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The April Issue of our student-created magazine at Sydney City!

Transcript of Navitastic April issue

  • 1. News
    April 2011
    Cover design:
    Ricardo Fortunato
    Supervising Teachers:
    Sally and Jeff

2. Brazilian Food:
2 - 4
9 10
11 - 12
13 14
15 16
Brazilian Food Kylies class
Recipe Brigadeiros(Gui)
Adventure Sydney on the Cheap
(Bruno Nakamura)
Daytime Student of the month
(Interviewed by: Miso)
Evening Student of the month
(Interviewed by: Juan Esteban Diaz Espinoza, e600b)
How Much Do You Know? quiz!
(created by Onur, 502)
Photos from our Japan Morning Tea
Boomerang Highlights
Whats on in Sydney (Hakbae)
Meet the team
3. Yuki/Japan
Tomomi/ Japan
I like red beans and rice good partner!
It was absolutely delicious. I wanna eat it again
Kylie/ Australia
Wow!Very filling but delicious!
Shiny / Korea
Brazilian food is one of the most delicious in the world apart from
Fabio/ Brazil
It was a brilliant meal and I especially really love picanha, the name of the beef dish. It is famous in Brazil and is best when its BBQ.
Lovely food!
Its very tasty. The black
beans were sweet. I liked
the rice with egg to eat that
more time!
This was the first time Id eaten rice with beans. It was nice!!
4. Sydney on the cheap!
Cheap Things in Sydney!
Sydney is the destination of a lot of students
that want to improve their English! In this city
we can find many opportunities to have fun,
study, work, etc...however most of us have a
preoccupation in common, MONEY! so now I
will show you some options to survive in this
fantastic city without spending a lot of money!
-Century Bar: in this place we can have a drink for just 3 dollars, that's very cheap if we compare with other bars in Sydney! address: 640 George Street, Sydney
-International Court: this is the most cheap food court in Navitas' area, it's possible have a meal for 5 dollars, most of the restaurants are asian, so if you like this kind of food that's a good option.Address: in George Street opposite of Wynyard station -Three Monkeys, Cheers and Star Bar: if you want to have fun and don't have money to spend in entrance fees these are the right place, you can enter for FREE!!address:555 George St Sydney,
561 George Street Sydney , 600 George Street Sydney
Shark Hotel: this is a very good choice if you are extremely
hungry! You can eat as much as you can for only 10 dollars.
address:127 Liverpool Street Sydney
-Onur`s kebab shop: the most delicious
-Chinatown: in this place you can find eveyrthing
, food, clothes, fruits, electronics for cheap price
-beach:finally the famous Australian's beaches, maybe
the best place to have fun in Sydney!So take advantage of these tips and have
fun in Sydney !
Here is the Brigadeiro recipe:- 1 can of condensed milk (approx.400g)- 1 teaspoon of butter- 4 tablespoons of chocolate powder (if you can find itin your country)or 6 tablespoons of milk chocolate drink powder (Nescau, Nesquick, Milo, etc.)Mix the ingredients in a saucepan.Heat on the stoveover lowheat. Keep stirring it until the Brigadeiro starts to get thick. Once it has the proper consistencytake it off the heatand keep stirring for about a minute so that the Brigadeiro won't stick tothe bottom of the saucepan. Put it on a greasedbowl or a trayand wait for it to cool. Enjoy and be happy forever!Hint: Once the Brigadeiro is still hot on the saucepan it will look softer, but as it cools down it will get more solid.Cheers!
5. Daytime
Student of the month
Student of the Month!
Hi, Im Julio Alberto Alegre Stelzer from Brazil.Im in class 502
Hi! Im Fernanda Dias and Im in E300.
Fernanda Dias was born on 23 October, 1985. She is from Sao Paolo, Brazil. She arrived in Sydney on 26 Sepember, 2010 and should be back in Brazil in October 2011. Currently, she is in the Intermediate level.
How long will you study at
Navitas? From now, I have 6 more weeks
Why did you choose Sydney to study?I have a lot of friends who had been in Sydney and they recommended me to choose Sydney because its the biggest city in Australia
What do you do in your free time?Im doing some subjects from my university (biology) and I try to learn Australian culture
How is your life in Australia?Quite easy.My routine is not over charged.
Talk a bit about your background.Im a biologist.I used to work in research program.I came Australia to improve my English for my job.
What do you expect for the future?Keep working on what Im doing now.
Congratulations from everyone at Navitas, Julio!
How long will you study at Navitas?Ive already paid until September, which means a year.
Why did you choose Sydney to study? I had different reasons, such as, my teachers advice, Ive got some relatives living in Australia. But the main reason is I like the weather. For us its really important; we love the sun and beaches.
What do you do in your free time?Actually I dont have much free tim, because Ive been working very hard. When I have free time I usually prefer to relax at home. Only on Fridays sometimes I go out. I really like spending time with my husband enjoying his company.
How is your life in Australia?Every week is busy. I wake up usually at 6.00am, I have my breakfast and then I go to work from 8.00 until 15.00, then the school from 16.40 until 21.00.
Talk a bit about your background.I have an Accounting degree from Brazil. I got married last January in here with my husband, and he is also from Brazil. Weve been together for 4 years or so. In few words, I can say that my life changed totally here in Sydney, for example, married status, wishes, priorities and expectation of life.
What do you expect for the future?I would like to extend my visa to study something related to my career (accounting), but unfortunately I cant afford it. Then, Ive been thinking about living abroad, to know different cultures and maybe go back to Brazil. I just said maybe because even missing Brazil and my family, now my family is new and is my husband.
6. How Much Do You Know?
1-Who drew the first world map?2-FIFA football matches
played by the rules -howmuch weight should the ball
be?3-What is the name of the tunnel that connects England with France?4-What is the name of the longest river in the world?5-Which country invented
the compass?6-How deep is the deepest part of the ocean?
7-Who was the first human to set foot on
the Moon?8-What is the World's fastest flying bird?9- In which country and cities were the second world war
atomic bombs dropped?10-What is the name of the island named after the
most famous animal in Australia?
Check your answers on page 17
Created by Onur Moran, 502
7. Obrigado!
Staff and students at Navitas Sydney held a Morning Tea to raise money for Japan.
Thank you to everyone who took part we raised over $700 a great effort!
Thanks so much for supporting this event!
We managed to raise over $3000 for Leandro!
Well done everyone and a massive thank you!
8. Boomerang May Highlights
Outback Gold
A 3 day, 2 night tour set in the picturesque Wollemi National Park! Includes transport, guide, glow worm cave walk, Newnes historic outback pub, gold panning walk, visit to the old Chinese walls, and some meals!
Only $325 Book by 27/4
Navitas Football!
Come and celebrate the football season by
watching Navitas play in the ELSA cup!
Come and play or cheer your team to victory!
Every Friday @ 3pm Queens Park
Australias Biggest Morning Tea
Help us raise some much needed funds for the Cancer Council at this years biggest morning tea! Buy or bake something for the occasion!
Thursday 26th May
Beach Volleyball Competition City/Bondi vs. Manly
Come along for a free midday beach volleyball session in Manly!City & Bondi students will play off against Manly for the win! Afterwards we will all head down for a victory lunch.
Saturday 14th May Free
9. Whats on
in Sydney
Sydney Royal Easter Show
Exhibitions and Shows, Sporting Events
The Sydney Royal Easter Show is jam-packed with
family entertainment bringing the best of the country
to the city. Come along and get amongst Australias greatest see the animals, meet our Australian farmers and be entertained like never before. Come and see the famous Dairy Farmers Farmyard Animal Nursery where you will be able to feed, pat and hold all of the baby animals. Join an Ask a Farmer Shed Tour and go behind-the-scenes in the cattle pavilion. The Sydney Royal Easter Show is renowned internationally as one of the most prestigious shows of its kind, and the largest in the southern hemisphere. So come on down and get amongst Australias greatest this Easter!
When: From 9.30am daily; Thur 14/04/11 - Wed 27/04/11
Cost: $34 entry (Ask Boomerang about discount tickets)
Catch some Aussie Footy!
NRL - Rugby League
Games on every Fri, Sun, Sat.
Where: Sydney Football Stadium, ANZ Olympic Stadium , Parramatta Stadium, Brookvale Oval, LeichhardtOval
Cost: Around $20
Check the website:
AFL - Aussie Rules Football
Where: SCG
When:7pm:Sat Apr 16, Fri Apr 29, Sat May 14; 2pm:Sun May 22, Sun Jun 12.