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Special General Council Edition. NCU Magazine is the official magazine of North Central University in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Transcript of NCU Magazine - Summer 2013

  • DR. DAN NELSONNCU faculty awarded 5th consecutive Distinguished Educator Award

    RYANWILLIAMSNCU alum leads worship for General Council in Orlando

    your life. our mission.

    Since 1930

    Summer 2013Official Magazine of North Central University

    Career for the record booksNATE ROEDER

    NCU alum wins $1 Million grant KATIE MEYLER

    NCU forges new partnershipSONSHINE FESTIVAL

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    Dr. Gordon Anderson

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    V.P., Advancement: Dr. Paul Freitag

    V.P., Business & Finance: Cheryl Book

    V.P., Student Development: Mike Nosser

    V.P., University Relations: Michael White

    your life. our mission.

    The Alliance for Assemblies of God Higher Education will honor Dr. Anderson with the Distinguished Administrator Award at the 2013 General Council in Orlando, Florida.

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    Ephesians 4:11-12

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    Jeff Hathaway

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    NCU Magazine is published by the

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    Dr. Gordon Andersonis the sixth president of North Central University



    In recent years, the U.S. has surpassed a population of 300 million and quite possibly, for the first time in history, there are four generations in the workforce. The implications of this for leadership, organizational development, and strategic planning both inside the church and in the marketplace are quite profound.

    The leaders of tomorrow will inherit a world with many challenges. Culture and the centers of power in our society have a constant corrosive effect on our churches, families, and students. Recent research shows that the faith of many American Christians is becoming more juvenile, resulting in a skin-deep faith. Watching these events unfold in our times can leave a person asking, what are we going to do?

    Here at North Central University we are preparing our students for the challenges of these profound implications. Arguably, any answer to this question must include the linking of arms across generations. We are committed to being a place for that linkage to occur with the finest faculty, the most talented staff, and hardest working administration.

    Properly passing God culture from one generation to the next cannot be underscored enough. Psalms 145:3-4 gives us a model worth examining: One generation commends your works to another; they tell of your mighty acts. Perhaps the best way forward will be by remembering our past in Christ. The school will be dedicating this coming year to the study and presentation of inter-generational leadership. Chapels, forums, special guests and my sermon series will all focus on the inner workings of how the generations are to relate to one another and ensure the passing of wisdom, knowledge, skills and maturity this world desperately needs.

  • Nicole Serrano 05NCU grad auditions for NBC's "The Voice"

    Bob Poe 07Founder of the Sonshine Music Festival

    NCU Donor Scholarships 12North Central University works to bridge the gap

    New Worship Live CD 10New live worship album recorded in the NCU Chapel

    Nate Roeder 17NCU Senior's remarkable basketball career surpassed only by his amazing character

    UMAC adds Rams Athletics 16NCU welcomed as full time member

    Katie Meyler 04$1 Million grant infuses her ministry in Liberia

    ON THE COVER: Ryan Williams (2007, Worship Arts) photo by jeff hathaway

    Summer 2013







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    your life. our mission.Since 1930

    Ryan Williams 06NCU alum leads worship at 2013 General Council

    A Little Bit of Sonshine 08North Central partners with Christian music festival

    Applied Studies Program 13New partnership adds 15 new vocational programs

    NCU Faculty Honored (again) 145th Consecutive North Central faculty to be awarded Distinguished Educator Award at General Council

    Dr. Gary Denbow joins NCU 15Denbow added as new dean for College of Missions

    Spring 2013 | 3

  • Katie Meyler '05Founder,

    More Than Me FoundationGIRL CHAMPION

    Katie Meyler (2005, Interdisciplinary Studies), is the recipient of this years North Central University Young Alumnus Award, which was presented in chapel by NCU President, Dr. Gordon Anderson and Wes Book of the NCU Alumni Relations office.

    The Young Alumnus Award is a designation that is bestowed on a recent graduate of NCU, generally within the past ten years. The individuals that are the recipients of this award have demonstrated outstanding achievement and leadership within their area of vocational employment that embodies and promotes the mission, vision and purpose of North Central University.

    Students were honored with a very moving chapel message from Katie, where she talked about her time as a student at North Central, the challenges of her childhood, and her experience winning the $1 million grant from the Chase Giving Awards to support her foundation, More Than Me. After her message, she received a standing ovation from students and staff and then later met with students at a luncheon held in her honor. You can hear Katies chapel message on our website at:


    Katie in Chapel receiving the 2013 NCU Young Alumnus Award from Dr. Gordon Anderson and Wes Book


    Hi Friends, Family, & People I don't know but I can feel, I have to stop for a few minutes and just process all that has been going on. Every day feels like history is happening, I have goose bumps half the time. Last night I went for my daily run at 5 pm with the girls all around Monrovia. We pump our arms in the air and we shout different things as we run like, "I respect myself" and we laugh, we always laugh. We're preparing for the 10k in August; the girls are so excited! Morgana runs things on the ground in Liberia now since I split my time between Liberia and the US; she's incredible. She made friends with Robert, a US Marine who now runs our 1st-ever gym class! One of my favorite moments was one early morning when 20 or so of the older girls came to the office and we had this long talk about starting a movement and how you're never too young to lead one. I shared the story of Harriet Tubman and Leymah Gbowee (Liberian hero/Nobel Peace Laureate who helped stop the war) and they got really excited! Regina, one of our top students, wanted to meet Leymah so we went and met her; it was incredibly special. I could go on and on with the bureaucracy of opening a school. Getting electricity, setting up taxes, getting a shipping container into the country, finishing construction, etc., but it's really been the in-between movements that make me feel so alive. Being on the back of a motorbike making friends with the driver who is hustling to make enough money to pay his way through a broken college system, or sitting in my new friend Nancy's hair salon as she braids my hair and tells me, "You don't pay, this is for friendship." There are dozens of hairdressers now who said they will be "Aunties" to the girls!

    I hate to tell sad stories, but those are very real too. I often struggle with how to share those. My heart breaks and I tear up as I write this, but just a few days ago in West Point during our sports program a little girl grabbed my arm and whispered in my ear, "Take me away." She lives in one of the brothel areas here. Her home life is very bad and everyone knows it. She's not in school, and it's obvious that she's being abused in some way. We went to the police; we hope to get her out of there. I have so much to say, but I know this is getting long. Basically I just wanted to let you know what's been going on here and say Thank You for being on this journey with us. We are all in this together; we really are wrapped up in each other. Before we are American. Liberian. European. We are human. And together we really can leave a beautiful mark on our world.

    I love each one of you; I feel beyond grateful.

    Together We Can,Katie

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  • Anyone who has heard the great music of Nicole Serrano (2010, Worship Arts) knows that she is a poignant songwriter and has been blessed with a unique, amazing voice. Although she has enjoyed success selling her music and accumulated a wide fan base through her live shows and YouTube, it was only a matter of time before the rest of the world took notice of this native New Yorker and NCU grad. That moment came recently on the season premier of the NBC hit show, The Voice. Nicole was picked out of tens of thousands of singers to be one of the few to audition on the nationally televised show in fr