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  • NetZealousNetZealous LLC: LLC: Food Safety Food Safety Compliance Compliance


  • Food safety occupies a position of primacy which exceeds that of food availability. Provision of food for all people under the sun may be a priority for most governments and policy makers. Yet, ensuring that the food we consume meets safety standards is perhaps the greatest priority for the human race all over the world. What is the point of having food at all, if it is unsafe and unhygienic and unfit for human consumption or capable of causing disease? Doesnt such food negate the idea of nourishment, which is the fundamental aim of food?

    Governments and agencies around the world have been making persistent efforts to ensure that the food we consume is safe and free from contamination. The food safety standards and procedures that are in force today in the food industry are a result of these efforts. The aim of these standards is to see to it that food goes through scientifically valid processes and procedures in all its stages, from being prepared to being consumed. The food chain is at the core of these processes, because food safety has to be ensured at every step of the way.

    Food Safety Compliance Program


  • The importance of food safety regulations

    Food safety has always been of importance to mankind. However, the importance of food safety regulations and compliance with them has grown of late, with the different cultures and countries of the world becoming closer to each other than ever before in the era of globalization. Food is no longer confined in its production or consumption. What is produced in one part of the world gets consumed in another, going through a number of routes along the logistics chain. Globalization has broken the barriers of geography. All that it takes for an American to savor a delicacy from Arabia is to visit the local grocery store or order it online.

  • Food safety compliance programs

    It is as a result of these developments that the need for putting in place a globally acceptable set of food safety standards arose. These food safety compliance programs are meant to be implemented by players in the food industry. This set of standards is enacted to ensure that there is a set of protocols and other procedures and instruments to ensure that food goes through these and thus retains the quality that it is intended to. As a result of these food safety compliance programs; the taste and feel of the food may not get affected, but consumers may rest assured that the food that is subject to these food safety compliance programs is fit for consumption safely.

  • How do organizations ensure that they are compliant with food safety compliance programs?

    Different standards apply for different kinds of organizations that are part of the food chain. So, food organizations have to be very clear about the kind of program or standard that they have to implement in order to meet the required levels of food safety.

    NetZealous LLC, a reputable provider of professional trainings in the regulatory compliance, human resources, healthcare and IT fields, is a valuable provider of trainings for these aspects of food safety. With a panel of experts that have deep experience of working in the food industry; NetZealous LLC offers those in the food industry the opportunity to stay updated with the regulations and to thus ensure that the food that they serve their consumers is safe and meet the standards set out by the relevant food safety compliance programs.

  • Elements of food safety compliance programs Food that is prepared in accordance with food safety compliance programs goes

    through safety processes and standards. NetZealous LLCs food safety compliance programs are meticulously designed to provide insights to food industry professionals on all the components of food safety compliance programs such as:

  • Testing Testing is a very important aspect of food safety compliance

    programs. Testing involves testing samples of food for the quality and hygiene standards they are supposed to meet. This involves making physical checks on food samples by trained and qualified food inspectors from time to time at various points of the food chain.

  • Audits Audits are a continuing exercise aimed at ensuring that the food

    has met the stringent food safety regulation standards at every stage. Audits are carried out to ensure that the food has gone through the set Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and other processes.

  • Quality training All personnel involved in the food chain have to be trained to

    ensure that they are current with the latest regulations and are aware of the ways and means of ensuring food quality. These trainings are updated from time to time to make sure that personnel are implementing the latest and most appropriate quality standards.

    Certification Certification is a very important part of food safety compliance

    programs, because it attests to the adherence to quality standards from those in the business of food. A number of bodies offer certifications. A food facility may apply for certification based on the kind of establishment it is.

  • The HACCP The most universally accepted standard for food safety is the

    Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point system. This standard is comprehensive and addresses food safety by analyzing the points from which there could be hazards in the food chain, such as biological, physical or chemical. The HACCP seeks to identify all the sources of food contamination, such as raw materials, handling, transportation, management and distribution. What makes the HACCP different is that it sets standards for different kinds of players in the food industry to implement in their facilities. It offers complete training for the designated personnel.

  • All-round food safety compliance programs

    All-round food safety compliance programs NetZealous LLCs food safety compliance programs offer complete

    guidance and advice on how organizations can build their food safety compliance programs. These trainings help them stay compliant with the regulations in their industry. It lets them understand the import and meaning of these regulations and the ways by which to apply them to obtain the highest standards in food.

    NetZealous LLCs food safety compliance programs bring the experts right at the participants convenience through a number of easy and convenient modes of teaching. Some of the topics on which NetZealous LLCs food safety compliance programs equip participants with the knowledge needed for ensuring their safety include:

  • FSMA: The Food Safety Modernization Act is an FDA initiative that stipulates ways by which food safety regulations are to be implemented. The terms of the FSMA have armed the FDA with wide-ranging powers to scrutinize food in all its forms and issues in the private sector.

    EFSA: The European Food Safety Authority is the pan-European Union (EU) body that has jurisdiction over the safety of food and feeds. It collaborates with the individual food safety bodies of the EU member states and offers solutions on how to ensure food safety and identify and mitigate risks all along the food chain.

    GFSI: The Global Food Safety Initiative, which is a voluntary, food industry led and supported program devised by global food safety players to make sure that food is hygienic and safe. This program brings all the stakeholders in the food industry, such as manufacturers, retailers and those who provide food service.

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