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Here is my current Portfolio PDF showing a sample of the work I have produced while studying at the London College of Communication

Transcript of Nathan Medford Portfolio PDF

  • Nathan (0) 7595 370 727

  • Digital PatinaDigital Patina was my response to our final major project brief. We had to take ideas from The Cloud and somehow put them in the physical space around us. My Idea was to take peoples social feeds, photos, music etc. and leave it behind in the place where the user had uploaded the information. This data would then be accessible through an app that used augmented reality to allow you to see what other people had been doing in that space before you.

    Nathan Medford

  • Reading RoomAs part of our AtoZ project I managed to set myself a Live brief at work. They were in talks about how they could make the Reading Room a little more inviting and interesting. I came up with the idea of painting giant quotes about reading onto the walls in the same style as our Sainsburys graphics (colours and font).

    Nathan Medford

  • Basics PackagingWorking at Sainsburys I come in contact with their products on a regular basis. This project was birthed as a response to their Basics packaging. I wanted to design something that stripped down the current items and just gave you the information you need. No pictures, no hand drawn typography; just what the product is and how long you need to cook it for.

    Nathan Medford

  • Interbrand RebrandOne of my projects this year was a hypothetical rebrand. This was ran in conjunction with Interbrand London; we had the choice of rebranding Interbrand, Asics or Eyes Wide Open, as you can tell I chose Interbrand. I felt that their image at the moment was that of a giant goliath and it lacked a little warmth and character. My Brand Idea was A worldwide network of individual studios all under the Interbrand umbrella. My research showed that each studio had a very different way of doing things and I wanted this to come through in the brand. Each studio was given a feature font (chosen by the typeface used on the cities metro system) and style that reflected its host city.

    Nathan Medford

  • De Stijl FontHere are two posters that I made to show the De Stijl inspired display face I created as part of my AtoZ project. I wanted the face to be quite abstract and come across as a group of shapes and lines that created letterforms almost by chance, rather than a perfectly arranged letter.

    Nathan Medford

  • Info On DesignHere is my final outcome for the Newspaper Club Project. I decided to focus my paper on the fact that most people dont understand what it is designers actually do and questioning weather that matters. I collected a lot of useful opinions on the matter but nothing quantifiable so rather than produce data orientated Info-graphics I used them as illustrations relating to the topic on the page.

    Nathan Medford

  • Emotional DiaryI wondered why writing in a diary had to be categorized by the day and date? Does it really matter what day something happened, surely the experience is a lot more important. With this in mind I decided to create a diary that you wrote in based on 7 emotions rather than days. The tabs are perforated leaving only the emotion you related to the only documenting factor.

    Nathan Medford