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  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    Networking Essentials Question Bank

    1. 100BASE-FX runs over which of the following media types?

    A. Category 5e cable

    B. UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) cable

    C. MMF (Multimode Fiber) optic cableD. RG-58 (Radio Grade) coaxial cable

    Answer: C

    2. Which one of the following topologies does FDDI (Fiber Distributed Data

    Interface) use?

    A. Star

    B. BusC. Mesh

    D. Ring

    Answer: D

    3. Which one of the following is an IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic

    Engineers) copper cable standard?

    A. 100BASE-FX

    B. 100BASE-CX

    C. 10 GBASE-LRD. 10BASE-FL

    Answer: B

    4. All of the following are fiber based connectors except:A. ST (Straight Tip)

    B. MT-RJ (Mechanical Transfer-Registered Jack)C. IEEE 1394 (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)D. SC (Standard Connector)

    Answer: C

    5. The maximum speed of 802.11g is:

    A. 1 Mbps

    B. 2 Mbps

    C. 11 MbpsD. 54 Mbps

    Answer: D

    6. What is the minimum cable type required for 100BASE-TX?

    A. 50 ohm coaxial cable

    B. Category 3 UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair)C. Category 6 UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair)

    D. Category 5 UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair)

    Answer: D

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    7. An ABC Computers employee has asked to have remote access to thecompany network. The employee has access to the PSTN (Public Switched

    Telephone Network) which supports standard analog signaling. Which device

    will allow the employee to connect for remote access?

    A. Gateway

    B. RouterC. ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network)

    D. Modem

    Answer: D

    8. The 802.11 frequency band is:

    A. 1.5 GHz

    B. 2.4 GHzC. 5.0 GHZ

    D. 7.0 GHZ

    Answer: B

    9. All of the following are valid WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) key lengthsEXCEPT:

    A. 32 bit

    B. 40 bit

    C. 64 bit

    D. 128 bit

    Answer: A

    10. Which one of the following is an IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics

    Engineers) fiber optic standard?

    A. 1000BASE-TX

    B. 10 GBASE-LRC. 1000BASE-CX

    D. 10BASE-T

    Answer: B

    11. Bridging an 802.3 network to and 802.11 network can be accomplished usinga:

    A. CSU / DSU (Channel Service Unit / Data Service Unit)B. WAP (Wireless Access Point)

    C. ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) adapter

    D. PVC (Permanent Virtual Circuit)

    Answer: B

    12. The maximum speed of 802.11b is:

    A. 1 Mbps

    B. 2 Mbps

    C. 11 Mbps

    D. 54 Mbps

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    Answer: C

    13. Which one of the following will affect the range of an 802.11b WAP (Wireless

    Access Point)?

    A. 5 GHz interference

    B. High number of wireless usersC. 900 MHz interference

    D. A long length of antenna extension cable

    Answer: D

    14. Which media access method is used for an IEEE (Institute and ElectronicsEngineers) 802.3 network?

    A. PollingB. Token passing

    C. CSMA / CD (Carrier Sense Multiple Access / Collision Detection)

    D. CSMA / CA (Carrier Sense Multiple Access / Collision Avoidance)

    Answer: C

    15. Which type of connector does a 10BASE-F network use?

    A. MT-RJ (Mechanical Transfer-Registered Jack)

    B. RJ-45 (Registered Jack)

    C. Series-A

    D. ST (Straight Tip)

    Answer: D

    16. Which of the following access methods does Ethernet use?

    A. Token passing

    B. Full duplex

    C. CSMA / CA (Carrier Sense Multiple Access / Collision Avoidance)D. CSMA / CD (Carrier Sense Multiple Access / Collision Detection)

    Answer: D

    17. All of the following represents fault-tolerant strategies except:A. Link redundancy

    B. UPS (Uninterrupted Power Suplly)

    C. Fail overD. X 25

    Answer: D

    18. What should be used to automatically configure host computers for IP

    (Internet Protocol)?

    A. DNS (Domain Name Service)B. SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)

    C. SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)

    D. DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)

    Answer: D

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    19. In a Windows Server 2003 AD (Active Directory) network, which serverstores information about resource objects?

    A. Domain masterB. Domain tree

    C. Domain controller

    D. Domain configurationAnswer: C

    20. A home user has enforced HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure)

    access to a web server. After HTTPS is enforced, the web server is no longer

    accessible from the Internet, but can still be accessed by internal network users.

    What is causing this problem?

    A. The users DNS (Domain Name Server) server is down.B. The users web server IP (Internet Protocol) address has changed.

    C. The users Internet router is blocking port 389.

    D. The users Internet router is blocking port 443.

    Answer: D

    21. One of the purposes of a VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) is to:

    A. enforce better security

    B. add more users

    C. limit the network bandwidth

    D. reduce the number of subnets

    Answer: A

    22. Which type of server stores information about network entities and resources

    and is used for authentication?

    A. NDS (NetWare Directory Services)

    B. NWLINKC. Kerberos

    D. NLM (NetWare Loadable Module)

    Answer: A

    23. The ABC Computer Human Resources department requires an internal website designed to be accessible to an external recruiting agency to update job

    postings. Which of the following terms describe the web site function?

    A. Intranet

    B. Internet

    C. ExtranetD. Homepage

    Answer: C

    24. Which one of the following files must be edited to properly configure a UNIX

    remote access connection?

    A. Devices and dialers

    B. Users and servers

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    C. Hosts and security

    D. Syslogs and crontab

    Answer: A

    25. Which protocol uses domain name resolution to find addresses?

    A. TCP / IP Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol)B. IPX / SPX (Internetwork Packet Exchange / Sequence Packet Exchange)

    C. NetBEUI (Network Basic Input / Output Extended User Interface)

    D. AppleTalk

    Answer: A

    26. You work as a network administrator at ABC Computer. You need to reduce

    the bandwidth used between the ABC Computer and the Internet. Which one of

    the following could be implemented to accomplish this?

    A. WINS (Windows Internet Name Service) server

    B. Proxy server

    C. DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) serverD. HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) server

    Answer: B

    27. AV (Anti-Virus) software will help protect a computer from:

    A. Trojans

    B. HackersC. Unsigned drivers

    D. ActiveX exploits

    Answer: A

    28. A technician is assisting their senior technician with terminating a line that

    was extending the demarcation point for a new DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)

    circuit. Which tool would be needed?

    A. Multimeter

    B. Optical testerC. Punch down tool

    D. BERT Bit-Error Rate Test)

    Answer: C

    29. A packet filtering firewall operates at which layers if the OSI (Open Systems

    Interconnect) model?

    A. Network and Data LinkB. Network and Transport

    C. Transport and Session

    D. Physical and Data Link

    Answer: B

    30. In order for a client to share resources in a wired network, the client must be

    physically connected and:

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    A. Mapped to the resources using the host name, followed by the resource name.

    B. Allowed permission to the resources.

    C. Be a member of AD (Active Directory)D. Be listed in DNS (Domain Name Service)

    Answer: B

    31. Which of the following options are the minimal settings for connecting a

    computer to a TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol)

    LAN (Local Area Network) while accessing the Internet?

    A. IP (Internet Protocol) address, subnet mask, gateway, and DNS (Domain Name


    B. IP (Internet Protocol) address and gateway

    C. Subnet mask, IP (Internet Protocol) address, and DNS (Domain Name Service)D. IP (Internet Protocol) address, DNS (Domain Name Service, and gateway

    Answer: A

    32. You work as a network administrator at ABC Computer. The IT departmentis experimenting with a new DHCP server. Which of the following actions wouldensure that the DHCP server does not impact clients from other departments?

    A. Create a new subnet for the IT department.

    B. Add a hub for the IT department.

    C. Enable IPX / SPX on the DHCP server.

    D. Ensure NetBEUI is not installed on the DHCP server.

    Answer: A

    33. You work as a network administrator at ABC Computer. You administer the

    ABC Computer Windows 2000 network, and recently added a DNS server to the

    network and deployed AD. Users have been instructed to update their TCP/IP

    configuration to ensure they will use the correct DNS server. What command

    should the users input?

    A. nbstat RR

    B. nslookupC. ipconfig/renew

    D. winipcfg

    Answer: C

    34. You work as a network administrator at ABC Computer. You change thelease time of the DHCP scope from one week to one day. What affect will this

    have on the end users?

    A. The users will have to re-logon every day now.

    B. The users will have to manually release and renew their IP addresses to continue

    working on the network.C. The users will not be affected by the change.

    D. The users will have to shut their computers down for the duration of the lease to

    obtain a new lease.

    Answer: C

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    35. The DNS server has suffered a catastrophic failure. What will happen to the

    DNS clients?

    A. They will be unable to renew their IP addresses.

    B. They will be unable to reference a server by host name.

    C. They will be unable to reference a server by NetBIOS name.D. They will be unable to renew their IPX address.

    Answer: B

    36. A workstation presents an error message to a user. The message states that

    duplicate IP has been detected on the network. Using the standard

    troubleshooting model, what should be completed first?

    A. Test the result.B. Document the solution and process.

    C. Implement an action plan.

    D. Identify the symptoms and potential causes.

    Answer: D

    37. A Windows user wants to access a share hosted on a Mac OS X server, but

    the server is not visible on then network. What must the network administrator

    enable on the Mac OS X server to allow Windows users to connect to shares?

    A. AFP

    B. VPNC. Windows file and print sharing

    D. DHCP

    Answer: C

    38. An office has recently installed a number of ceiling fans. Users complain of

    slow activity on the LAN and WAN. Nothing on the Category 5 UTP network

    has changed to cause this. What is responsible for the slow activity?

    A. AMI (Alternate Mark Inversion)

    B. EMI (Electromagnetic Interference)C. MIB (Management Information Base)

    D. FDM (Frequency Division Multiplexing)

    Answer: B

    39. A Windows 2000 work station has a TCP/IP address of Whichstatement describes the sate of the computers TCP/IP configuration?

    A. The network administrator assigned an address of for the network.B. The computer is set for DHCP, but no DHCP server is available for the network.

    C. The computer received the address from a DHCP server on the network.

    D. The computer received the address from a BootP server on the network.

    Answer: B

    40. An administrator has been called to consult on a network. After receiving

    network traffic statistics, the administrator notices that there is an abnormally

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    high amount of DHCP traffic. What recommendation would the administrator

    give to the customer to reduce the traffic?

    A. Configure the DHCP server to increase lease expiration time.B. Configure the DHCP server to decrease lease expiration time.

    C. Configure the DHCP client to increase lease expiration time

    D. Configure the DHCP client to decrease lease expiration time.Answer: A

    41. A workstation can no longer connect to the network. Which LED should a

    user check FIRST on a NIC to identify the problem?

    A. Link

    B. Activity

    C. CollisionD. Power

    Answer: A

    42. A user wants to log onto their server using the SSH terminal from home, butcannot because the connection times out. Which standard port would have to beredirected from the router to the IP address?

    A. 23

    B. 22

    C. 21

    D. 20

    Answer: B

    43. A user is complaining that it takes too long to access an application on a

    remote server. Which utility will identify the number of hops from the clients to

    the server where the application resides?

    A. nbstatB. nslookup/dig

    C. netstat

    D. tracert/traceroute

    Answer: D

    44. If one of the links to a computer on a physical star topology is served, what

    will be the result?

    A. The entire network will stop working.

    B. The affected link and the adjacent network links will stop working.

    C. Only the affected link will stop working.D. Only the adjacent links will stop working.

    Answer: C

    45. A user cannot reach a specific web site, but can access other web sites. What

    command would help diagnose the problem?

    A. arp

    B. ipconfig

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    C. netstat

    D. tracert

    Answer: D

    46. There is a suspected SMTP virus on the workstation. E-mail programs are

    not currently running. Which of the following utilities should be run to see ifthere are any open SMTP sockets?

    A. nbstat

    B. netstatC. arp

    D. nslookup

    Answer: B

    47. Identify the utility being used given the output:

    Interface: on Interface 1

    Internet Address Physical Address 00-00-21-64-91-12 Dynamic206.212.36.12 00-00-21-1b-4a-a7 Dynamic

    A. netstatB. arp

    C. nbstat

    D. tracert/traceroute

    Answer: B

    48. You work as a network administrator at ABC Computer. Ten workstation

    numbered 1 through 10 are installed sequentially on a physical bus network. A

    request was made to separate workstations 1 through 5 and workstation 6

    through 10 into two separate networks. An engineer cut the cable between

    workstations 5 and 6. What else, if anything, must the engineer do to complete

    the job?

    A. Do nothing, the job has been successfully completed.

    B. Install a terminator on the severed end of the bus trunk cable connectingworkstations 1 through 5.

    C. Install a terminator on the severed end of the bus trunk cable connecting

    workstations 6 through 10.

    D. Install terminators on both severed end of the bus trunk cable.

    Answer: D

    49. Which of the following is a true statement regarding TCP and UDP?

    A. TCP is connection-oriented UDP is reliable.

    B. TCP is connectionless, UDP is unreliable.

    C. TCP is connection-oriented, UDP is unreliable.D. TCP is connectionless, UDP is reliable.

    Answer: C

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    50. A user is unable to reach a web site on a host computer. The user can pingthe host name and Telnet to the host name. What is the source of the problem?

    A. The host does not have a DNS entry.B. The host HTTP is down.

    C. The host does not have a WINS entry.

    D. The host is down.Answer: B

    51. Given the following output, which utility was used?

    Interface on Interface 0x1000004

    Internet Address Physical Address Type 00-e0-29-62-0d-de dynamic 00-00-08-fd-97-fa staticA. arp

    B. traceroute

    C. ping

    D. ipconfigAnswer: A

    52. A properly configured computer on the network receives the response ping

    request could not find host when pinging a web site. The computer can ping its

    gateway. Which of the following explains this situation?

    A. The DNS server is down.B. The DHCP is down.

    C. The LAN is down.

    D. The router is down.

    Answer: A

    53. Six workstations that are numbered 1-6 are installed sequentially in a

    physical ring topology. Workstation 1 fails. How can the network administrator

    remove Workstation 1 for service without moving the other workstations?

    A. Connect Workstation 6 and Workstation 2 using a barrel connector.B. Add a 75 ohm terminator to Workstation 6 and Workstation 2.

    C. Connect Workstation 6 and 2 using an RJ-45 (Registered Jack) coupler.

    D. Add a 50 ohm terminator to Workstation 6 and Workstation 2.

    Answer: A

    54. You work as a network administrator at ABC Computer. You have noticed

    suspicious IP traffic on the local subnet. After successfully pinging the source,

    which utility does the administrator use to find the associated MAC address?

    A. ipconfig

    B. nbstatC. arp

    D. tracert

    Answer: C

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    55. You work as a network administrator at ABC Computer. You aretroubleshooting a wireless LAN that is experiencing trouble with interference. A

    scan of the wireless network reports that there are two WAPs from different

    companies within range of the LAN. The two WAPs have different SSIDs than

    the LAN WAP, but the same channel. Also, the WEP appears to be the same on

    all WAPs. What should the network administrator do to cut down on theinterference of the wireless clients on the LAN?

    A. Change the LAN WAP to the same SSID as the other two WAPs.

    B. Change the WEP settings on the two WAPs to be different that that of the LANWAP settings.

    C. Change the LAN WAP channel to a different channel than the other two WAPs.

    D. Change the LAN WAP settings to be different than that of the other two WAPs.

    Answer: C

    56. The network administrator is configuring a computer to run SLIP as a dial-

    up protocol. Which protocol should be installed?


    C. NetBEUID. Appleshare IP

    Answer: A

    57. A home user purchases a cable modem and a straight-through Category 5e

    patch cable at a local electronics store. The modem will be connected to a hub

    which is connected to their computer. The computer is not able to receive a

    DHCP address from the cable modem network DHCP server. Why?

    A. Because the cable modem must be directly connected to a computer.

    B. Because the cable modem requires a crossover cable to connect to the hub.

    C. Because the cable modem requires a RG-6 coaxial cable to connect to a hub.D. Because the cable modem must use a Category 3 UTP cable to connect to a hub.

    Answer: B

    58. A user is booting a workstation and suddenly receives a message stating that

    a duplicate IP address is in use on the network. Which of the following

    commands can be used to troubleshoot the problem?

    A. pingB. traceroute

    C. find

    D. arp

    Answer: D

    59. Which protocol encrypts data between web browser and web servers?

    A. IPSec

    B. SSL

    C. PPTP

    D. L2TP

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    Answer: B

    60. A client accessing a network share folder has authenticated into the system

    and has full access rights to a folder share. But after opening the file they find

    that cannot modify the file contents. What is the likely cause?

    A. The group rights filter has been changed through the GPO to disallow file access.B. The file registered has been pulled from cache memory and is not writeable.

    C. The file has been opened by another user and is open for read only.

    D. The file has been pulled from the backup source not the tree directory.

    Answer: C

    61. You work as a network administrator at ABC Computer. There are three

    identical desktop computers on the network. One of the computers cannot

    connect to the other machines. The network technician checks the network

    interface card in the non-working machine, and neither the link light not the

    activity lights us illuminated. The technician switches the network cable with a

    cable that is known to be operational, but the lights do not illuminate on the NICor the corresponding port on the switch. What is the next troubleshooting step?

    A. Switch to a crossover cable.B. Reinstall the NIC.

    C. Change ports on the switch.

    D. Enter the correct TCP/IP settings.

    Answer: C

    62. Which 3 bytes of MAC address F2-A1-23-BC-D3-41 designates the unique

    station identifier?

    A. F2-A1-23

    B. A1-23-BC

    C. 23-BC-D3D. BC-D3-41

    Answer: D

    63. Which one of the following authentication protocols requires the use of an

    NTP server to synchronize the workstations date and time with the server?

    A. Kerberos


    D. MS-CHAP

    Answer: B

    64. A user enters into an Internet web browser.What is the default port number for the URL?

    A. 21

    B. 23

    C. 80

    D. 110

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    Answer: C

    65. Which TCP/IP well-known port number identifies SMTP?

    A. 21

    B. 23

    C. 25D. 110

    Answer: C

    66. PAP secures PPP sessions by:

    A. Adding a secret key to the password.

    B. Adding a secret key to the username password.

    C. Double encrypting the username and password.D. Passing a username and password in plaintext.

    Answer: D

    67. All of the following are valid IP addresses except:A.



    Answer: B

    68. Which OSI layer converts digital data into electronic signals to be put on a


    A. PhysicalB. Transport

    C. Data Link

    D. Presentation

    Answer: A

    69. At which layer of the OSI model does a router function?

    A. Physical

    B. Data Link

    C. Network

    D. Application

    Answer: C

    70. Which protocol is used for error reporting in concert with IP?

    A. SMTP

    B. ICMP


    Answer: B

    71. Which one of the following techniques will segment a network?

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    A. Subnetting

    B. Implementing DHCP

    C. Using DNSD. Installing hubs

    Answer: A

    72. Which network topology uses the most cable?

    A. Star

    B. RingC. Bus

    D. Mesh

    Answer: D

    73. Connecting a LAN (Local Area Network) to mainframe can be accomplished

    using a:

    A. bridge

    B. gatewayC. transceiver

    D. firewall

    Answer: B

    74. Which one of the following IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics

    Engineers) standards uses a 1300 nm (nanometer) beam?

    A. 1000BASE-LX and 10 GBASE-LR

    B. 1000BASE-CX and 1000BASE-T

    C. 1000BASE-SX and 10 GBASE-SRD. 10 GBASE-ER and 10 GBASE-SR

    Answer: A

    75. Which networking topology has the most physical connections per node?A. Bus

    B. RingC. Star

    D. Mesh

    Answer: D

    76. How can the range of an 802.11b wireless access point be increased?

    A. Lower the output power

    B. Install an external antennaC. Remove any external antennas and use the internal one

    D. Change the transmitting frequency to the 5 GHz (Gigahertz) range

    Answer: B

    77. Which networking device works at the upper three layers of the OSI (OpenSystems Interconnect) and connects networks with different architectures?

    A. Router

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    B. Firewall

    C. Modem

    D. Gateway

    Answer: D

    78. Which one of the following antenna types is omni directional?A. Vertical

    B. Dipole

    C. YagiD. Parabolic

    Answer: A

    79. Which of the following environments is best suited to provide more radio

    coverage using an omnidirectional antenna?

    A. Closed office areas with walls

    B. Open office areas with cubicles

    C. HallwaysD. Outdoors

    Answer: D

    80. Which of the following connectors are SFF (Small Form Factor) fiber


    A. MT-RJ (Mechanical Transfer-Registered Jack) and LC (Local Connector)B. ST (Straight Tip) and SC (Standard Connector)

    C. RJ-45 (Registered Jack) and RJ-11 (Registered Jack)

    D. Series-A and Series-B

    Answer: A

    81. If a destination address is not in a bridge forwarding table, what will the

    bridge do?

    A. Forwarding the packets to a designated port and the one that originated the request

    B. Forward the packets to all ports except the one that originated the requestC. Forward the packets to the default gateway

    D. Forward the packet to all ports

    Answer: B

    82. A client noticed that traffic increased steadily over the last few months andperformance is beginning to suffer on its TCP/IP (Transmission Control

    Protocol/Internet Protocol). Which network can be installed to reduce the

    impact of network traffic without dividing the LAN (Local Area Network) into

    separate subnets?

    A. BridgeB. Repeater

    C. Router

    D. Gateway

    Answer: C

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    83. Token ring operates at which speeds?

    A. 1 Mbps, 10 Mbps (Megabit per second)B. 1 Mbps, 4 Mbps (Megabit per second)

    C. 4 Mbps, 16 Mbps (Megabit per second)

    D. 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps (Megabit per second)Answer: C

    84. Which media type is the most prone to electromagnetic interference?A. Category 5e UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair)

    B. RG-58 (Radio Grade) coaxial cable

    C. SMF (Single Mode Fiber) optic cable

    D. MMF (Multimode Fiber) optic cable

    Answer: A

    85. The 802.11b frequency band is:

    A. 1.5 GHz (Gigahertz)B. 2.4 GHz (Gigahertz)

    C. 5.0 GHz (Gigahertz)D. 7.0 GHz (Gigahertz)

    Answer: B

    86. Which type of connector would a cable have if it were supplied with a splitter

    and a cable modem for Internet access?

    A. F-Type

    B. RJ-45 (Registered Jack)C. RJ-11 (Registered Jack)

    D. IEEE 1394 (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

    Answer: A

    87. Which one of the following IEEE (Institute of Electrical and ElectronicsEngineers) standards represents Ethernet?

    A. 802.0

    B. 802.3

    C. 802.5

    D. 802.11

    Answer: B

    88. What is the maximum length of a gigabit Ethernet segment using MMF

    (Multimode Fiber) optic cable?

    A. 100 meters (328.08 feet)

    B. 250 meters (820.21.feet)C. 550 meters (1,804.46 feet)

    D. 3000 meters (9,842.52 feet)

    Answer: C

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    89. All of the following are terminated on a punch down block except:A. STP (Shielded Twisted Pair) cable

    B. MMF (Multimode Fiber) cableC. UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) cable

    D. Category 3 cable

    Answer: B

    90. What is the desired result when implementing fault tolerance?

    A. It maintains standards within the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and ElectronicsEngineers)

    B. It completely eliminates all faults

    C. It ensures production is not impacted in the event of a failure

    D. It improves throughput

    Answer: C

    91. What RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) level uses a disk

    mirroring technique to provide fault tolerance?A. RAID 0 (Redundant Array of Independent Disks)

    B. RAID 1 (Redundant Array of Independent Disks)C. RAID 3 (Redundant Array of Independent Disks)

    D. RAID 5 (Redundant Array of Independent Disks)

    Answer: B

    92. In order to resolve the name, which type of server isrequired?

    A. DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)B. DNS (Domain Name Service)

    C. WINS (Windows Internet Name Service)

    D. NAT (Network Address Translation)

    Answer: B

    93. Which of the following can be used to cache web pages for future retrieval?

    A. Switch

    B. Web server

    C. Repeater

    D. Proxy service

    Answer: D

    94. A workstation is configured for dial-in connectivity to a remote access server.

    Which information does the client need to authenticate?

    A. Username and password

    B. IP (Internet Protocol) address and passwordC. IPX (Internet Packet Exchange) address and username

    D. Domain name and password

    Answer: A

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    95. Which cable would users utilize to connect a client workstation directly toanother client workstation when using 100BASE-TX?

    A. Category 5 crossover cableB. Coaxial cable

    C. Category 3 straight cable

    D. Category 5 straight cableAnswer: A

    96. Upon which devices can NAT (Network Address Translation) be used?

    A. Hub

    B. Bridge

    C. Switch

    D. Firewall

    Answer: D

    97. An administrator is configuring a company Microsoft Exchange server for e-

    mail services. The Exchange server needs to send e-mail to a partner companythat uses a Novell GroupWise e-mail server. What protocol is needed to send e-

    mail between the two servers?

    A. CSNW (Client Service for NetWare)

    B. SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)

    C. IPX/SPX (Internet Packet Exchange/Sequence Packet Exchange)

    D. POP3 (Post Office Protocol version 3)

    Answer: B

    98. The AV (Anti-Virus) software provides optimum protection when it is

    installed on all:

    A. workstations connected to the Internet

    B. serversC. workstations and servers

    D. workstations with disk drives

    Answer: C

    99. While configuring a dial-up network on a computer running Windows,which one of the following protocols establishes the connection?

    A. HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)B. Telnet

    C. PPP (Pont-to-Point Protocol)

    D. SSH (Secure Shell)

    Answer: C

    100. A network administrator implements four VLANs (Virtual Local Area

    Network) on a switch. Which device will be required to pass traffic among the

    VLANs (Virtual Local Area Network)?

    A. Router

    B. No additional device needed

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    C. Another switch

    D. A hub

    Answer: A

    101. Which one of the following provides a fault-tolerant storage system

    containing five disks and a single controller that will function if a single diskfails?

    A. A striped set array without parity

    B. A RAID 10 (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) arrayC. A striped set array with parity

    D. A duplexed RAID 01 (Redundant Array of Independent Disks)

    Answer: B

    102. Which of the following tools assess the continuity of a cable?

    A. Data analyzer

    B. BERT (Bit-Error Rate Test)

    C. TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer)D. Protocol analyzer

    Answer: C

    103. How many concurrent connections can a Windows 2000 Professionalcomputer support on a single share?

    A. 10B. 20

    C. 30

    D. 50

    Answer: A

    104. A network administrator needs to setup a salesperson laptop to connect to

    the company network via a secure connection through the Internet. What should

    be done to the laptop to enable the connection?

    A. Install AV (Anti-Virus) software with the latest definitionsB. Install firewall software

    C. Create a PPTP (Pont-to-Pont Tunneling Protocol) connection

    D. Install a NetBEUI (Network Basic Input/Output Extended User Interface) protocol

    Answer: C

    105. The system administrator needs to connect a server to a 1000BASE-T

    switch. Which cable is required?

    A. Category 3 cable

    B. Category 5 cable

    C. MMF (Multimode Fiber) optic cableD. SMF (Single Mode Fiber) optic cable

    Answer: B

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    106. What happens if the wrong WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) key isentered into a wireless device?

    A. The network is accessible, but the data will be garbled.B. Data can be sent but not received.

    C. The network is not accessible.

    D. The network is only accessible using the SSID (Service Set Identifier).Answer: C

    107. A company wishes to outsource the installation of an internal web server

    with access to employees only. Which term best describes this web server?

    A. Extranet server

    B. VPN (Virtual Private Network) server

    C. RADIUS (Remote Authentic Dial-In Service) serverD. Intranet server

    Answer: D

    108. Which command in Windows 98 would display adapter names, IP (InternetProtocol) address, subnet mask, gateway, and DNS (Domain Name Service)?A. winipcfg/allB. nbtstat a

    C. nslookup a

    D. ifconfig/all

    Answer: A

    109. What command is used to view the entire TCP/IP (Transmission Control

    Protocol/Internet Protocol) configuration on a Windows 98 client?

    A. ifconfig/all

    B. winipcfg/all

    C. ipconfig/TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) releaseD. winipcfg/release

    Answer: B

    110. A workstation presents an error message to a user. The message states that

    duplicate IP (Internet Protocol) has been detected on the network. After

    developing a hypothesis, what should the NEXT step be according to the

    standard troubleshooting model?

    A. Test and observe an action plan

    B. Gather facts surrounding the error

    C. Implement an action planD. Document solution and process

    Answer: C

    111. Which command generated the following output?

    Active Connections

    Proto Local Address Foreign Address State

    TCP CompA: 3006 Microsoft Established

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    TCP CompA: 3021 HTTP Established

    A. nbtstat

    B. netstatC. arp

    D. ipconfig

    Answer: B

    112. When one connection to a host fails in a full mesh network, which of the

    following is true?

    A. All hosts can communicate

    B. No hosts can communicate

    C. Half of the host will lose communication

    D. Only the two hosts between the failed connection will lose communication

    Answer: A

    113. A user complains that they can not longer access resources on the network.

    The user is unable to ping other nodes and ipconfig returns an IP (InternetProtocol) address that is not in the correct subnet. What is the problem?

    A. The DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server has lost connection tothe DNS (Domain Name Service)

    B. Someone has enabled an additional DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)


    C. The WINS (Windows Internet Name Service) is offlineD. The DNS (Domain Name Service) is offline

    Answer: B

    114. An administrator has just added a new DNS (Domain Name Service) serverto a network and removed the old DNS (Domain Name Service) server. The IP

    (Internet Protocol) address of the new server is different, and the DHCP

    (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server was updated to reflect this

    change. Certain computers can connect to while others

    cannot. Which of the following computers will be able to connect to

    A. Any computer that has not released and renewed their DHCP (Dynamic Host

    Configuration Protocol) lease.

    B. Any statically assigned workstation.C. Any computer that has released and renewed their DHCP (Dynamic Host

    Configuration Protocol) lease.

    D. Any computer that does not have a NIC (Network Interface Card)

    Answer: C

    115. Which utility should a technician use to troubleshoot NetBIOS (Network

    Basic Input/Output System) over TCP/IP (Transmission Control

    Protocol/Internet Protocol) from Workstation A to Workstation B on a Windows


    A. ping

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    B. tracert

    C. nbtstat

    D. netstat

    Answer: C

    116. Which of the following commands will result in the display of the MAC(Media Access Control) address of a given computer?A. nslookup

    B. ipconfig/allC. nbtstat

    D. nbtstat

    Answer: B

    117. You work as an administrator at ABC Computer. You receive a call froman end user saying they are unable to log in to the network, although they could

    yesterday. Overnight, the administrator replaced an ISA (Industry Standard

    Architecture) Token Ring card with a Token Ring PCI (Peripheral ComponentInterconnect) NIC (Network Interface Card) in the users computer on a 16

    Mbps (Megabits per second) LAN (Local Area Network). What is the NEXT


    A. Verify the MAU (Multistation Access Unit) is good

    B. Verify the processor speed

    C. Verify the user password is correctD. Verify the speed of the NIC (Network Interface Card) matches the network

    Answer: D

    118. The Following output is from what diagnostic tool?1 Router1 ( 2.0 ms 1.0 ms 2.0 ms

    2 ( 18.0ms12.0ms32.0ms

    3 ( 240ms 120ms 300ms

    A. traceroute

    B. pingC. ifconfig

    D. winipcfg

    Answer: A

    119. A business with a DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) modem lost connectivityand the secretary changed one of the network settings to try to fix it. The settings

    are now:

    IP address:

    Subnet mask:


    DNS server:

    Given the information above, which of the following identifies the settings that

    has changed?

    A. IP (Internet Protocol) address

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    B. Subnet mask

    C. Gateway

    D. DNS (Domain Name Service) server

    Answer: B

    120. A network has been set up for DHCP (Dynamic Host ConfigurationProtocol) services using a PDC (Primary Domain Controller) and BDC (Backup

    Domain Controller) each with a range of to using a

    class subnet of DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)

    errors are occurring. How can the errors be resolved?

    A. Change the default subnet to to increase the number of allowable IP

    (Internet Protocol) addresses to prevent collisions.

    B. The machines are holding IP (Internet Protocol) addresses in cache mamory.Reboot to renew IP (Internet Protocol) address.

    C. Configure BootP (Boot Protocol) on the server when the IP (Internet Protocol)

    class subnets are split prior to implementing the scope.

    D. Split the scope addresses between the servers assigning through192.168.0.127 for the PDC (Primary Domain Controller) and through for the BDC (Backup Domain controller).

    Answer: D

    121. ABC Computers has two 100BASE-TX hubs, Hub A and Hub B. The hubs

    are connected by a 3 meter (9.84.feet) straight-through patch cable. The hosts on

    Hub A are unable to communicate with the hosts on Hub B. What can the

    network administrator do to correct the problem?

    A. Install switches instead of hubsB. Update all clients with Hub A as their default gateway

    C. Replace the patch cable that connects Hub A to Hub B with a crossover patch

    cableD. Update clients on Hub A as their default gateway and update clients on Hub B as

    their default gateway

    Answer: C

    122. A webpage is hosted on a Linux machine. Users complain that whenvisiting the web site, they receive a forbidden error message. The system

    administrator logs onto the Linux server and changes to the directory where the

    webpage is stored. What should the system administrator do next?

    A. Rename the webpage file

    B. Change the symbolic linkC. Change the web port to 8080 on the client

    D. Change the permissions of the directory

    Answer: D

    123. A technician is troubleshooting a problem on a network using a utility tocapture the packets. When the technician reviews the captured data they have

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    only captured broadcast packets and packets from their own computer. What is

    the reason for this?

    A. They do not have permission to capture other packets.B. They are connected to a switch when trying to capture packets.

    C. The router is blocking the packets to the workstation.

    D. They are using an evaluation copy of the software utilityAnswer: B

    124. A network administrator supports a LAN (Local Area Network) with ten

    users wired to a switch. The switch is connected to a router for Internet access.

    One day, a single user reports being unable to access the Internet. All other users

    can access the Internet. Which of the following items should the network

    administrator check to solve the problem?

    A. Network card of troubled machine, port on switch that uplinks to router, and patch

    cable from the troubled machine to switch.

    B. Patch cable from troubled machine to switch, port on switch the troubled machine

    is plugged into, and external interface to router.C. Network cable of troubled machine, port on switch that troubled machine is

    plugged into, and patch cable from troubled machine to switch.D. Port on switch the troubled machine is plugged into, network card of troubled

    machine, and uplink port on the switch.

    Answer: C

    125. The DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server in Subnet A isremoved. The DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server in Subnet B

    is set with a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) addresses. What

    needs to be done to correct this problem?

    A. Install a proxy server on Subnet A

    B. Install a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) relay agent on a server inSubnet B

    C. Install a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) relay agent on the DHCP

    (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server in Subnet BD. Install a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) relay agent on a server in

    Subnet A

    Answer: D

    126. After patching and rebooting a network DHCP (Dynamic HostConfiguration Protocol) server, some clients who were able to access resources

    begin to lose connectivity. What utility can be used to regain connectivity to the


    A. nbtstat

    B. arpC. tracert/traceroute

    D. ipconfig/ifconfig

    Answer: D

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    127. A rogue residential gateway has been installed in a network. It is runningDHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). If the computers have static IP

    (Internet Protocol) addressed assigned, what problems might exist on the


    A. There will be no Internet access

    B. The computer IP (Internet Protocol) address will change.C. There should be no problems.

    D. There will be a routing loop between the residential gateway and the original


    Answer: A

    128. Ten workstations numbered 1 through 10 are installed sequentially on a

    physical bus network. The complete network has failed. Which of the following

    could have caused the failure?

    A. Workstation 3 is powered off.

    B. Workstation 4 and 7 use the DLC (Data Link Protocol).

    C. A terminator has been removed from the end of the bus trunk cable.D. A terminator has been installed on the end of the bus trunk cable.

    Answer: C

    129. A client has normally been able to access files shared on a remote server.After a firewall was installed on the server, the client can no longer access the

    files. What should be done to fix the problem?

    A. Change the IP (Internet Protocol) address on the client computer

    B. Reboot the client computer and try connecting again

    C. Ask the system administrator to reboot the serverD. Ask the system administrator to unblock the necessary ports

    Answer: D

    130. A user complains that they can no longer attach to a server using its host

    name; however, they can attach to it using the IP (internet Protocol) address.

    What is the problem?

    A. The server is in the wrong subnet.

    B. The server that they are trying to connect to is not registered in DHCP (Dynamic

    Host Configuration Protocol).

    C. The server that they are trying to connect to has lost its registration in DNS(Domain Name Service).

    D. The server that they are trying to connect to has WINS (Windows Internet Name

    Service) enabled.

    Answer: C

    131. A user is trying to access a FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server but

    discovers that FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is being blocked by a firewall. After

    unblocking port 21 on the firewall, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) still does not

    work. What is the source of the problem?

    A. TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) is not installed.

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    B. NFS (Network File System) is not installed.

    C. Port 20 must also be unblocked.

    D. Port 22 must also be unblocked.

    Answer: C

    132. A technician just installed a new NIC (Network Interface Card) in acomputer and attached a cable to connect the computer to a hub. Assuming the

    NIC (Network Interface Card) is functioning correctly and the network is up,

    which of the following will the technician see on the NIC (Network Interface


    A. The amber light is flashing occasionally and the green light is lit steadily.

    B. The amber light is flashing continually, the green light is lit steadily, and neither

    light will be on until data is transferred.C. The amber light is lit and steady and the green light is flashing continually.

    D. The amber light is flashing occasionally, the green light is lit steadily, and neither

    light will be on until data is transferred.

    Answer: A

    133. A network administrator manages a medium-sized network with a mixture

    of different platform computers. The network contains multiple subnets located

    across a large geographical area. Over half of the subnets contain a WAP

    (Wireless Access Point) for Internet access. The network administrator has

    noticed that particular subnet users have complained of downtime. Upon further

    troubleshooting, the administrator notices that the each day the downtime lasts

    approximately an hour around midday. The administrator also realizes that this

    period of downtime is affecting wireless users only. The administrator travels to

    the troubled subnet around midday and connects using a wired workstation, but

    a wireless laptop will not connect. The administrator also notices that the WAP

    (Wireless Access Point) is 802.11g. Which one of the following would be an

    appropriate action to address this problem?

    A. Upgrade all affected computers to a uniform platform running in ad-hoc mode

    B. Eliminate any sources of RFI (Radio Frequency Interface) around the WAP(Wireless Access


    C. During the affected time, connect the WAP (Wireless Access Point) directly into

    the routerD. Change the WAP (Wireless Access Point) and all affected computers to operate in

    ad-hoc mode

    Answer: B

    134. You work as an administrator at ABC Computer. You implement packetfiltering on the router between the finance department and the marketing

    department. The following night, a batch script runs that sends a file from the

    marketing server to the finance FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server, but it does

    not work. What should be done?

    A. You should make sure port 21 is open on the router.

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    B. You should change the batch script to run during the day.

    C. You should make sure ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) is enabled on

    the router.D. You should set the batch script to run with elevated privileges.

    Answer: A

    135. Which of the following are classified as Layer 2 devices?

    A. Hubs, switches and routers

    B. Hubs, switches and bridgesC. Switches, bridges, and NICs (network Interface Card)

    D. Switches, bridges and routers

    Answer: C

    136. Which of the following options describes a valid reason for subnetting a


    A. To separate the network into smaller broadcast domains

    B. To minimize TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) conflictsC. To convert from a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) to static

    addressesD. To allow reception of multicast telecom traffic

    Answer: A

    137. All of the following are true statements about private IP (Internet Protocol)

    addressing except:

    A. private IP (Internet Protocol) addresses may be duplicated across many networks

    without causing address conflicts.B. private IP (Internet Protocol) addresses must be obtained dynamically from the ISP

    (Internet Service Provider).

    C. private IP (Internet Protocol) addresses allow organizations to share a single publicIP (Internet Protocol) address.

    D. large networks may be broken into several private IP (Internet Protocol) networks.

    Answer: B

    138. All of the following options transmit data over a modem except:A. POTS/PSTN (Plain Old Telephone System/Public Switched Telephone Network).

    B. xDSL (Digital Subscriber Line).C. cable.

    D. T1 (T-Carrier Level 1).

    Answer: D

    139. RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) provides whichfunctionality for remote access?

    A. Verification

    B. Encryption

    C. Addressing

    D. Tunneling

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    Answer: A

    140. Which proved NetBIOS (Network Basic Input/Output System) name to

    IP (Internet Protocol) address resolution?

    A. ipconfig

    B. LMHOSTSC. DNS (Domain Name Services)

    D. DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)

    Answer: B

    141. Which address is within an IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority)

    private range?




    Answer: C

    142. Which standard covers the methods for performing authentication services

    for remote access to a central LAN (Local Area Network)?

    A. 802.5

    B. 802.1x

    C. 802.3D. 802.4

    Answer: B

    143. Which one of the following is a class A IP (Internet Protocol) address?




    Answer: B

    144. Which layer of the OSI (Open Systems Interconnect) models handlesformatting and code conversations?

    A. TransportB. Data Link

    C. Application

    D. Presentation

    Answer: D

    145. A network administrator needs to verify that the SMTP (Simple Mail

    Transfer Protocol) service is running on a particular server. On what port

    number should a Telnet session be established?

    A. 20

    B. 21

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    C. 23

    D. 25

    Answer: D

    1. Which type of connector does a 10BaseT Ethernet cable use?

    a. BNC

    b. RJ-45c. RJ-11

    d. MSAU

    Ans: B

    2. What is the default subnet mask for Class C network?(multiple choice)a.



    d. /24

    Ans: C and D3. Which of the following is the standard adopted for Ethernet CSMA/CD by IEEE


    a. 802.2

    b. 802.1dc. 802.3

    d. 802.5

    Ans: C

    4. Disk Striping with distributed Parity corresponds to which RAID level?

    a. RAID 0b. RAID1

    c. RAID3

    d. RAID5

    Ans: D

    5. Which of the following are class C IP address




    Ans: D

    6. You are concerned about security in your organization and decide to implement asecure password policy. What can you do to make your password policy more


    a) Require users to change passwords randomly

    b) Set password expiration to 2 days

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    c) Require passwords with random numbers of characters

    d) Require password changes regularly

    Ans: D7. Which of the following uses FDM (Frequency Division Multiplexing)?

    a) Broadband

    b) Basebandc) Both a & b

    d) None of the above

    Ans: A8. A user complains that he can't log onto a server. What troubleshooting steps

    should you take to resolve the problem? (Select 3)

    a) Ask a user on a remote segment to try and connect

    b) Ping the serverc) Ask a user on the same segment to try and connect

    d) Replace the NIC

    Ans: A,B and C

    9. Mirroring uses what RAID level?a) 1

    b) 3c) 4

    d) 2

    ANS: A

    10. A client needs to send email to the mail server. What protocol is used?a) POP3

    b) SNMP

    c) SMTPd) FTP

    Ans: C

    11. You install a new virus suite in your network of 120 computers. In the sameafternoon, you configure RAID on one system. You are experiencing system

    crashes throughout your network. What can you do to correct the problem?

    a) Uninstall the virus suiteb) Get the newest virus update from the vendor

    c) Disable the RAID

    d) Check the virus vendor for system patches or service packs

    Ans: D12. You want to check your local TCP/IP connection. How? (Select 2)

    a) Ping

    b) Ping local hostc) Ping Host

    d) Ping

    Ans: B and D13. What layer of the OSI model places the signal on the cable?

    a) Transport

    b) Data link

    c) Physical

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    d) Network

    Ans: C

    14. What layer of the OSI model does the Router operate under?a) Transport

    b) Network

    c) Internetd) Data link

    Ans: B

    15. Which protocol performs name resolution on a UNIX network?a) DNS

    b) DHCP

    c) LMHOSTS

    d) WINSAns: A

    16. What cable type has a max. length of 185 m?

    a) Fiber optics

    b) 10base2c) 10base 5

    d) All of the aboveAns: B

    17. Which 802.x is The Logical Link Control related to?

    a) 802.1

    b) 802.3c) 802.2

    d) 802.4

    Ans: C18. Email and FTP work at which layer of the OSI model?

    a) Data link

    b) Transportc) Application

    d) Network

    Ans: C19. What cable type has a max. length of 500 m?

    a) 10 base 2

    b) Fiber optics

    c) 10 base 5d) None of the above

    Ans: C

    20. You have a 10baseT Ethernet network and want to add one more client. You onlyhave an old AUI Ethernet port on the card. What network device can you use to

    adapt the AUI port to your 10baseT network?

    a) Changerb) Transceiver

    c) Media filter

    d) Repeater

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    Ans: B

    21. 802.5 is the IEEE standard for what?

    a) Ethernetb) Voice data transmission

    c) Token ring

    d) Token BusAns: C

    22. Which Internet port does SMTP use?

    a) 110b) 20

    c) 80

    d) 25

    Ans: D23. Which two are good password practices? (choose two)

    a) Change passwords every 90 days

    b) Maintain minimum password length

    c) Use only alpha numeric symbols in passwordsd) Keep passwords indefinitely

    Ans: A and B

    24. A NIC that has an ST or SC connector on it is an example of?

    a) Fiber opticb) Thin net

    c) IR

    d) Twisted pairAns: a

    25. What device must be installed on a computer to provide it with a physical and

    electrical connection to a network?a) Gateway

    b) BNC connector

    c) NICd) Router

    Ans: C

    26. Which type of cable is most likely in use with RJ-45 connectors attached to a

    computer?a) 10 Base T

    b) 10 Base 5

    c) 10 base XLd) 10 Base 2

    Ans: A

    27. What is the common language that computers use to talk with one another on a


    a) Protocol

    b) Client

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    c) Adaptor

    d) Operating system

    Ans: A28. With respect to the interface network card, what does the term 10/100 refer to?

    a) Megabits per second

    b) Minimum and maximum server speedc) Protocol speed

    d) A fiber network

    Ans: A

    29. The functions of Data link layer are

    a) Physical addressing

    b) Framingc) Segmentation

    d) Connection control

    Ans: A and B

    30. The types of cryptographies area) Symmetric

    b) Virtualc) Secure

    d) Asymmetric

    Ans: A and D

    31. Different types of switching are used by WANa) Packet switching

    b) Network switching

    c) Circuit switchingd) Message switching

    Ans: A, C, and D

    32. Followings are the types of wireless standarda) 802.11

    b) 802.11g

    c) 802.11nd) 802.11d

    Ans: A, B and C

    35. The features of switches are:

    a) It has one collusion Domainb) It uses MAC table for forwarding data

    c) It has one Broadcast Domain

    e) It works on Physical layerAns: B, C

    36. APIPA provides the following IP range-




  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    d) None of the above


    39. A network device that forwards the data packet is-a) Router

    b) Adapter

    c) Hubsd) Switches


    40. assigns IP address automatically on a network.a) DNS

    b) APIPA

    c) DHCP

    d) WINSAns-C

    44. What can a crossover cable in an Ethernet network be used to do?a. Convert from 10 Megabits per second to 100 Megabits per second

    b. Connect two network devices without a Hubc. Test a faulty network card.

    d. Improve bandwidth between the server and the workstations

    Ans: B

    48. You have just installed a new internal PCI modem in your desktop. It will not dial

    out. What are the problems?

    a. The phone line out of the wall is plugged into the phone port on the modemcardb. The modem has not been set up in control panel properties

    c. The phone line is plugged in to the line-in port on the modem card.

    d. The port speed is set too high

    Ans: A and B

    49. Choose three reasons why the networking industry uses a layered model (multiple

    choice question)

    a. It facilitates systematic troubleshooting

    b. It allows changes in one layer to occur without changing other layersc. It allows changes to occur in all layers when changing one protocol

    d. It clarifies how to do it rather than what general function to be done

    e. It clarifies what general function is to be done rather than how to do it

    Ans: A,B, and E

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    50. LAN stands for which of the following?

    a. Local Area Network

    b. Local Arena Networkc. Local Area News

    d. Logical Area Network

    Ans: A

    51. Which two of the following protocols are used at the Transport layer?

    a. ARPb. UDP

    c. ICMP

    d. RARP

    e. TCP

    f. BOOTP

    Ans: B and E

    52. UDP provides connectionless datagram service.

    a. True

    b. False

    Ans: True

    53. Transmission Control Protocol provides Flow Control and Error Checking attransport Layer

    A. True

    B. False

    Ans: A

    54. What are the two functions of Data Link Layer. (multiple choice question)

    a. Handles access to shared media

    b. Manages protocol access to the physical network mediumc. Provides SAPs for higher level protocolsd. Allows multiple devices to uniquely identify one another on the data link layer

    Ans: B and D

    55. What is required to support full-duplex Ethernet?(multiple choice question)

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    a. Multiple paths between multiple stations on a link

    b. Automatic sensing operation by all connected stations

    c. Loopback and collision detection disabledd. Full-duplex NIC cards

    Ans: D

    56. ARP stands for:

    a. Address Resolution Phase

    b. Address Resolution Protocolc. Address Recall Protocol

    d. ARP Resolution Protocol

    Ans: B

    57. What is the difference between TCP and UDP?

    a. TCP is connection-oriented; UDP uses acknowledgements onlyb. TCP is connection-oriented; UDP is connectionless

    c. Both TCP and UDP are connection-oriented, but only TCP uses windowing

    d. TCP and UDP both have sequencing, but UDP is connectionless

    Ans: B

    58. Which three of the following are true statements about connection-oriented sessions?

    a. The segments delivered are acknowledged back to the sender upon theirreception

    b. Any segments not acknowledged the are retransmitted by the receiverc. A manageable data flow is maintained in order to avoid congestion,

    overloading and loss of any data

    d. Segments are sequenced back into their proper order upon arrival at theirdestination

    Ans: A, C, and D

    59. Which of the following is a characteristic of a switch?

    a. Switches forward packets based on the IPX or IP address in the frame

    b. Switches forward packets based on the IP address in the framec. Switches forward packets based on the MAC address in the frame

    d. Switches forward packets based only on the IP address in the packet

    Ans: C

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    60. Identify 3 characteristics of a connection-oriented protocol?(multiple choice)

    a. Path determination

    b. Flow controlc. Acknowledgements

    d. Uses hop count as metrice. 3 step handshake

    Ans\:B, C and E

    61. Identify the 3 Network layer protocols?

    a. NetBios

    b. SAP

    c. ARP

    d. IP

    e. RARP

    Ans: C, D and E

    62. What is the function of the Transport layer and which protocols reside there?

    a. MAC addressing IP

    b. Interhost communication - SQL, NFSc. Best effort Packet delivery - TCP, UDP

    d. End-to-end connections - TCP, UDP

    Ans: D

    63. Identify 3 characteristics of an IP address?(multiple choice question)

    a. Contains a network address and a host addressb. 32 bits long

    c. Unique to each network

    d. Part of the default Cisco configuratione. Referred to as the hardware address

    Ans: A, B and C

    64. Which statement is true regarding half duplex?

    a. Only works in a point-to-point configuration

    b. Allows for transmitting and receiving but not a the same timec. Allow for transmitting and receiving of data simultaneously

    d. Doubles the bandwidth

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    Ans: B

    65. Following are the transport layer protocols____(multiple choice )

    a. IP

    b. TCPc. CDP

    d. ARP

    e. UDP

    Ans: B and E

    66. The network device required to connect a Token ring network to an Ethernet


    a. Repeater

    b. NICc. Router

    d. Token Ring to Ethernet translation hub

    Ans: C

    67. Follwing are true for a MAC address:

    a. Burned into the NICb. 48 bits long

    c. Length is 32 bits

    d. Used to deliver the frame to the end devicee. Contains a network portion and a host portion

    Ans: A, B,D

    68. Ping command is used to:

    a. Share routing information with a neighbor routerb. Transmit user data when buffers are full

    c. Test connectivity at layer 3

    d. Test entire protocol stack

    Ans: C

    69. Following statements are true for MAC address: (multiple choice question)

    a. Contains a network portion and host portion

    b. Always assigned by System Administrator

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    c. 48 bits long

    d. Contains a vendor code and serial number

    Ans: C and D

    70. OSI layer which is responsible for end-to-end connections is:

    a. Networkb. Transport

    c. Session

    d. Data Linke. TCP

    Ans: B

    71. Which addresses are INCORRECTLY paired with their class?(multiple choice)

    a. 128 to 191, Class B

    b. 192 to 223 Class Bc. 128 to 191, Class C

    d. 192 to 223, Class C

    Ans: B and C

    73. Which addresses are INCORRECTLY paired with their class?(multiple choice)

    a. 240 - 255, Class D

    b. 240 - 255, Class Ec. 224 - 239, Class D

    d. 224 - 239, Class E

    Ans: A and D

    74. Which IP Address Class can have 16 million subnets but support 254 hosts?

    a. Class C

    b. Class B

    c. Class A

    d. Class D

    Ans: A

    75. ARP is used to know the MAC address if ip is known?(A) TRUE (B) FALSEANSWER: TRUE

    76. Hybrid topology is the combination of different topologies?

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)



    77. The maximum cable length of thicknet cable is 200 meters?(A) TRUE (B) FALSEANSWER: FALSE

    78. 802.4 standard is used for token ring topology?(A) TRUE (B) FALSEANSWER: FALSE

    5. Ethernet uses CDMA/CD technology?(A) TRUE (B) FALSEANSWER: TRUE

    6. ARCNET was the first LAN system?(A) TRUE (B) FALSEANSWER: TRUE

    7. SMDS stands for switched megabit digital service?(A) TRUE (B) FALSE


    8. The range of C class network is 191 to 225?


    9. A multispeed switch provides different speed on different ports?(A) TRUE (B) FALSEANSWER: TRUE

    10. SMTP protocol is used to send the data?(A) TRUE (B) FALSEANSWER: TRUE

    11. NNTP protocol is used for file transfer?(A) TRUE (B) FALSEANSWER: FALSE

    12. FRAME-RELAY operates on network layer?


    13. ISDN stands for internet service digital network?(A) TRUE (B) FALSE


    14. ICS is the internet connection sharing?(A) TRUE (B) FALSEANSWER: TRUE

    15. Gateway works on seven layer of OSI modal?(A) TRUE (B) FALSEANSWER: TRUE

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)



    1. The functions of Data link layer are:(A) physical addressing (B) framing (C) segmentation (D) connection

    controlANSWER: A, B

    2. The types of cryptographies are:(B) Symmetric (B) virtual (C) secure (D) asymmetricANSWER: A, D

    3. WAN uses types of switching:(A) Packet switching (B) Network switching(C) Circuit switching (D) Message switchingANSWER: A, C, D

    4. The different types of standard for wireless are:(C) 802.11 (B) 802.11g (C) 802.11n (D) 802.11dANSWER: A, B, C

    5. The different types of switching methods are

    (D) Cut-through (B) store and forward (C) quick forward (D) fragment-free

    ANSWER: A, B, D

    6. The features of switches are:(A) It has one collusion Domain(B) It uses MAC table for forwarding data(C) It has one Broadcast Domain(D) It works on Physical layer

    ANSWER: B, C

    7. The different types of hubs are:(E) Passive (B) Active (C) Manageable (D) RepeatingANSWER: A, B, C

    8. The features of IP addresses are:(A) It works on transport layer (B) Its a logical address(C) Its stands for internet protocol (D) Its a physical addressANSWER: B, C

    9. Topology can be:(F) Virtual (B) Logical (C) Physical (D) SpiritualANSWER: B, C

    10. What are the types of LAN

    (G) Ethernet (B) Token ring (C) Hybrid (D) FDDIANSWER: A, B, D

    11. The OSI Data Link Layer is divided into the:(A) Logical addressing (B) Media access control(C) Logical link control (D) Presentation of dataANSWER: B, C

    12. What all the methods are used for securing wireless network?(A) Security set identifier (B) MAC address filtering

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    (C) Port based access control (D) Data encryptionANSWER: A, B, C, D

    13. Types of Ethernet are:(H)10BASE-2 (B) 10BASE-5 (C) 10BASE-6 (D) 10BASE-TANSWER: A, B, D

    14. What all the protocols use distance vector routing?(I) RIP (B) IGRP (C) BGP (D) IS-ISANSWER: A, B, C

    15. What all methods are used for internet sharing?



    1. URL stands for:(A) Universal resource locator (B) Uniform resource locator(C) Uniform reliable locator (D) Universal resource locationANSWER: B

    2. Which device doesnt work on data link layer?(A) Switch (B) Bridge (C) MAC (D) HubANSWER: D

    3. Which is not the type of coaxial cable?(A)RG6 (B) RG58 (C) RG50 (D) RG59ANSWER: C

    4. Which is true statement about the Bridge:(A) it works on Physical layer(B) it uses MAC table to forward data(C) it is used to connect two network(D) it is used to compress data


    5. MAU is used fortopology?(A) Ring (B) Star (C) Mesh (D) HybridANSWER: A

    6. Fragment-free switching checks firstbyte of data(A) 62 (B) 64 (C) 56 (D) 28

    ANSWER: 64

    7. Which command is used for Releasing IP?

    (A) Ipconfig /relieve (B) Ipconfig /release(C) Ipconfig /renew (D) leave IPANSWER: B

    8. CLNP stands for:(A) Connection link network protocol(B) Connection less network protocol

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)


    (C) Connection line network protocol(D) Client link network protocolANSWER: B

    9. Which connector type is used in RG8 cable?(E) RJ-45 (B) BNC (C) Vampire (D) Straight tip


    10. FDDI uses .. Topology?(A) Token bus (B) Star(C) Dual token passing ring (D) TreeANSWER: C

    11. IPX/SPX is communication protocol of . Operating system?(F) Microsoft (B) Novell Netware (C) Sun (D) LinuxANSWER: B

    12. POP3 protocol is used to from remote server?(A) Make connection (B) Applying policies(C) Send email (D) Retrieve email


    13. . Is a terminal emulation program that is used to access remote

    system(G) Remote connection (B) Data sharing (C) Telnet (D) Capturing dataANSWER: C

    14. Which is not an Interior routing protocol?(H)OSPF (B) BGP (C) IS-IS (D) IGRPANSWER: B

    Which is not true regarding ARPANET?(I) it was the first network of world(J) it used FTP to download files

    (K) it was introduced in 1958(L) it used TELNET program to connect remote serverANSWER: C

    16. TCP Modal has .layers?(A) Five (B) Seven (C) Three (D) None of theseANSWER: A

    17. Fiber-optic cables that use LEDs is known as:(M)Single mode (B) Multimode (C) Both (D) None of theseANSWER: B

    18. Thinnet is also called as a:

    (A) 10BASE2 (B) 10BASE5 (C) 10BASE3 (D) None of theseANSWER: A

    19. ATM stands for:

    (A) Asynchronous transfer mode (B) Auto transfer mode(C) Asynchronous transmission mode (D) None of these

  • 8/3/2019 Networking Essentials (Bank)



    20. POP3 works on ............... layer?(A) Transport (B) Application (C) Network (D) Data link layerANSWER:B