NCLEX Updates June 2010

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Transcript of NCLEX Updates June 2010

1. 4 y/o with hemoplhillia, what kind of activity. (eto po nasa prio naming ni Dra., pero my naibang option po) a. b. c. d. Rollerskating in the sidewalk Playing in the jumping garden Tricycle with helmet Playing soccer with kneepads

Ulcerative colitis Cervical cancer ESRD Seizure precautionsilan beses po to bumalik sakin na SATA

-eto po, I parang tama po ata yung letter B kasi po I was given a prio after..

5. Dubutamine compu.. 5mcg/kg/ml weight 185lbs. stock 500/500

2. Client has full thickness burns 8% what body part is important to consider? a. b. Two anterior and dorsal palms Two anterior palms

6. Pt with dual disorderpsyche ko po to sa dating my update, lumabas din po sa akin luckily nabasa ko nap o sa net kung ano yun: parang ganito po yung choices

c. Two palm length of the client measured in the forearm d. Two palm length of the nurse measured in the clients forearm

a. Treat the psychological symptoms first and then the drug dependency b. Treat the dependency first then the symptoms

c. Treat both dependency and the psychological disorder d. D ko po matandaan

3. Neuro po: dami pos akin SCIs example question po.. the patient has c5 injury, the nurse understands that the priority nursing care would be: a. Allowing the client to go to the bathroom without assistance b. c. d. Allowing the client to eat without assistance Allowing the client to undress by himself Nakalimutan kop o yung isa b. Allow the client talk with the same age of the same situation c. Allow the client to play with fire drill with friends---parang ganito po yung dating ng question d. detail Allow the client to talk about what happened in 7. Pedia.. 8 yrs old after a traumatic fire, what would be the best a. Allow the client to draw the fire

4. SATA questions: sorry po hindi ko matandaan yung mga exact na nakalagay pero mostly po mga s/sx lahat: Endocarditis Osteoporosis Hypothyroidism

8. Drugs: mga A/E po yung mga binibigay na choices Straterra

Hyperthyroidism Clozapine DVT Parnate PAD PRILS---

OLOLS SARTAN Fosamax--a. b. c. Levonox shempre po remain upright early in the morning

-turn on suction 12. Cardiohindi po sinabi na heart block pero ang sabi po is the client had two absent ventricular contraction a. after breakfast b. I will lie down after after drinking c. 13. D ko nap o maalala Pericarditisreportable?? Muffled heart sound Dizziness Pain when lying at the bed Defib Asa choice po ang pacemaker

Dopamine a. St. johns wortmild depression b. Celexa c. Amiodarone---ang tanong po ditto best time hala d ko po alam kelan RHYTHMOL---ayun!! Hindi ko po to alam nung ngexam ako Sildenafil Q: action Symmetrel Tacrine Haldol Motrinhay, iruprofen lang pala to--- wala po kasi

d. Eto po naguguluhan talaga ko sa tanong nay an kasi lahat reportabledizziness lang ang natatandaan ko pinaka reportable cguro.. waah.. 14. Cardiac cath.. reportable?

15. Standard precaution--- eto po ang mga lumalabas sakin everytime mgeencounter ako ng correct understanding Lahat po ng binigay sakin dito maching type.. e.g. a. surgical mask for RSV b. gloves for clostridium deficille

Protonix c. gown for measles 9. Rheumatoid arthritis which of the following would be reported to the physician1st question pero hindi kop o maalala yung choices 16. MG---Baclofen best taken daw po--- in the morning after breakfast or after getting out of bed yung tanong 10. a. b. Client has 8 PVCs in the past hour: Notify physician 17. MSang tinatanong po dito is when is the best time to take the meds para daw po mgmaintain ng daily activities: a. 11. Client had seizure while in the ER: SATA b. c. 18. Morning-to finish all the household chores Before eating--D ko nap o matandaan iba Nursing issues: d. particulate mask for HIV

-Bed rails up -tongue depressor

Orthodox jewish Mormons SDA Mexican American

a. b.

Copy what you are doing Has a collection of stamps

2. During cardiac catheterization, it is important for you to do which of the ff? a. NPO for 8 hours Assess for allergies to seafood

--puro po diet ang tanong b. 19. a. b. c. d. Pedia: 8 y/o task: Collecting stickers Riding tricycle ----a. It is given to counteract the side effect of Prolixin (d ko po sure,hehe) b. Advise to take it in the morning to prevent insomnia 4. a. b. 21. priority Blood and immunemy mga sicle cell crisiso2 c. d. 22. IDA 5. What do you expect to see in a patient with Hypercalcemia? 23. AML a. b. 24. Respi--- CPAP c. Abdominal cramping Paresthesia Skeletal muscle weakness e. DVT (SATA) Edema Warmth Purpura Petechiae Bruising

3. A patient with psychosis is prescribed Artane, which of the ff would be a correct health teaching about the prescribed medicine?

20. Cohorting.. dami po.. but pedia to pedia ang lumalabas and sari saring sakit

*yan na po lahat ng natandaan ko, basta po pag pedia puro developmental po.. lalo na yung mga after trauma po lagi, then cohorting, delegationtapos neuro pinakamarami po is SCIs t1, t8, c5, puro functionality ng tao tinatanong po. ESRD, ewan ko po bat puro ita tanong sakin mapa SATA, PRIO, 1st assess, reportable sadly wala po ako mashado endo, maternal, GI- ulcerative colitis saka colon cancer..yan po lhat.. waah.. wala nap o ako maicip pero I hope maka help po.. thank you po.. lalo na to all my mentors, talagang ng bigay ng time sakin sila---- etc.!!! hehe hindi pwde yun!! Sa mga makakabasa nito na student who will take the exam, Godbless.. and pray pray pray pray.. nothing is impossible just have faith.. Updates: June 11, 2010 1. 8 year old child, what to expect?

6. What to see in a patient with Pheochromocytoma? a. b. 7. a. Bradycardia Diaphoresis Hypothyroidism? Increased cholesterol level

8. Atorvastatin (Lipitor), which of the ff indicates a correct understanding? a. b. I will take it in the morning I will have my annual eye exam

9. Patient with Na level of 120 meq/L. What type of IVF to infuse? a. b. D5W c. LR

c. d.

Ask the patient to flex the neck while swallowing Provide with sips of water every after swallowing (tama po ba ung last?) Patient with Spinal cord injury, realistic goal? C6 injury able to feed self C7 injury able to dress self C4 injury able to turn from side to side every 2 (nabaliw lang ako maam,haha) Purpose of skeletal traction? Keep bones aligned until healed What to advise for a patient with insomnia

.3 NaCl d. .45 NaCl (Ms.,wala po akong idea,hehe)

16. a.

10. A client who is homeless and a substance abuser. What will be your priority to include in the healthcare plan? a. Help client to acknowledge denial on being a substance abuser b. Provide information on Community Services for the homeless c. Assess mental status (Ms,

b. c. hours 17. a. 18.

d. Provide with a well-balanced meal naloka po ako dito, 5mins ko ata tinitigan to) 11. Dysthymic disorder?

a. Read a novel or watch television to aid in sleeping b. c. waking Perform aerobics one hour prior to bedtime Provide a consistent schedule for sleeping and

a. Alternating feeling of hyperactivity and depression b. Chronic feeling of depression hula hoo! haha) 12. a. b. c. d. 13. a. 14. a. b. c. RSV precaution (SATA) Wear a heap-filter mask Place in a Negative pressure room Remove gloves before leaving clients room (Hula

19. a.

Normal for an elderly It takes an hour for me to sleep

b. When I wake up after a 3 hour sleep, i find it hard to sleep again 20. RN floated from MS department to Pediatric unit, which client to assign? a. 10 year old with cystic fibrosis 13 year old with Reyes syndrome (pang pedia lng po ba ung reyes?..) How to prevent medication error (SATA) Correct about Hepatitis (SATA)

Provide with own BP cuff for clients use b. What do you expect in a patient with Peritonitis? Rigid, board-like abdomen Which is incorrect? Symmetrel for a patient with Influenza A Heparin for a patient with DVT 24. Librium for a patient with alcohol withdrawal (nde ko rin po alam kung tama) Liquid oxygen Updates - April 27, 2010 Review and master the ff: Prioritization, Delegation Assignment by La Charity Triage: internal & external 21. 22.

23. Adalimumab (Humira), (SATA) (grabe maam, parang out of this world, SATA pa daw eh! Haha!)

15. In caring for a patient with dysphagia, which of the following is/are correct? a. b. Assist patient in a sitting position before eating Provide patient with a straw

Precautions/Infection Control: VRE Shigella Scabies Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C Delegation: for CNA SATA s/sx:

a. menu + skim milk I chose this, dapat low fat b. menu + whole milk c. and d. obvious na fatty foods What to expect on the ABG result of an Elderly? Respiratory Alkalosis (they are in numerical values, I chose this coz mas madami silang CO2 na the fact na dalawa ang respiratory acidosis sa choices so out na yun)

Addisons Laryngitis Physical and physiological changes among elderly or Aging process Myocarditis Endocarditis BPH particularly the description of the voiding pattern Eg. Feeling of not yet emptied after voiding

Medical-Surgical: Dysphagia a. flex the neck on swallowing (I chose this, im not sure..pwede din yung B but this is more safer) b. use straw when drinking liquids (tanda ko kasi dapat thick liquids eh kaso may straw,hahaha! Para walang hassle A na lang) Huntington's disease, what to expect? - eg. Jerky movements Pulmonary Embolism s/sx SCI on T6, what to expect? facial flushing (an autonomic dysreflexia s/sx) Post total hip replacement, what to follow up? I feels that I am running out of breath. COPD, what to follow up? - low O2 sat Hypoparathyroidism give Ca supplement Addisons weigh the patient daily when taking Prednisone TIA use of thrombolytics Cardiac Tamponade underwent pericardiocentesis. If it is effective, what to expect? absence of muffled heart sounds a pt with pre hypertension, what statement needs immediate intervention? a report of abdominal pain radiating to the back Risk factors of CAD Emo (remember the Es) Post Chemotherapy complains of sore throat, what order will be the priority? have a culture and sensitivity of the throat Sickle Cell Anemia HT when having a vacation we will have rest periods of every 2hrs as I drive the car. (sabi kasi ano daw ang correct statement ng mother kasi plan nilang magbakasyon ng anak niya w/ sickle cell anemia) Evisceration, what to do? cover with gauze soaked in normal saline Gouty arthritis low purine diet Pancreatitis diet

Maternal & Child: Cystic Fibrosis nsg management or HT 4 ang questions ko jan di ko na po tanda eh Myelomeningocele HT Full term newborn what to expect? SIDS prevention or HT MMR vaccine Contraindicated with allergy to eggs Post partum complications Drugs: - the structure of the question iswhat doctors order needs to follow-up? (check the route, dose and the patient or the disease it is given for.sometimes they adjunct two drugs on one disease) - nsg considerations Diazoxide C/I with hyperinsulinism Enoxaparin give only thru SQ Meridia (brand name) Terazosin Irbesartan Plavix rd Digoxin DOC for 3 degree heart block; wof: hypokalemia -triptan adverse effects Symmetrel Concerta administer before going to school Nicorette chewing gum and nitroglycerin Protonix incorrect if mixed with applesauce (dapat take it with out food) Fludrocortisone check sodium level - Needs immediate intervention? a. Vardenafil erection for the past 4 hours (I chose this coz in a matter of short time prone siya na magschemia then magnecrosis) b. Lisinopril with dry hacking cough for 48hrs -my other unknown drugs di ko na po tanda, bumagyo sa akin ng drugs!tsktsk Diagnostics/Procedures/Equipments: Post Esophagogastroduodenostomy WOF bloated abdomen (kasi may trauma so possible bleeding) Post Colonoscopy WOF bleeding s/sx rectal bleeding CPAP indications for using

PEG Tube nursing consideration A pt w/ post implanted defibrillator 2 hrs ago. What statement is the correct understanding of the health teachings? (my last question kaya super tanda ko siya!hahaha) a. avoid soccer sports until next month (NO contact sports!!!) b. avoid tight fitting clothes in the incision site I chose this coz the procedure was just 2hrs ago so the focus is the incision site and tight fitting clothes is really contraindicated) c. out na, kasi not connected d. resched MRI scan (NO MRI!!!) Hypothermia blanket, how will you know if it is malfunctioning? - the fever does not subsides (they will give you the abnormal temperature) Abdominal Assessment auscultation first then palpation (remember the IAPP) BUN for fluid volume deficit or dehydration CBC procedure what to expect of an 8 year old pt a. a prick on your finger will be done and you can hold my hand (the nurse) during the procedure b. use of a needle in your arm, theres pain but it will be away immediately I chose this coz an 8y/o pt can already understand and has already good judgement and the procedure is done on the arm not on the finger) Glycosylated Hemoglobin Psyche: Therapeutic Communication eg. Sit with the client High risk for suicide major depressed patient (the choices is thru diff. statement of diff. patients) Primary caregiver wants to take over the responsibility of caring the patient, how will you assess? - Readiness and his coping ability UPDATES: MAY 31, 2010

2. A client who will undergo CT scan of the head with contrast medium ano ang indication that the patient understand the procedure? a. I will be sedated papasundo sa husband after the procedure b. NPO for 8 hrs prior to the procedure

c. I should stop metformin a day before the procedure Ans: C. NPO pag abdomen.. METFORMIN is contraindated sa patient with CRF, ischemia, and contrast medium

3. A patient with DM type1 what will notify the physician? Forgot the choices pero ang sagot ko ung may pH of 7.2 kc diba possible na metabolic acidosis which is ABG ng patient with DKA

4. a. b.

AAA what to notify? Pulsation on the abdomen Flank pain

Ans: AAA+ Pain= impending rapture! Hahaha thanks Sir Pascual

5. Patient with right leg lang ang pwedeng mag weight bearing ano ang correct teaching? a. Left crutch and right leg sabay ifoforward then right leg and lift crutch naman b. Left leg and left crutch sabay ifoforward then right leg and right crutch c. Left crutch then right leg then right crutch the left leg naman d. Ifoforward ang both crutch followed by the right leg then the left leg Ans: D.. hahaha di ko alam why basta eto ung nafeel kong isagot e hehehe

1. A nine month old infant who has iron deficiency anemia anong food ang dapat ipakain? A. B. C. Cereal fortified with iron Give a minimum of 32oz of milk a day Give iron supplement with milk

Ans: A hahaha kasi ang milk at iron ay hindi friends.. nyahaha

6. gamit. a. na

Patient using walker.. pano ang tamang pag

Tapos tadtad ng prio.. as in puro prio talaga number 30+ pa lang ata or early 40s puro prio na.. so ma...