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enough of violence... enough of state has suffered a lot...naxals have become a threat and the termites in the tree of our growth....its time for my state to see a brighter future not drenched in the rain of blood but dwelling in me raise my voice for my like this ppt if you feel its worth a presentaion....LIKE PLEASE

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  • Birth of My State (Jharkhand) Jharkhand Was declared as the 28th State of India on 15th November 2000.. Carving itself out of Bihar, it hoped to see a brighter tomorrow with its own independent existence.
  • Beauty in Every Corner Jharkhand abounds in natural beauty and resources which have remained untamed so far What we dreamed was to bring out our tribal culture and tradition in front of the eyes of the country which had not seen the colors of this corner of itself.
  • Suffering from our own weaknesses We lack in proper governance. Poverty and inadequate facilities in rural areas still remains a problem. Our resources ,which we boasted off, are still untamed and are rather misused at times. OUR WEAKNESSES LED TO OUR OWN DESTRUCTION AND THE GROWTH OF NAXALITES
  • Growth of Naxalites Naxalites at first claimed to be the savior of the poor people. They took up arms to fight the government which failed in providing them the basic amenities Gradually it received funds from organizations working outside the country and as they grew more powerful, they deviated from their motive and turned out to be a violent group dwelling in the forests with only one aimANTI government
  • Terror of Naxalites The Naxals have transformed 16 out of the 22 districts of the state into a Guerrilla Zone'. They forcibly take up young boys and girls into their battalion and train them to fight the worst MURDERS and BOMBING are the morning news almost everyday Jharkhand is declared the Red Zone area .threatened immensely by Naxalites.
  • Dead bodies in line..
  • Steps by Government Government finally made a move and Cobra Battalions were established at the strategic points. A proper plan was made to fight the Naxals. Operation Eagle, Operation X, Operation Shikhar, Operation Hill Top, and Operation Black Thunder are the offensive measures launched by the police from time to time, but none of them has provided the expected result. As it is said An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind. Naxalites echoed with the same intensity and the bloodbath at the end did more harm than good
  • The Scenario at a Glance The Naxal movement in Jharkhand is not limited to armed operations; its manifestations are found in a parallel system of governance that includes elected village bodies, Jan Adalats and a peoples' police. Economic blockades and bandh calls are other examples revealing the helplessness of the state. The Naxals are running a parallel system in the villages of Jharkhand with their own system of taxation. Denial of justice is the most important reason that has resulted in the establishment of a parallel judiciary in Jharkhand. Naxals in Jharkhand are also targeting children between 10 to 15 years age group to include them in their fold and use them to keep a watch on police movements.
  • Measures Worth Employing A state is ones family ,ones identity. If the state prospers, the people prosper. ALL it demands is unity among people and concern for all living in the state Let me tell you a story there was a family of about 10 people living jointly There was a head ,the grandfather of the kids, who managed the entire family.they lived happily.then the head started giving less attention to his family .the kids kept fightinghe said nothing.the ladies never missed a chance to boost themselves and show the other as weak.the men with higher salaries rebuked the one with lower and still the head said nothinghe did nothing to maintain the peace.then the suppressed members of the family revolted .they fought against the injustice of the head and finally the happy family got shattered. The head is our government the suppressed are the rural and the revolt is that of the naxalites. Its time to act before the family is broken
  • SOLUTION CORNER Step forward to bring development in the places untouched. Include the rural people and the naxalites in the groups meant for bringing change. Setup systems based on mutual consent and not arms. All they want from the government is to bring their village into the development mode so that the children there too can study and earn as high as the urban people IF YOU QUESTION THE FEASIBILITY OF THESE MEASURES THEN I WOULD SAY BEHIND THOSE GREEN MASKS AND POINTED GUNS IS A HEART FIGHTING FOR A CAUSE .. IF YOU ARE GONNA STEP FRONT THEY TOO Will
  • Success of the Government's Military efforts depends on the Evolution of a Strategy Where Tribes are not the Victims, But Partners In the Process of Development
  • Save my State