Natural Brick Collections .QUEENSLAND Natural Brick Collections VIBRANT + ACADEMY + ALCHEMY Vibrant

download Natural Brick Collections .QUEENSLAND Natural Brick Collections VIBRANT + ACADEMY + ALCHEMY Vibrant

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Transcript of Natural Brick Collections .QUEENSLAND Natural Brick Collections VIBRANT + ACADEMY + ALCHEMY Vibrant


    Natural Brick CollectionsVIBRANT + ACADEMY + ALCHEMY


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  • VibrantFinished with a full ceramic glaze, the Vibrant collections palette of colour is fun and funky, placing a whole new perspective on bricks and the way they are used. Perfect for internal or external use, the collection consists of seven vital colours Cosmic, Fizz, Paris, Wasabi, Rhapsody, Tango and Watermelon. Try a combination of these eye catching bricks to create a work of art.

    Its time to have fun!Vibrant



    Rhapsody Cosmic


    Watermelon Paris

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  • Academy is a full ceramic glazed collection from PGH Bricks & Pavers that represents a stylish and intelligent choice for your next building project. The palette for five colours is refined, dark and sophisticated, each colour representing excellence and achievement Alumni, Julliard, Nobel, Oscar and Quantum. These colours provide a base with which to let your imagination excel. The Academy collection will inspire you to create and achieve with the originality of these bricks.

    Be at the top of your field







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  • AlchemyThe Alchemy collection consists of three products with remarkable metallic like finishes. There is the industrial look of Pewter, the pure fabulousness of Glamour and the luxury of Molten Gold. Subtly changing colour depending on how the light hits their surface, the opalescence and wirecut texture of these bricks, make them a sight to behold and something not seen in brick finishes before.

    Transforming brick


    Brick and texture colours in this brochure are indicative only. To view the latest batch colours visit one of our selection centres.

    Bricks The Right ChoiceIf you want your home to stand the test of time when it comes to style, durability, level of maintenance, energy efficiency and long term resale value, then brick really is the right choice. Bricks are safe, solid and will last for a very long time with virtually no maintenance. Brick doesnt require any painting or patching. It never fades, warps or rots. And with virtually no effort or expense, your brick home will look as beautiful 60 years from now, as it does today. Whats more, bricks are a sustainable, energy efficient choice. They provide thermal mass, an integral part of energy efficient design, and a proven way to reduce the need for heating and cooling devices.


    BASIX ClassificationExposure Grade Bricks

    131 579

    COOROyLake Macdonald DrivePh: 07 5447 8900

    WARANA21 Production AvenuePh: 07 5493 1211

    OXLEyKimberley StreetPh: 07 3710 3600

    *These products are subject to a manganese product levy.


    Molten Gold Glamour

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