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  1. 1. Name of group: V10Group members: Aaron Chong Yu HoBridget Hsu Shieh HuaChia Ly VierLee KailynNadhirah Mohd ZainTutor: Mr. Fariz Hilmi
  3. 3. Historical Background Establish in 1964. Sandakan-Ranu Death March. Kinabalu Memorial Committee. Aim: Preserving Kinabalu as a monument. Establishment of protected area in Kinabalu byProf. Corner. Malaysias first UNESCO World Heritage Site. First Park of Sabah
  4. 4. Characteristics Diverse biota and high endemism. High biodiversity of flora. Mt. Kinabalu as main feature. Peak and plateaus, water attractions, cave and slabs. Canopy walkway experience. Rafflesia. 4 main vegetation zone.
  5. 5. Activities Mount Kinabalu International Climbathon Bird watching Mount climbing Researching Hiking
  6. 6. Location & Site Context Park Headquarters 1585 above sea level. Car rentals Taxis Express and minibuses
  8. 8. Historical Background Roof of Hokkaido Playground of the Gods Results of volcanic activity Largest national park in Hokkaido
  9. 9. Characteristics Two prominent rivers in Hokkaido 3 active volcanoes Rich forests and hot springs Omote Daisetsu Area Daisetsuzan volcanic group Rare animals Clusters of alpine plants Columnar Joints
  10. 10. Activities Flower Farms Japanese Onsens Hiking
  11. 11. Location & Site Context Asahikawa By air By bus By train Rental car
  12. 12. Rich diversity of plantsHas its symbolic biotaMassive topographical landscape
  13. 13. Kinabalu National Park (national) Diverse biota & high endemism Major topographical features Majority of Borneo endangeredanimals inhabits the parkDaisetsuzan National Park(international) Contains 3 active volcanoes Pockets of Hot Springs Various Alpine zones Columnar joints
  14. 14. Kinabalu National Park1. Kinabalu National Park Sabah Park Official Website Kinabalu Park Sabah , Malaysia Borneo By ANTHEA PHILLIPPS with FRANCIS LIEW Daisetsuzan National Park1. Official English website of Daisetsuzan National Park Japan Guide