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Transcript of Neocortical dynamics and human EEG rhythms, 1995, 708 ... · PDF fileNeocortical dynamics and...

  • Neocortical dynamics and human EEG rhythms, 1995, 708 pages, Paul L. Nunez,0195057287, 9780195057287, Oxford University Press, 1995


    The field of neocortical dynamics is a highly interdisciplinary one that draws on information fromelectrophysiology, anatomy, neurochemistry, clinical neurology, cognitive neuroscience, physics,mathematics, neural networks, engineering, and related fields. Spanning these fields, thisintegrated work examines dynamic interactions between neural structures at various spatial scaleswithin the human neocortex. The relationships between this neocortical dynamic function,electroencephalographic (EEG) data and cognitive processing by the brain are discussed in detail.The study of complex dynamical systems, which involve interactions of functional units at variousspatial scales, is mostly the province of certain branches of physics and engineering. Specificaspects of these fields that appear to be especially applicable to neocortical dynamic function andEEG recordings are emphasized in this volume. These include important issues of different dynamicbehavior at different spatial scales and interactions across scales. Underlying principles areconsidered in the context of a variety of EEG and MEG data, including spontaneous activity andtransient and steady-state evoked potentials. Several connections between general theoreticalideas concerning predictions of coherent spatial structure in neocortical dynamics, such as standingwaves, and actual data are also discussed. This unique volume provides a tentative theoreticalframework for neocortical function that will serve as a guide to further experimental andtheoretical work.


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    download Neocortical dynamics and human EEG rhythms Oxford University Press, 1995

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