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    NDTA USTRANSCOMTransportation University

    Transportation University encourages a free flow of ideas. In the spirit of this academic setting, the

    views of the instructors and participants are assumed to be their own and not those of NDTA,

    DoD, USTRANSCOM, or anybodys parent organization/company.

    Session: S1

    Title: KC-46--Capabilities and Impact on the Warfighter

  • 2Unrivaled Global Reach for America ALWAYS!

    KC-46The Air Forces New Air Refueling Aircraft

    DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A. Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.

  • 3Unrivaled Global Reach for America ALWAYS!

    Tankers are key to the U.S. Military Strategy Provide speed, range, and flexibility for global

    operations Current KC-135 tanker fleet is over 50 years old

    with rising maintenance and supports costs 1st delivery - 1957


    The Need for New TankersAir Forces #1 Acquisition Priority

  • 4Unrivaled Global Reach for America ALWAYS!

    Program Of Record

    179 tankers to begin replacing fleet of 416 aging KC-135 tankers

    Multi-role capability air refueling, cargo, passenger and patient transport

    Contract award 24 Feb 11 Delivery of 18 tankers by 2017 Production ramp up to 15 tankers per year Production concludes in 2028

    KC-46 built in Everett factory, with finishing and final delivery in Wichita, KS

    Boeing Program Office located at Everett, WA

    Air Force Program Office located at WPAFB, OH Numerous Teammates



    Global Logistics Support Center (GLSC) FAA Military Certification Office (MCO) Edwards AFB Responsible Test Organizations (RTO)

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    KC-46 Pegasus

    KC-46A is 1st Phase of a 3-Phase Tanker Recap 179 KC-46As Will Replace Less Than Half of Current

    Tanker Inventory Aircraft Delivery @ McConnell AFB Begins Q2 FY17

    Basing Actions MOB 1 McConnell AFB, KS MOB 2 Pease ANGB, NH MOB 3 Seymour Johnson, NC Announced as Preferred

    Location on 29 October 2015 (AFRC Lead) Altus AFB, OK Primary Training Location

    All U.S. Main Operating Bases Will Be Active/ARC Associations

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    KPP #3: Worldwide Airspace Access (CNS/ATM)

    Meets 387 Warfighter Requirements372 Mandatory + 15 Non-Mandatory

    Combat Ready Upon Delivery

    Aeromedical Evacuation

    KPP #4: Cargo & PAX

    KPP #9: Multi-Point AR

    KPP #8: Survivability--Defensive Systems & Night Ops

    KPP #1: Same Sortie Boom & Drogue

    KPP #6: Chem/Bio

    KPP #2: Range/Offload

    KPP #5: Receiver AR

    KPP #7: Net-Ready


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    Commercial Passenger Airplane

    Type Certificate (TC)

    KC-46A Tanker

    Refueling Systems Military Avionics Supplemental Type

    Certificate (STC) Military Certification

    767-2C Provisioned Freighter

    Baseline Non-Military Aircraft Enhanced Flight Deck Freighter (Cargo door & floor) Body Tanks Tanker System Provisions Amended Type Certificate (ATC)


    AirplaneConfiguration Development

  • 8Unrivaled Global Reach for America ALWAYS!

    Key Features

    400 gpm Centerline Drogue System

    Aerial Refueling Operator Station

    Camera System

    Digital Glass Cockpit

    Self Protection Electromagnetic Pulse hardening Chemical / Biological operations LAIRCM & Radar Warning Receiver Cockpit armor

    Pratt & Whitney Engines 62K Thrust 120 kVA Generators

    Multi-role Capabilities Air Refueling, cargo, passengers, patients Roll-On Beyond-Line-of-Sight (ROBE) capability

    1,200 gpm Refueling


    Up to 54 Aeromedical Evacuation Patients

    Up to 58 Passengers ( 114 for Contingency Operations)

    400 gpm Wing Air Refueling Pods

    Up to 18 463L Pallets

    Crew Bunks

    Additional Crew Seats (8)


    Forward Entry Door

    Main Cargo Door

    Aft Door

    Overwing Hatch

    Aircraft Equipment Storage

    1,200 gpm Modernized fly-by-wire KC-10 Boom

    Provides Simultaneous Refueling Capability

  • 9Unrivaled Global Reach for America ALWAYS! 9

    Large 787 multi-functional displays Advanced avionics for worldwide operations Air refueling data displays

    High resolution cameras provide 3D visual acuity

    185 degree field-of-view Dual Redundant Instructor Station

    Fully Digital Glass Cockpit

    Air Refueling Operator Station

    Flight Deck State of the Art Technology

  • 10Unrivaled Global Reach for America ALWAYS!

    Digital Glass Cockpit

    Worldwide operations in all civil/military airspace

    Large 787 15 diagonal pilot displays Flight and weather data

    on both displays VHF, HF, SATCOM

    radios capable of voice or data, ACARS and ATC comm TSAS w/Link 16, threat

    and warning systems Air refueling operations

    viewable from pilot display

  • 11Unrivaled Global Reach for America ALWAYS!

    Air Refueling Operator Station

    Dual interconnected control sticks Instructor station with

    override capability 24 displays with 3D

    refueling picture Touchscreen capability Panoramic 185 degree

    field-of-view Recordable AR data and

    camera system Offload, rate and boom

    limits automatically set Offload and receiver data

    automatically captured

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    Multi-Point System for Simultaneous

    Air Refueling

    Advanced Fly-By-Wire Refueling Boom

    Tanker-to-Tanker Air Refueling for Extended Range and Flexibility

    Centerline Hose and Drogue Refueling System

    Air Refueling Capabilities

  • 13Unrivaled Global Reach for America ALWAYS!

    Multi-Role Capabilities







    Tail HeightKC-135 419KC-46 - 5210



    KC-10 80

    KC-46A 18

    KC-10 27

    KC-10 Up to 12 Litters








    Tail HeightKC-10 581KC-46 - 5210

  • 14Unrivaled Global Reach for America ALWAYS! 14

    18 Pallet Configuration

    10 Pallet / Centerline Configuration

    Certified 58 Passenger Configuration

    Cargo Seamless integration with Defense

    Transportation System 18 463L pallets; 10 pallets in centerline

    configuration Integrated roller system Compatible with all USAF loaders

    Passenger Configuration FAA certified for 58 passengers; 114 for

    contingency operations Palletized seating

    Aeromedical Evacuation Configuration 58 patients - 24 Litter / 30 Ambulatory 6-patient integrated capability Onboard emergency oxygen and electrical


    58 AE Patient Configuration

    Multi-Role Configurations

  • 15Unrivaled Global Reach for America ALWAYS!

    Tanker Capabilities

    AR Max FuelTravel 1000 NM, 4hr loiter, max offload

    Max un-refueled range

    KC-46 212,000 lbs 105,000 lbs 16.5 hrs/7,400 NMKC-135 200,000 lbs 105,000 lbs 18.7 hrs/8,300 NMKC-10 340,000 lbs 200,000 lbs 18.3 hrs/8,600 NM

    Cargo Max PalletsMax Cargo Load Range w/ max

    payloadKC-46 18**/10* 65,000 lbs 10 hrs/4,600 NMKC-135 6* 36,000 lbs 13.5 hrs/6,000 NMKC-10 27**/17 170,000 lbs 7 hrs/3,100 NM

    * Centerline Load Pallets ** No Pax

  • 16Unrivaled Global Reach for America ALWAYS! 16

    Threat detection and IR defeating systems (LAIRCM, RF Detection)Cockpit armor Fuel tank protection

    Inert Gas System + Self-Sealing Tanks

    Electromagnetic pulse protectionChemical, biological operationsSituational awareness

    Improved from KC-135 baseline

    Increased display information e.g. Threat data & secure data link

    Combat Survivability

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    BusinessSustainmentTest & EvaluationTrainingProgram Risks

    KC-46 ProgramCharacteristics / Initiatives

  • 18Unrivaled Global Reach for America ALWAYS!

    Business Characteristics EMD (Fixed Price Incentive Firm)

    Target Cost (TC) proposed by offeror Target Profit = 12% of TC Ceiling Price = 125% of TC Share Ratio = 60/40 (Govt/offeror)

    Created appropriate incentive for offeror to control costProduction

    Lot 1 (LRIP #1): FFP Target Qty: 7 Variable Qty Range: 4-7 Lot 2 (LRIP #2): FFP Target Qty: 12 Variable Qty Range: 8-15 Lots 3-5: NTE + EPA Target Qty: 15 Variable Qty Range: 9-18 Lots 6-13 : NTE + EPA Target Qty: 15 Variable Qty Range: 12-15

    Interim Contractor Support Year 1: FFP # of Bases: 0 Target # of A/C: 0 Year 2: FFP # of Bases: 2 Target # of A/C: 7 Year 3: FFP # of Bases: 3 Target # of A/C: 19 Year 4: FFP # of Bases: 3 Target # of A/C: 38 Year 5: FFP # of Bases: 3 Target # of A/C: 53 Year 6 and Beyond: Organic

    Provides AF wide flexibility depending on fiscal environment and operational requirements, with competitive pricing established


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    Strategy Leveraging best of commercial and military support prac