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Effectively boosts immunity levels and helps recover from many conditions where even modern medical science has not helped!

Transcript of Natural Immunity Booster

    • Vaidya . L.V.Kortikar
  • B.A.M.S. ( Gold Medal )M.D.(Ayurved )

Vd.L.V.Kortikar 2. Health

  • According toWHO
  • Health is a state of completephysical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely absence of disease or infirmity.

Vd.L.V.Kortikar 3. In 21 century our Health is in DANGER

  • From every corner of the world people are having some health problems. WHY?
  • If you are thinking I amHealthythen after watching next slides you have to.
  • Think it Again.

Vd.L.V.Kortikar 4. Air Pollution Vd.L.V.Kortikar

  • Air pollution is a major cause of oxidative stress
  • PollutedAir containsnitrogen di oxide , sulfur di oxide, carbon monoxide and several hydro carbon molecules.
  • It causes Allergic bronchial asthma, chronic allergic rhinitis , bronchitis even CANCER also.

5. Water Pollution

  • Every Indian man is drinking polluted water is a bitter truth .
  • Our rivers are getting polluted by industrial waste water, pesticides,heavy metals, dying and colouring agents, soaps and detergents, human waste, municipal garbage,, died fish and other animals and on
  • This is the major cause of many epidemics and degenerative diseases .

Vd.L.V.Kortikar 6. Pesticide Residue

  • Farmers are using the pesticides, fungicides, insecticides on a large scale from last decade
  • Due to this not only soft drinks but also our daily vegetables, fruits even grains we are consuming also showinghigh amount ofpesticide residue .
  • Pesticide residue in food is the root cause of many degenerative disorders and cancer.

Vd.L.V.Kortikar 7. Junk Food

  • Today junk food is just likean addiction .
  • Even our kids are attracted due to aggressive television adds by their favorite ones.
  • Nobody is knowing that it is the greatest cause of

Vd.L.V.Kortikar 8. Vd.L.V.Kortikar 9. Tobacco Chewing

  • Tobacco chewing is very common thing in rural as well as urban area of India .
  • In long term tobacco chewing can causeORAL CANCER
  • There are8,00,000deaths in India every year due to tobacco products.

Vd.L.V.Kortikar 10. Smoking

  • cigarette smoke is the greatest cause of OXIDATIVE STRESS
  • It can cause increased risk of Asthma, Emphysema, Chronic Bronchitis,Lung Cancer and Cardio vascular Disease.
  • By smoking one cigarette life is reduced by11 mins. ( A British medical report)
  • Passive smoking is also too dangerous

Vd.L.V.Kortikar 11. Alcohol

  • Now a days having a glass of alcohol at late night is astatus symbol in the upper middle & high societies .
  • Many of them are knowinglong term effects of alcohol,still consuming it regularly.
  • It causes Liver cirrhosis, Cancer, Ulcer and so on

Vd.L.V.Kortikar 12. Unhealthy Lifestyles

  • In urban India kids and adults have very very bad habit ofTV Suppers.
  • No body wants to do exercise.
  • Everybody wants to sit insofa with different remotesall the time.

Vd.L.V.Kortikar 13. Mental Stress

  • Every Indian man is suffering from mental stress, only the levelsare different.
  • Stress is a father ofCoronary Artery Disease, Insomnia, Ulcer, IBS, Migraine, Diabetes, Impotency, Psoriasis etc

Vd.L.V.Kortikar 14. Super Bugs

  • Years together Doctors are usingmany types of Antibiotics to kill the harmful deadly bacteria.
  • But now a days Doctors are facing New Super Bugs which are notrespondingto common or Higher Antibiotics.

Vd.L.V.Kortikar 15. Vd.L.V.Kortikar 16. Oxidative Stress

  • Due to all these bad things oxidative stressin body increaseslike anything andwe start cellular aging ,got some disorders as a gift and lastly death.

Vd.L.V.Kortikar 17. HOW BODY FIGHT WITH THIS ATTACK ? Vd.L.V.Kortikar 18. WAR Vd.L.V.Kortikar 19. BODYS FIGHTING SYSTEM Vd.L.V.Kortikar 20. BODYWARRIERS Vd.L.V.Kortikar 21. Vd.L.V.Kortikar 22. Our Immune System is becomingsoweak to fight with these enemies Vd.L.V.Kortikar 23. So Today's Major Problem Vd.L.V.Kortikar 24. The Answer is Gomata Vd.L.V.Kortikar 25. Why we Indians callcow as Gomata? Vd.L.V.Kortikar 26.

  • One of the most important thing we are getting from cow is colostrum

Vd.L.V.Kortikar 27. What is cow colostrum?

  • The first milk of cow up to72 hours is called ascow colostrum

Vd.L.V.Kortikar 28. Differences betweencows milk and cows colostrum

  • Cow MilkCow Colostrum
  • Specific Gravity --------------- 1.0321.054
  • PH------------------------------6.786.62
  • Proteins -------------------------3.1112.20
  • Lactose-------------------------4.331.36
  • Fat------------------------------- 3.605.03
  • Ca --------------------------------95144

Vd.L.V.Kortikar 29. History of Cow Colostrum Vd.L.V.Kortikar 30. Ancient References

  • 5000 Years backAyurvedic ancient scientist Charakacharya says that cows colostrum is having beneficial effects on body.It is giving power to sapta dhatu, having excellent effect on sexual drive, it is very much useful for the people having insomnia,it is a Anti Aging Secret on Earth.

Vd.L.V.Kortikar 31.

  • Eminent Canadian physician,Sir William Osler(1849-1919) recommended cow milk and cow colostrumas a valuable aid in treating many serious diseases, often calling it'white blood.'

Vd.L.V.Kortikar 32.

  • In the 1920's,Italian pediatricianLuigi Spolverini ( 1873-1965) echoing what millions of farm families had known for hundreds of years,advocated colostrumfor use in treating infants.

Vd.L.V.Kortikar 33.

  • In United States in 1950sthe cow colostrum was used to treatRheumatoid Arthritis by many main stream medical practitioners.

Vd.L.V.Kortikar 34.

  • In United States ,many mainstream medical practitionersrecommended the cow colostrumas aNatural Antibioticbefore the discovery of Penicillin and Sulfa drugs.

Vd.L.V.Kortikar 35.

  • 1960 s,H. Sherwood Lawrence has discovered the most amazing molecule fromcow colostrum called asTransfer Factor (the immune messenger)which transfer signals between immune cells & warn the body cells for potential danger.

Vd.L.V.Kortikar 36.

  • 1987H. H. Fudenberg have worked very hard onAntigen specific transfer factor.

Vd.L.V.Kortikar 37.

  • Dr. Albert Sabin the researcher who developed thefirst oral vaccine for poliomyelitis , found thatthe cow colostrum containsAntibodiesto fight with poliomyelitis.

Vd.L.V.Kortikar 38. References from LANCET Vd.L.V.Kortikar 39. References from PUBMED Vd.L.V.Kortikar 40. For The Protection of Your Health DHANWANTARIHave Launchedcow colostruminCapsule form Vd.L.V.Kortikar 41. The DhanwantarisColostrun Capsule

  • The DhanwantarisColostrun Capsule is prepared from the cow colostrum of first 24 hours.
  • Because the cow colostrum collected between first 24 hours ishaving Highest Amount of The Immune Boosters.

Vd.L.V.Kortikar 42. Vd.L.V.Kortikar 43. Main Contents ofDhanwantaris colostrum capsule

  • Specific AntibodiesImmunoglobins
  • Prolin rich polypeptideLactoferrin
  • CytokinesTransfer Factor
  • OligosaccharidesGlycoproteins
  • LysozomeLactoperoxidase
  • VitaminsMinerals

Vd.L.V.Kortikar 44. The fighters of Dhanwantaris colostrum capsule Vd.L.V.Kortikar 45. Pharmacokinetics of Dhanwantaris colostrum capsule

  • The immunoglobins, PRP ( colostrinin) immunostimulatory substances like Lactoferrin , specific antigensfound in Dhanvantaris colostrum capsule gives generalantimicrobial protective action.
  • The exercise performance enhancement is mainly due togrowth factors like IGF 1

Vd.L.V.Kortikar 46. Dhanwantaris colostrum capsule is useful for Under active Immune response Vd.L.V.Kortikar 47. Dhanwantaris colostrum capsule is useful for Overactive immune response Vd.L.V.Kortikar 48. Dhanwantaris colostrum capsule is useful for Auto immune disorders Vd.L.V.Kortikar 49. Dhanwantaris colostrum capsule is useful for Inflammatory disorders Vd.L.V.Kortikar 50. Dhanwantaris colostrum capsule is useful for Vd.L.V.Kortikar 51. Dhanwantaris colostrum capsule is useful to fight with Vd.L.V.Kortikar 52. Dhanwantaris colostrum capsule is useful to fight with Vd.L.V.Kortikar 53. Dhanwantaris colostrum capsule is useful to fight with Vd.L.V.Kortikar 54. Dhanwantaris colostrum capsule &Healthy Ladies Vd.L.V.Kortikar 55. Dhanwantaris colostrum capsule &Healthy Babies Vd.L.V.Kortikar 56. Dhanwantaris colostrum capsule &Healthy Males Vd.L.V.Kortikar 57. Dhanwantaris colostrum capsule &Healthy Senior Citizens Vd.L.V.Kortikar 58. Dhanwantaris colostrum capsule &Healthy Players Vd.L.V.Kortikar 59. The dose of Dhanwantariscolostrum capsule

  • For Adults --
  • In Acute condition2 cap 3 times in a