias that the brain has developed over thousands of


    2. In a noisy world filled with marketing messages, you need to disrupt

    peoples attention, and good visuals do that.

    3. Google research actually showed many decision judgements only took

    users 17 milliseconds to form.

    Even the way prices are written affects purchase decisions

  • Emotion

    The old brain is only triggered by emotion








    One of the best examples of emotional advert which created a new segment in

    India :

    -- Usage of fear as an emotion

    people are hard-wired to avoid loss more

    than seek gain.

    In studies by the neuroscientist Antonio Damasio, it was revealed

    that without emotions, people found it almost impossible to make


  • Our old brain drives decisions. So market to the old brain.

    Again, the 6 triggers are:



    Tangible input

    The beginning and the end

    Visual stimuli


    Of course, there are many ways to execute on these triggers

    This is not it --------------------------------------------------------------->



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