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My quickie presentation from the NASCIO conference in Tucson that tried to give another perspective on what being 2.0 means.

Transcript of NASCIO Government 2.0 Presentation

  • 1.what is 2.0? and what does it mean for government?bytara missrogue huntcitizen agency

2. web 2.0 is NOT... 3. a thing 4. a technology 5. a group of people 6. web 2.0 IS... 7. an era 8. a time 9. historical Period 10. like the industrial revolution 11. or the renaissance 12. or the age of enlightenment 13. how do I know this? 14. because Im a member ofthe revolution 15. There are certain keyindicators: 16. the mass adoption of a technology that changes the way we communicate: the interneta shift in values: Ill explain what those are in a bitA shift in power structures: from top down rule to grassroots influenceA large number of those in power who are detractors: old media, traditionalists, politicians, big business... 17. Its a shame that it is called WEB 2.0, because itsbigger than the web 18. the technology enableseverything, but you dont have to use the technology in order to be part of it 19. for instance 20. the power structure? 21. Grassroots networksbefore the internet: 22. Grassroots networksAFTER the internet: 23. thats why they call it the web 24. but, without the value shift, the internet would be justanother medium 25. so then, what are those values? 26. openness: which requires trustcollaboration: the wisdom of crowdscommunity: Less emphasis on the individual, Individuality becomes...independence: a D.I.Y. attitude. Everyone has agency.authenticity: a disdain for branding and perfect messages without substance. 27. and a couple of othergrowing memes... 28. compassion: care and concern for ones fellow human beings...even strangerslocal: ironically, when everything is at ones fingertips, local becomes importantboutique: Big brands beware, people are celebrating the unique and small.humanness: the more mistakes you make, the more others relate. 29. diversity: this is not a melting pot. We dont require consensus, just compassion.agility: Planning is pass. Small, iterative changes, involving all stake holders is the norm.sustainability: we have to clean up our act. 30. what does this mean forgovernment? 31. government services needsto be the platform to help enable this change. 32. platform? 33. here are a few ideas: 34. 1.give people access to their data online.Health, education, titles, taxes, etc. Any way I interact withthe government, I want to go back and access. [satisfies: openness, independence] twitter. create public google docs.Encourage the involvement of your citizens in discussionsyou are having regarding their future. Collaborate with thepublic. [satisfies: openness, authenticity, collaboration,community] 35. 3.READ blogs. twitter. feedback at theedges. Be part of the community you are serving andunderstand inherently what your citizens desire. Interactwhere necessary. [satisfies: community, compassion, diversity, humanness] 4.stop overplanning. Smaller, lighter incrementalsteps. Implement, test, adjust, implement, test,adjust...etc. [satisfies: agility, collaboration, openness] 36. 5.encourage small business. Less emphasis ongrowth for the sake of growth and more emphasis oncommunity. More opportunities for small business, meansmore options for the local, community, boutique andcollaboration. 6.any way shape or form that people canparticipate. encourage it. Open up ways to getpeople involved. Trust more. Build strong communities tohelp garden. [satisfies: openness, collaboration, community] 37. remember: 38. its not about the technology 39. or 40. the people using it 41. it is the emergence of a new era 42. a shift in ideals 43. enabled by the technology 44. and the most important thing to keep in mind is... 45. we dont know the broaderimpact of this revolution yet 46. - end - 47. licensing: 48. Tara Hunt Community Energy 415.694.1951 skype: tarahunt747