NAWIPS – AWIPS II Transition Update

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NAWIPS – AWIPS II Transition Update “Where America’s Climate, Weather, Ocean, and Space Prediction Services Begin” Brent Gordon NCEP/NCO/Systems Integration Branch Unidata Policy/Users Committees October 15, 2009

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NAWIPS – AWIPS II Transition Update. Brent Gordon NCEP/NCO/Systems Integration Branch Unidata Policy/Users Committees October 15, 2009. “Where America’s Climate, Weather, Ocean, and Space Prediction Services Begin”. Project Overview. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of NAWIPS – AWIPS II Transition Update

  • NAWIPS AWIPS II Transition Update Where Americas Climate, Weather, Ocean, and Space Prediction Services BeginBrent GordonNCEP/NCO/Systems Integration Branch

    Unidata Policy/Users CommitteesOctober 15, 2009

  • Project OverviewNCEP has ceased all development of its NAWIPS software systemBug and emergency fixes being the exceptionFull NAWIPS system to be ported to AWIPS-IISoftware ready for Operational Testing and Evaluation by Q1FY11No changes to forecaster workflowSome visual differences may be unavoidableCapitalize on new technology

  • Project OverviewAWIPS-II represents a merging of two software systems - NAWIPS and AWIPSWill allow for better collaboration between NCEP and NWS forecastersEconomic benefits as well.The combined system will contain components from AWIPS and NAWIPSNMAP, NCEP Product Generation, GEMPAK, Data decoders/encoders, D2D, GFE, Hydro Apps, etc.

  • Project OverviewN-AWIPS migration will leverage Raytheon baseline functionality wherever possibleSome functionality implemented directlyAnimation, image manipulationSome functionality enhancedNCEP decoders, Grid diagnosticsNCEP views this as a software and hardware consolidationNo NCEP functionality is going away!No forecaster workflow changes

  • Current StatusTransition efforts are on scheduleFirst Major Release to NCEP Centers and Unidata was April 1, 2009Additional releases have been made every 4-8 weeksScheduled to continue up to October 2010 releaseWeekly Telcons with National Centers and UnidataAll NAWIPS applications to be ported by October 1, 2010Operational Test & Evaluation to begin at that timeNational Centers and Unidata involvement

  • Current StatusNational Centers (NC) perspectiveContinue to work on data management / selectContinue to add data resources as new decoders become availableContinue to refine existing resourcesWorking on timeline, time matching, multi-loop, multi-panel display options

  • Current StatusProduct Generation (PGEN)All basic & compound drawable elements (DEs)Multi-product, multi-layerNow focused on products:Graph-to-text: TCA, Watches, Outlooks, all SIGMETs, AIRMET, GFA, etc.Graph-to-chart: Upper Air, Surface Analysis, DWM, High Seas, etc.Graph-to-grid: G2G

  • Current StatusDecodersSeveral NCEP specific data decoders now completed

    Now focusing on:ImagerySatellite (McIDAS), radar (NIDS from Unisys), etc. Text

  • GEMPAKGEMPAKAll current applications to be available in AWIPS-II eraWill no longer require GEMPAK file format will still support itForward compatibility GEMPAK DM library access to AWIPS-II DatabaseProvides a stop-gap capability for users migrating to AWIPS-II who run stand-alone GEMPAK applicationsDevelopment ongoing nowSF- and SN-type db requests completeGridded db requests nextCapability will become available with GEMPAK 6.0 releaseExpected in December 2009 releaseDelayed from October Target

  • ScheduleOct09 Jan10 Apr10 Jul10 Oct10 Jan11 Apr11 Jul11 Oct11Oct09 Jan10 Apr10 Jul10 Oct10 Jan11 Apr11 Jul11 Oct11NCEP ScheduleNWS/RTS ScheduleRTS/NCO Hardware Architecture DefinedNCO Begin Hardware ProcurementNCO Begin OTENCO Finish OTE & Hardware DeploymentNCO Code Package Ready for RTSNWS System OTENWS Field OTENWS End DeploymentNWS Begin DeploymentNWS Deploy NCEP Software

  • Goals for FY2010Major Goals for FY2010Define National Centers AWIPS II hardware configuration Establish MOA between NCEP and OST regarding any delta cost for target hardwareProcure target hardwareExecute NCEP OTE on target hardwareIntegrate NCO software into AWIPS II baselineDefine and implement a AWIPS II support model for the National Centers32 vs 64 bit Issue must be tackledNCO to adjust to the role of a dev org Remove ourselves from hardware and release support

  • Other News From NCEPProcessor UpdateModel Changes

  • OCCS Capability

    69.7 Teraflops Linpack#36 Top 500 Nov 2008 156 Power6 32-way Nodes4,992 processors @ 4.7GHz19,712 gigabytes memory 170 terabytes of disk space100 terabyte tape archiveTwo Identical IBM Power6 Systems Operational 25 Aug 2009

    Due to budget issues we may not see our next upgrade until 2012-2013 time frame.

  • Network Diagram

  • NCEP Compute FarmCompute capacity available outside of OCCSRuns smaller scale applications than OCCSPossibly used for NSSL WDSS-II Level-II radar data30 Blade system Running VMWare8 cores (processors) per blade32 GB Ram per blade (960 GB total)36 TB total Disk SpaceCurrently at NCEP WWBWill move to the NCWCP in College ParkA offsite back-up is being developed in Fairmont, WV at this time

  • Upcoming Model ChangesMoratorium on CCS changes ended in early September 2009SREF 27 Oct New models hourly output to 39 hours Forecast System 3 Nov Several Physics upgrades 3 Nov Several physics upgrades and Bug Fixes

  • Upcoming Model ChangesNAM BUFR Soundings 10 Nov Several new stations added 15 Dec GSI Analysis upgrade w/ new data types minor changes to forecast several new parameters to be available 15 Dec Resolution upgrade T126 to T170 ESMF Products to be realigned in files on FTP servers A move to model update once per quarter on the CCS

  • Upcoming Model ChangesNCEP model improvement process includes peer review of changes:Notification of availability of test data for major model upgrades WEB Site lists upcoming changes RFC MemoList of every change to NCOs IT infrastructure, as well as CCS and dataflow changes

  • One Final NoteBrent Gordon is Leaving NCO in Early DecemberWill become the Chief of the Space Weather Services Branch at the Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) in BoulderReplacement for the Chief of Systems Integration Branch (NAWIPS) at NCO currently unknown