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The special edition of the Asian Voices, dedicated to Nepal and the earthquakes that struck in April. Please note the following corrections: [Page 17 - The email address of VIN should be [email protected]] [Page 18 - The email address of VWP Nepal should be [email protected]]

Transcript of Nepali Voices

  • 1Dear readers,

    At 26th of April Asian Voices had its deadline. The day before however the devastating earthquake took place in Nepal. We could not just ignore the news of course. However other news had been written or was still in process and we could not leave that behind neither.

    The idea to dedicate this magazine to what happened in Nepal, only came later. But then we also started to work hard to pro-duce articles. Several interviews with Nepali activists took place, despite the fact that a lot has been destroyed and access to internet in Nepal did not go without saying (just imagine living in a temporary shelter.).We were somehow running after the news, as the situation in Nepal changed and still changes day by day. What we have writ-ten now, can be characterized as real past time tomorrow.

    Nevertheless we succeeded and the result is now what you are reading. We hope with this magazine to give insight what Is happening in the world of International Voluntary Service and volunteering in general (not only SCI) after the disaster in Nepal.

    We see it as our contribution in the aftermath of the earthquake. Like many and for several reasons, the editors are/were not able to go to Nepal ourselves. But we hope to have made Nepali voices being heard.

    Last, but not least we would like to thank all the contributors to spend their very precious time to answer our questions or requests for news.

    Amitis,The special editing team of Nepali Voices

    Table of Contents1 Frontnotes2 Earthquake and SCI Nepal3 Message by the IEC 4 Message by the Coordination - team5 Interview with Punya + Panauti camps7 Interview with Prajwol 8 A report on Nepal Earthquke in Bhaktapur9 Appeal from SCI Bhaktapur10 Workcamp for Disaster Relief Bhakdapura District Nepal12 Interview with Peter + news from VIN (ccivs)13 Interview with Neelam16 Appeal from other voluntary organisation18 Initiatives from other branches20 Endnotes

  • Within the SCI-movement there has been a spontaneous wave of willingness to support our brothers and sisters in Nepal, at several levels: as branches, international coordination and individuals.

    The reader may be already aware also after reading this Nepali Voices- that there are two teams active within SCI Nepal, one around Panauti, the other around the city Bhaktapur. Those teams were already active before the earthquake and were/are working quite autonomously. The latest news is that under the committed captaincy of Stephen Nah (SCI Malaysia) a coordination-team has been formed in the belief that a disaster how bad whatsoever- can actually bring people together. The coordination team consists of 2 persons of each group, complemented by an Asian SCI contact person and an European SCI contact person.

    The group started working and is supported by IEC (see page 3). Steps are being made to actually work together, in SCI spirit. Nepali Voices welcomes this initiative and would like to give the space to the team to come up with proposals. Meanwhile the practical relief-work, done by SCI Nepal in Bhaktapur and Panauti takes place. Deeds and words!

    Nepali Voices also welcomes initiatives outside SCI, as a disaster with such impact requires thinking outside the regular SCI-box. In this magazine we also would like to pay attention to other organizations and initiatives. For the sake of Nepali people, we would like to express our gratitude to all organizations active in the field.

    Wilbert Helslooton behalf of the editorial team of Nepali Voices


    Editorial: Earthquake and SCI NepalThe earthquake has had a tremendous effect on the life in Nepal

    as well on the lives of SCI-activists there. Activists have remained

    physically safe, apart from a broken leg later sustained while

    trying to rescue a family from their home following an aftershock.

    Thousands of people have died and many homes were destroyed,

    among those the houses of SCI-activists.

  • We, the members of the International Executive Committee of SCI, havebeen observing with great attention the news about situation in Nepal,and especially our thoughts have been with our SCI friends there.

    Like some of you, we have also made an effort to reach SCI members inNepal to find out what kind of help can be provided.

    We are supporting the creation of an international coordination teamcomposed by 6 members of SCI in Nepal with Stephen Nah from SCIMalaysia and Sara Turra, the office coordinator at the internationalsecretariat.

    We are happy to see that 3 relief workcamps have been announced by SCINepal. We are also confident that this team will be able to sort outwhat are the most urgent needs and how help from SCI can be provided inthe weeks and months to come.

    Although every branch is free to to start bilateral collaborations, weare asking branches to get in touch with this team for a coordinatedapproach.

    In the next days you will get more information about the address toreach and the concrete steps that are planned.

    Many greetingsUris for the IEC, 10/05/2015


    Message from IEC(International Executive Committee of SCI)

    Dear all,The tragedy that has taken place in Nepal has moved the hearts of all SCI movement members, and the will to help is visible on all SCI levels: local, national and international ones.

  • As of now adhoc but ongoing voluntary and on-site community, voluntary, relief and humanitarian work are been carried out both in Bhataphur and Panauti SCI local groups with some partners NGO. Action includes distribution of Bottled Water, Facemasks, Rice and medical supplies and helping to set up shelter for the displaced. As reported Kathmandu and Bhataphur were severely struck, fortunately the town of Panauti except some of the country side were mostly unaffected.

    The Project Team will carried out an assessment of the current situation, will decide on some specific target areas (the overall damage is too extensive and enormous), will do any analysis of their needs, recommend some specific plan of action and estimate the tentative budget. The proposal would also include plan to organise a few International Workcamps in these affected areas.

    More details would be provided in the next 2 weeks - via Facebook and announcements. A specific webpage is also to be created on the international website of SCI,

    In the meantime - several SCI Branches have expressed willingness to send volunteers and initiate effort to raise fund to support the repair and reconstruction of the many damaged or destroyed Temples, Heritage Buildings, Sheltered Homes and homes of the unfortunate victims - unfortunately too many our very active and committed volunteers . To all our supportive friends - the people of Nepal greets you with Namaste and says Dhandebad (Thank You)

    Update 17/05: Stephen Nah has been replaced last week in the team by Wilbert Helsloot and the team, named Coordination Team Disaster Earthquake Nepal (CTDEN) can be reached by [email protected]


    Message from the Co-ordination Team

    A Project Team comprising of Anil and Punya from Panauti, and Raju and Sachi from Bhaktapur and supported by an European representative (Sara Turra from the International Secretariat)| and an Asian one (Stephen Nah, from Asian Development Committee) has been formed.

  • 5Where were you and what were you doing at the time of the earthquake? I was at my friends shop chatting with friends. And suddenly the shutter of the shop started shaking and right after it I ran towards the Panauti Palace Square, which was an open ground near me. All the people came to the square where some were crying, shouting, praying and looking for their family.

    Did you know at that time at the open space what happened to your house (and family)?I didnt have any idea as the network was busy and as my mind was blank I did not think of any thing but after 10 mins I rushed towards my house to look for them. They were safe out the house in the bus park.

    And houses and shops, were those destroyed?As i was in ward no 7 of panauti their is a legend told by our old folks that the panauti especially ward no 5,6 and 7 is situated above a big rock so the earth quake doesnt affect much. But as it was a big quake, there were some cracks.

    When exactly did you realize the larger devastating impact of the earthquake in whole Nepal?I realized it was a big quake when I saw the building sway back and forth and the feeling of the ground beneath me moving. And I also I heard a sound which I cant explain.

    But when did you realize that many people actually died?I realized many people were dead when I heard the news in the radio

    are many friends/relatives of you affected by the earthquake (all over Nepal)?My second elder sister house is cracked badly so they could not live there now. And my maternal uncle house is totally destroyed by the quake.

    Where do they live now?He (Punyas uncle) lives under a temporary tents shelterAnd my sister is living in the her brother in laws house.

    What i found remarkable is that you posted pictures at facebook of yourself in a shelter. the pictures left many in the impression that Panauti-city was hit very hard and houses completely destroyed. Can you explain?These are the pictures when we had to stay outside our houses from the authorities after the earth quake for 5 days. Mainly fear for after-shocks. I could not understand, because their were many aftershocks and which are still coming.

    Punya (34) is a longstanding activist of SCI Nepal. He has been member since 2000, joined and coordinated several workcamps, attended international meetings of SCI. He lives in Panauti. This interview took place at 8th and 9th of May, before the second largest earthquake at 12th of May.

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