Navigating Change in UC’s A-G Nina Costales High School Articulation Coordinator...

download Navigating Change in UC’s A-G Nina Costales High School Articulation Coordinator & Gwenly Carrel High School Articulation Analyst University of California

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Transcript of Navigating Change in UC’s A-G Nina Costales High School Articulation Coordinator...

Navigating Change in UCs A-G

Navigating Change in UCs A-GNina CostalesHigh School Articulation Coordinator&Gwenly CarrelHigh School Articulation AnalystUniversity of California | Office of the President

Educating for Careers ConferenceMarch 1, 20151OverviewWhat is Articulation?High school articulation purpose and A-G requirements Changes and revisions to course criteriaUC and CTE and how they articulate

A-G Course Submission & Review ProcessNew A-G Course Management Portal (CMP)Course submission timelineA-G course evaluation

Tools & Resources

23Purpose of ArticulationAlign curriculum across educational segments to support students.

UC admissions based on a minimum of 15 academic courses known as the a-g subject requirements.

Pattern of a-g courses aims to:Prepare students to participate fully in their first-year program at the University.Provide students with a general knowledge foundation for new and advanced study.Help students develop critical thinking and analytical skills.3A-G Course Lists

High school courses reviewed using a-g criteria established by UC faculty

Approved courses on a-g course lists used in UC/CSU admission evaluations

New a-g courses and revisions submitted via A-G Course Management Portal

4The A-G ChangesMajor highlights:Clarifying and revising the a-g subject area course criteriaDeveloping the new A-G Course Management PortalStreamlining the course submission form to align with the a-g course criteriaIncreasing a-g resources and Articulation staff.

GOAL - improve overall a-g course submission and review process

5Revised A-G Course CriteriaClarification: a-g course criteria & guidelines

Collaboration: K-12 & higher education stakeholders

Consistency: align goals of a-g & Common Core

6More Revised A-G Course CriteriaNo changes to the a-g subject requirements

Greater focus on skill development

Aligns with new course submission form & UC course review practices

Available on A-G Guide

7UC Honors A-G CoursesNo limits on school-created honors courses approved for a schools a-g listSchool-created, college-preparatory elective (g) honors courses now eligible for UC honorsUC honors courses must have a non-honors equivalent, but simultaneous offerings not requiredAllow 10th grade courses to qualify for UC honors

8UC Honors A-G CoursesChanges are effective starting with the 2015-16 academic yearNo changes to calculating the UC GPA

9UC and CTEUC joined the states reform movement through the a-g course approval process.

UCs role: encourage the development of courses that integrate academic and CTE content/skills.

UCs aim: broaden student preparation, access and success.

10CTE Courses by A-G Subject AreaData from California Department of Education 2013-14 Annual Report

1112UCs CTE Future GoalsContinue to support the development of integrated CTE courses for a-g approval.Provide professional development opportunities.Create more tools and resources for teachers.

Balance the unbalanced distribution of a-g approved integrated CTE courses.Allow students to pursue academic study, preparation for college AND explore potential career paths through CTE coursework.12A-G Course Submission and Review ProcessEducating for Careers ConferenceMarch 1, 201513The New A-G CMPNewly designed A-G Course Management Portal (CMP)Replaces Doorways Online Update website

Inaugural system launched on February 1, 2015

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14A-G Course Submission Timeline*Phase 1:1st resubmission due by July 312nd resubmission due by September 1515New Course Submission FormStreamlined formBasic course informationCourse descriptionCourse materialsReview course summary

Form aligns with a-g course criteria & K-12 course design

Same form for all subject areas





20Tools and ResourcesEducating for Careers ConferenceMarch 1, 201521A-G GuideWHAT IS IT? Informational website for everything a-g!

HOW IT CAN HELP? Provides information, FAQs, tools and resources on:A-G subject requirements and course criteriaA-G course list, course submissions and course reviewNavigating the new A-G CMPCareer technical education and integrated CTE coursesOnline learningHouses many of the tools and resources from this presentation.

WHERE? A-G Guide:

22NEW A-G ResourcesCourse search in A-G CMPOpen search field (Google-type search)Access to full description of approved a-g courses

Quick-Start Guide for New Course SubmissionsLink to PDF on A-G Guide Updating Your Course List-Next Steps

Coming soon!Webinars and videosA-G course evaluation rubricsSample courses

23Tools for Writing A-G Courses

A-G subject area course criteria

CTE course criteria

Quick- Start Guide

UC Curriculum Integration (UCCI) program

A-G Guide Course CriteriaWHAT IS IT?Course goals, requirements and guidelines for CTE courses.Written by UC Faculty.

HOW IT CAN HELPCTE courses must meet subject-specific criteria AND CTE criteria to earn a-g approval.Course submission demonstrates how courses content meets the subject area criteria AND the CTE criteria.

WHERE? A-G Guide in Career Technical Education section:

25UC Curriculum Integration (UCCI)UC facilitates the development of integrated courses.UCCI Institutes focus on specific subject areas and industry sectors.Institutes are designed by request. Contact for more info.

UC encourages the offering of UCCI courses.47 integrated courses in the UCCI course catalog Approved in all a-g subject areas160 institutions of secondary educations currently offer UCCI courses

UC supports the teaching of UCCI courses.UCCI Teacher Exchange Program (TEP)Teachers work with UCCI Teacher Exchange Leaders to tailor curriculum to meet their needsFully customized to meet participant needsUCCI Conference on Integration Curriculum May 15 in San Francisco, CA

For more information:

26ResourcesA-G Guide website for everything a-g

A-G Course Management Portal (A-G CMP) courses and manage course list information

A-G Course Lists any schools or programs a-g course list

27Questions?Contact us via e-mail: