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Transcript of NCPA Chairman Contents - · PDF fileCentre for the Performing Arts, NCPA Marg, Nariman Point,...

  • NCPA ChairmanKhushroo N. Suntook

    Director, Marketing, Sales & AdminDeepak Bajaj

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    4 September 2013 NCPA


    12An Odyssey of Passion As the SOI gears up for its next season, NCPA Chairman Mr. Khushroo N. Suntook talks to ON Stage about the struggles and joys of creating Indias rst symphony orchestra

    16Devotion in DanceWith one foot in an ashram and the other on a stage, Sattriyas recognition as a classical dance form has been a long time coming, discovers Ranjana Dave

    1925 Greatest Jazz SongsAs we get into the season of jazz, Sunil Sampat lists the 25 jazz songs that everyone, both beginners and acionados, should have in their collection

    06Orchestrating ExcellenceOn the eve of his visit to Mumbai to conduct the Symphony Orchestra of India, Charles Dutoit reveals to Phil Sizer what motivated him to become a conductor, and talks about the repertoire he will be performing

    08Breaking BoundariesLior Shambadal talks to Phil Sizer about the repertoire for the SOI concert, and the importance of developing a unique sound with every orchestra he conducts

    09Of Maestros and MusicMarat Bisengaliev talks to Akhil Sood about the upcoming SOI season and his vision for the orchestra

    10Forward BoundZane Dalal talks to Akhil Sood about the whole fabric that is the SOI, returning for another season to prepare the orchestra and conducting its debut in Pune


    Symphony Orchestra of IndiaConcert Season September 2013


  • Contents Letters to the Editor23Poorab on the RiseThe true thumri, Meena Banerjee tells us, looks to the east not just for inspiration, but also for its heart and soul26 AAPRO at the NCPAZane Dalal lends his perspective on the forthcoming AAPRO Summit hosted by the NCPA from 19th to 22nd September, 2013

    28Letter from London: Dierent NotesAshutosh Khandekar writes about how opera in the UK is throwing its doors open for some summer sun

    32Indie PartyDhvani Solanimakes the case for creating more platforms in Mumbai for independent cinema

    34From the Archives: Simple FolkChandrasekhar Kambar highlights the diculties a modern playwright faces while borrowing from folk plays

    36A Fine BalanceRajita Gadagkar talks to photographer K. Madhavan Pillai on how the camera is becoming a lens, a mirror, a crystal ball of our times

    40Programme GuideAll of Septembers events at the NCPA

    52Whats NextWhat to look forward to in the coming months

    58Trivial PursuitHow well have you read the magazine?

    What a wonderfully brought out story on Dr. Jamshed Bhabha. I had heard that he was supposed to be an incredible man, but after reading the feature on him, I have no doubt about it. You have paid him the glorious tribute he truly deserves. My only regret is that I never had the chance to meet him personally. Also, I was not aware that the NCPA stands on reclaimed land. I learnt a lot from this story and, more importantly, how well the NCPA is carrying on with the tradition of disseminating culture to all of us. Kudos to the NCPA. Freny Taraporewala

    As you are aware, I have been reading and contributing to your magazine regularly. This time, however, you have outdone yourselves with the August issue. Please accept my hearty congratulations. It is the most all-encompassing issue I have read so far. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I read some of the stories more than once. And the tribute by Anil Dharker was so touching. It made me wish I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Bhabha at least once. But now, I feel as though I know him slightly thanks to your story. And the next time I come for a show to the Jamshed Bhabha Theatre, I am sure I will feel a sense of pride knowing the history behind it. I also loved the story on Kumudini Lakhia and her photograph with Dr. Bhabha was beautiful. Please do keep up the good work, and I believe you will have a tough time ahead, now that you, yourselves, have raised the bar. Good luck. Sanjana Dalve

    Another feather in your cap with the August issue of ON Stage. What an amazing issue it is. I absolutely love reading your archives section it is priceless. You must consider bringing out a consolidated book on them. They just do not get their due and your idea of publishing them each month has brought out the tremendous history that the NCPA is testimony to, so beautifully. And yoga I had no idea about these workshops. What a great concept to conduct these workshops that step out of the traditional genres you promote. Now, you must start other such workshops for modern dance such as ballet, freestyle and jazz. I have also noticed the steady inuence of jazz creeping into the magazine and the increase in jazz programming at the NCPA. I attended the Swing and Bebop concert and it was most enjoyable. Mr. Suntook, you have more than adequately carried the rather heavy baton that Dr. Bhabha passed on to you. With over 650 performances a year, the NCPA is, undoubtedly, a beacon of light on the cultural horizon of India. Thank you for bringing it to us. My hearty congratulations to you and your team Jennifer Jenkins

    Reections by Anil Dharker

    Such a beautiful piece. A warm, generous and aectionate recollection of Dr. Jamshed Bhabha a portrait in the best sense with the face turned towards the light and its best angles rendered to memorable and even lasting eect. Ranjit Hoskote

    What a wonderfully written article on Dr. Jamshed Bhabha. Not just for the prose, but also the depth of Anil Dharkers understanding of the person who did so much for all of us. Pankaj Baliga VP, Tata Consultancy Services

    Lovely tribute. Alas, so few of our new rich have this kind of sensibility. Abha Pandya CEO, Asian Human Services

    Reading Anil Dharkers tribute to Dr. Jamshed Bhabha, I was reminded of a line from Ezra Pound: They will come no more those old men with beautiful manners. Jaysinh Birjepatil Marlboro College, Vermont

    What a wonderfully written insight on Jamshed Bhabha. Anjali Mathur

    The tribute to Dr. Jamshed Bhabha by Anil Dharker was very nostalgic and moving. I had the privilege of knowing Dr. Bhabha too, and the article fully captured his spirit. Karan Grover

    We look forward to your feedback and suggestions. Please do write in to The Editor, ON Stage, The National Centre for the Performing Arts, NCPA Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400021 or drop us an email at

    NCPA September 2013 5

  • The life of a successful conductor is a busy one, and Charles Dutoits is busier than most. His career, combined with his interests

    in history, politics, architecture and the arts, has taken him to virtually every country in the world. In India alone, he has previously visited many states and cities, including Mumbai where he conducted the Verbier Festival Orchestra in 2003. A decade on, and he is enthusiastic about performing here again. I am thrilled to be coming to work this time with a local orchestra and to explore what is happening musically in this part of the world, says Dutoit. I am looking forward to returning to this

    wonderful country of ancient traditions and diverse culture, and to witness again the gentleness of the Indian people. Having travelled to India many times, he is also familiar with traditional Indian music. Over the years, I have met several Indian musical groups, as well as the late Ravi Shankar. I have always been fascinated by the complexity of the texture of Indian music, and by its rhythms in particular.

    A MASTER OF MANY TRADES Currently, Artistic Director and Principal Conductor of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in London, maestro Dutoits previous conducting milestones include 25 years as the Artistic Director of

    the Montreal Symphony Orchestra and a 30-year artistic collaboration with the Philadelphia Orchestra, who recently honoured him with the title of Conductor Laureate. He is also a prolific recording artist, having made over 200 recordings for many of the major classical music record labels. After starting his professional career as an orchestral viola player, Dutoit soon took up conducting full time; but what inspired him to make the transition from player to conductor? After studying violin, viola, piano and percussion, I became fascinated by the profes