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National Perspective August 2, 2009

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  • Sunday, August 2, 200949th Edition Vol. 1 - Week 49

    Stop the Hate, stop the


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    Oscar Ayuso Jr.

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    Prominent Businessmancommits Suicide


    The global financial crisis coupled with the lack of an economic strategy on the part of this government, may have pushed this local businessman into a

    stressful frustration which lead to ulti-mate suicide. Oscar Miguel Ayuso, man-aging director of G.A. Ayuso and Sons Ltd & Ayusos Travel Agency located on Daly Street in Belize City was found dead with a gun-shot wound last Friday evening at his home in the Bella Vista Community.

    The fifty-one year old Ayuso had earlier returned home from his parents house where he had participated in a family reunion celebrating his mothers birthday. After returning, it is said that Ayuso secluded himself to the Den, while his wife, Halima, carried on her chores in the preparation of supper. Just over an hour after around 7:30 pm that evening, his wife discovered the tragedy when she had gone to serve him his supper. She described that she found him dead, seat-

    Shaun Oliva , Money Gram Inter -nat ionals Bel ize Coordinator

    ed in his chair with a single bullet wound which penetrated his left temple. She observed that his licensed .380 Beretta pistol loaded with 8 live rounds was near his side as well as one expended shell. During this time it has been confirmed that his two children, Oscar Jr. and Yas-min were in another section of the fam-ily home. Police say they responded to a call just around 7:30 pm last Friday evening, and as a result visited Ayusos home located at #81 Bella Vista Street where they observed his lifeless body in the den section of his home seated in his chair with a bullet wound to the left side of the head. After their initial investiga-tion, they announced that foul play was not suspected. It has been widely ru-moured that the two family businesses

    The more the National Perspective probes into the ongoing Money Gram saga in Belize, the more perplexing it appears. As new players emerge, the daunting question persists over what is the real story where the world famous money-transfer business is concerned with regards to Belize? Money Gram put its best foot forward when it re-launched its operations in Belize on Monday at the Royal Room of the Princess Hotel and Casino. The ceremony lasted about two hours according to a copy of the Banquet Order obtained by this newspaper. In at-tendance were members of the Toledo

    Teachers Credit Union (TTCU), Direc-tor of FIU, Ms. Marilyn Williams, Re-gional Sales Manager for Money Gram International, Steve Higgins and other relevant guests.

    National Perspective spoke with Mr. Higgins along with Money Grams new master agent in Belize, the TTCU, at the Princess Hotel shortly after their launch-ing ceremony. Ms. Shaun Oliva, star witness for the FIUs investigation and alleged whistle blower in the demise of the Coyes Money Gram operations mas-tered by Dean Fullers Omni Networks (now defunct as result of the allegations

    and charges of money-laundering) was also in the gathering. Curious to us at the National Perspective is the link or relationship between Ms. Shaun Oliva, Dean Fullers Omni Networks, the Coy-es Money Gram operation and the FIU. Other evidence obtained by this news-paper outlines an intriguing trail left be-hind by Ms. Shaun Oliva.

    A source told the National Perspec-tive that Ms. Oliva was preparing to open her own Money Gram operation, a rumor that she was peddling. Whether delusional on her part or not, our un-


    PatrickAs Cabinet backed off this week in

    embarrassment announcing that the Government of Belize will not be issu-ing land title for the sale of 9.3 acres of reserve within the Krooman Lagoon claiming that they acted out of igno-rance. It makes us wonder how many other dealings they have done out of ignorance that we do not know about. People are asking where was the Area Representative for Collet, Hon. Patrick Faber during all this time when this transaction was occurring right un-der his nose. He has stated than no one consulted with him about the transac-tion nor did he give any recommenda-

  • Page 2 THE NATIONAL PERSPECTIVE Sunday, August 2, 2009

    UDP vs. NTUCBWell the chickens are coming

    home to roost. The unions in this jewel called Belize are becoming quick learner as they discover who the real Dean Barrow is and it is not the one that was standing beside them as they blocked the Belcan Bridge. Will the real Dean Barrow please stand up? The real person, who is now Prime Min-ister, stood up on Wednesday in the news broadcast, where he made it clear that he is no Said Musa. He is not a compassion-ate man, nor will he be a rollover. P.M. Barrow made it clear to the NTUCB bring it on.

    Since 2005, the National Trade Union Congress has been pound-ing its chest claiming it was a government killer and a serious power broker. This was because union members such as Dillon Reneau, the two Perriots, George Frazier, etc. along with the G-7 were able to pressure the Said Musa government into calling Commission of Inquiry and Sen-ate Hearing against itself. Now the NTUCB seemed to be trapped in a time warp and forgot that a crazy man is now the Prime Min-ister. This is a man who wanted to pass the Preventative Detention law with the underlying design to jail PUPs on sight. Now Barrow is back with three new constitu-tional amendments designed to place his former wife in a much more lucrative positions. There seems to be no end to the state sponsored alimony paid for by Belizeans tax payers.

    However, back to the NTUCB, who decided that they now want to be a member of the vetting com-mittee for the Venezuela grant made to the PUP government in 2007, but the UDP government is saying not so fast, NTUCB! Both the Prime Minister and the Min-ister of Housing (his first sons uncle) did not hesitate to chastise the NTUCB. They made it clear that they will not tolerate any in-surgency of any sorts. The union sent out a feeble rebuttal by its General Secretary, a nave, Javi-er Roberts, who is no match for these hate filled politicians.

    Then there is Jacqueline Wil-loughby who really is a shy PUP

    that wants to pick a fight with Barrow and the UDP but lacks the backative. She appears to have a cordial relationship with Mose Hyde, who allows her air time to attack Barrow and his draconian policies whenever she so desires. But Jacqueline Wil-loughby is a voice crying in the wilderness and she will soon be transferred and sent to Siberia or she will be criminally set up and be forced to sell her soul in com-promise.

    Jacqueline Willoughby will soon find out that she is deal-ing with a demon government that will stop at nothing to main-tain their kingdom. In addition, the UDP has done a good job of brainwashing prominent union leaders such as George Frazier, Harris Patton, Elena Smith, etc. so at this rate, Willoughby will not be able to get any support from her colleagues.

    The ministers of this govern-ment are so busy trying to feath-er their beds that they could not find it in them to give support to the former UDP Deputy Party Leader, Oscar Ayuso. They stood by and watched while one of their comrades sunk to the lowest level in business, and they all forsake him. Ayuso Travels is one of the largest travel agents and the UDP government rarely gave support by purchasing tickets from Ayu-so for all their public sponsored junkets.

    The UDP has a long list of de-stroying all their financiers when they are in government. One prominent financier was How-ell Longsworth of HLs Burger a millionaire in the late eight-ies and early nineties who went broke during the 1993-1998 UDP government. The UDP unleashed their hate machine on him and he eventually lost the majority of his assets including his Kings Park family home. Fortunately for Howell Longsworth, he found solace in the church and is now a prominent pastor at his church. Even today Longsworth is being harassed for alleged back pay-ments by this UDP government.

    Also, voters should seek the true story behind the fall of UDP giant minister Derek Aikman,

    who lost all his assets during the early nineties. We are certain that the research will put the current P.M. in the middle of the con-spiracy to declare Mr. Aikman a bankrupt. As a result of being declared bankrupt, Aikman had to resign his parliamentary seat in 1992.

    So, the unions are now facing extinction under this UDP re-gime. Each of the ten union lead-ers that make up the NTUCB is on the public enemy list. Soon, police and political operatives will be following them around, watching their houses and wait-ing for them to do something ab-normal.

    At this publication, we pledge our support for the unions. When combined with the G-7, they were powerful. Well, the UDP has their G-4 (Marin, Contre-ras, Finnegan, and Zaldivar) who may well give the unions the fod-der they need in the same fashion as the PUP G-7. The UDP G-4 is disgruntled ministers who are fast finding out that Barrow is a hypocrite.

    The union plus the UDP G-4 seem to be the only hope for bet-terment from the oppressive UDP leadership. If there was a formi-dable opposition, then the unions would not be required to take a front role. The unions would be added support to the large num-ber of people disgusted with this government. This is allowed to happen because the PUP is pres-ently designed to oppress PUPs.

    The only conclusion that can be derived from lack of actions by the Leader of the Opposition

    on this explosive issue is that there is a formal agreement with Barrow a