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  • 1. Louise TarpCopenhagen, May 20th 2010

2. ICP A/SInvestors and contractorsAareal Bank KPC BygCargill Kristensen EjendommeCarlsberg Magasin EjendommeGrontmij Carl Bro MT HjgaardCeracoNordeaDADES/DATEA NCC DanmarkDan-Ejendomme PhillipsenDSB Realkredit DanmarkECE Projektmanagement SkanskaEnggaardSteen & Strm DanmarkForas Holding TK DevelopmentFrederiksborgGruppenTrizechahnJones Lang LaSalleUnibail-Rodamco 3. ICP A/S RetailBrantanoCinemaxX GmbhF Group A/SIkea A/SIntersport A/SEl Giganten/DixonsFord Motor CompanyReitanLIDLDansk SupermarkedSilvan A/SThiele A/SMagasin Du NordIllum 4. ICP A/SMinistries and municipalitiesKbenhavns KommuneFrederiksberg KommuneAalborg Kommunerhus KommuneOdense KommuneTidl. Fyns AmtTidl. rhus AmtViborg KommuneSlagelse KommuneLolland KommuneMinistry of the EnvironmentMinistry of Social Affairs 5. Consumers 6. Cultural harmonizing 7. Consumers have different needs 8. Consumers are not alwayspredictable 9. Have increasing demands 10. Demands many options 11. Demands quality and service 12. Are price conscious 13. Wants entertainment 14. Not either/or but both/and 15. Different purchage situations 16. Trends in retail 17. The depth and variety of supply have greaterimportance, than thedistance to the shopping destination 18. Food Growing variety of ready-mademeals 19. Convience 20. Wide selection 21. Victor Churchill, Sydney Upgrading the actual appearence and fittingsin the store are still king Australias most exciting and unique butchershop is a great example Timber beams, rich timber panelling, italianmarble and Himlayian bricks and a lot more 22. KaDeWe 23. Dean and Deluca 24. Dining 25. Trends Dining Large growth potential in dining in Scandinavia The danes dining 10-20 % of the groceryturnover. In US this number is more than 50 % 26. Dining in store 27. L-caf, Tokyo A caf targeting Japenese women in their 20sand 30s Register by mobile phone, supply basic detailsand youre ready to order With every order of food or drinks, they receivea L Coin, which can be redeemed for freesamples (eg. food or skincare) at the sample bar After the visit, members are asked to sharetheir views via electronic survey 28. Caf Z Am Park, Zrich A caf where you can buy the furniture The chairs and tables are displayed (= used)for 3 months and then sold on an auction 29. New desires 30. Shopping goods 31. TrendsShop size: Decreasing turnover per m2 internationaltrend.Modern stores need space to interesting interiordesign and presentation of the products 32. TrendsInternational Strong internationalization The luxery brands has been international inmany years, but the middle price koncepts arenow widespread. Koncepts as Zara, H&M and Ikea is about tocover the whole world 33. Consumers expect adventures and has high demands to thevariety 34. Larger stores 35. Increasing specializing 36. New layouts 37. Shopfront sells 38. doe s i t?Or 39. Is this a retailstore? 40. Different shop fronts! 41. Create exciting stores 42. New names! 43. New functions in thestores 44. Mental, Manilla 45. K11 Art Mall, Hong Kong 30.600 m2, 6 floors, 100 stores and a lot of art Exhibition windows in between each store 2,6 million $ worth of art Shopping destination AND museum, works asa platform for local artists iphone app as a museum guide Scheduled to open K11s in Wuhan andShanghai as well 46. New type of stores 47. Charity Shop, Westfield Marys Living & Giving shop, Westfield (London) Westfield donated the space needed and MaryPotas teamed up with Grazia magazine topromote the idea: donate unwanted luxuryitems to the shop Turnover: 113.000 in 3 weeks!! Save The Children could save 10.000childrens life with the money generated 48. Buy Together Store, Stockholm If a group of people buy the same product, theyall obtain a discount New products every day Be notified by sms, when your wanted productis instore 49. Teen Vogue Haute Spot A showroom that brings the magazine to life The products are bought at retailers founddirectly at the mall or on the Teen Vogue onlinesite New Iphone app with social component (shareyour digital wardrobe) and click-and-buy shop 50. More specializing 51. Marmite, London Caf and pop-up store a marketing stunt Become a member and participate in tests 52. Lonely Planet Store, Sydney Airport First fysical shop from the famous brand Full range of travel guides, books and highquality travel accessories and gift items Staff with travel knowledge, access to onlineportals all in an inspiring invironment All new online product, Pick&Mix onlydownload the pages needed. Good idea? 53. Estee Lauder, online Upload your photo and try on make up Buy the wanted products directly 54. A demand for moreflexibility 55. Pop up shops Pop up shops = one of the strongest trends Example: the F-factory in the Moore Buildingin Miami was opened for only a month Alongside an exhibition you could shop forFendi, Neon Monster, Maison Martin Margielaand top fashion brands Another example is the Puma City: a moveable1.000 m2 shop build from shipping containers 56. Wish You Were Here, London + NY 30 shops swap destination for a month A pop-up happening, which brings the fashionof London to New York and vice versa Shopping, but parties, fashion shows, eatingand events as well 57. Kiosk Kiosk, London Red or Dead designer Wayne Hemingway helpscreative entrepreneurs with rent-free kiosks Demonstrate your products and ideas for freeon a hot destination for 2-3 days 58. All senses in use in shopfitting 59. Miele Inspirience Center, Vianen Showroom with enormous interactivity wrap-ped ind exciting and modern surroundings 100 displays connected to intelligentmanagement system Register at arrival, borrow an Iphone and thesignage adapts to the customers preferences Scents is integrated (fresh laundry, brewedcoffee evoke positive emotions) 60. HMV Curzon, Wimbledon The classic HMV store completely rethought Instore cinema (3 screens with 263 seats total) Club-feel with drinks and dining open foreveryone, not only the moviegoers Watch the movie, buy the soundtrack, the DVDand the merchandise 61. Other shopping trends 62. Debenham Twitter Experiment, London How to obtain premium consumer service on busy days? 6 members of the staff acts as Twitter assistents They answer and respond to customer requests via the social network Twitter (mobile) The customer can get help while looking at the product 63. Iphone app, Westfield Interact with advertising via your Iphone Spin, rotate or change the colour on the digitalposter with your Iphone Mostly af gimmick for now but fun, new anddifferent 64. TouchnPay, Zrich Testing unmanned store-concept at farm shop Phone works as access/key around the clock,scanner (each product with RFID) and cashregister 65. Your mobile is a scanner The use of 2D scanning is exploding In magazines, outdoor ads, weekly ads anddirectly in the shop (eg. Norma Kamali) Scan the red code and buy the shirt around theclock a new meaning to window-shopping 66. Casa Surf Project, Laguna Beach CA 10 suites, 10 designers, 10 brands Each suite uniqly branded and fitted withsnappy art and strong products A new way to promote (and sell) consumerproducts? 67. E-bay store, New York From online auctions to fysical store 500 m2 pop-up store on Manhattan (was onlyopened during november 2009) Actually a showroom with terminals hookedup to Marketing stunt? 68. My Checker Box, Hong Kong 200 m2 fitted with small cases in differentsizes, all rented out to want-to-be-retailers Rent for a week and create a small, tailoredshop for your merchandise A way for small merchants and designers toaffort a position in retail Wolf & Badger follows same concept atNotting Hill, but on a monthly basis 69. Customer service will achieve greater importance 70. Parkering service 71. Handsfree Shopping 72. Orientation and information 73. Secturity 74. Give atmosfere to shopping 75. What is an experience? 76. Fountain? 77. Oasis 78. Skiing - Dubai 79. Lalaport, Tokyo 80. Amusements 81. West Edmonton, Canada 82. You have to plan 83. Consumers have high demands tothe shopping placeDimensions as city environment,culture and entertainment plays a greater role 84. but time will show 85. if we have to return tothe starting point ?